Pesto Chicken Tortellini Salad

What do you make for dinner, when the forecast is for 99 degrees with the heat index of 107.  We are suppose to break records today, at 8am it is 81.    Phew, I am not bbqing or turning my oven on, today!   This is one of my daughter's favs;  We have caught her eating it for breakfast, etc.    I always double up on the veggies(the sneaky healthy me), but in reality, there is another side.  The evil, dark chocolate kind, really any chocolate will do.   I know chocolate isn't evil, but it is a problem food for me.

When I bake chicken, I cook extra, so I can make this salad.   I precook the frozen tortellini, as directions on package, state and chill.  You can add whatever veggies you like, I like to mix it up.  Sometimes there is more color, than others.  I like to dice everything small. 

Cook your tortellini and chill...  I don't like this salad hot~

You can play with the dressing.  I sometimes use bottled or you can make your own, or leave it plain and let everyone add their own favorite.  I just took a basic vinaigrette recipe and mixed in 3 tbsp of a store bought pesto and some cracked black pepper.  I reduced the oil part, by 3 tbsp, since I'm adding in the pesto. I also add a little bit of sweetness to my dressing.  You can use sugar, splenda or stevia, whatever you like, works.
I add about a tbsp.  You can mix it in gradually and then taste to see, if you need more or less~

I like color, wish I had a yellow bell pepper, used what I had on hand.  Those tiny grape tomatoes are always
cute. If making for a group, you can just put the salad dressing on tortellini to marinate and let them add their veggies, chicken or cheese.  There are a lot of variations.

Now, off to Farmer's Market to get a watermelon.... If you try it, let me know, just pick what you like, you can't go wrong~  Enjoy!  ( I don't want chocolate, I don't...)


YUM!!! I'm starving! I want to reach into the screen an grab it!
i love pesto, I am making this......YUM
Ocean Girl said…
What a colorful wonderful cooking. And I love the salad dressing shot.
Julie@beingRUBY said…
OH no!! I love tortellini salad.. but you know!! no wheat.. no carbs!! I used to have something similar to this often when i worked in the city.. yours looks just as yummy!! xxx Julie
For a hot day, that sounds great.
Kolleen said…
looks delish-ious!!!!

we always make extra chicken now i have something new to do with those leftovers!!! THANK YOU!!!

happy cooking!!

sounds and looks delicious, must try it.
Thanks for sharing.

Ann Best said…
Thanks for commenting on my two-dog day pizza post, which brings me here.

Does your beagle beg for this?? It looks absolutely delicious! Stunning photographs, too. Are you still considering culinary school, as your profile says? Sounds like this would be a perfect "re-invention" for you.
Diane said…
This looks and sounds so delicious--thanks!!
I'm on my way. Or am I too late?? Hahaha.
Anonymous said…
We love cheese and spinach tortellini. Nothing gancy. SOmetimes with only EVOO and parmesian cheee. Sometimes with marinera sauce. Its a simple dish that's delicious. Serve with garlic bread. Maybe wine too.

Stephen Tremp
Will Burke said…
Just read your Drity Dozen -- I forgot about Chrimson Tide -- that was freakin' Tense! I love it when there's no real "Villian," but 2 guys trying to do right, but at odds.
Ludid said…
looks like my kind of salad.
chrissy said…
im am coming over for dinner sweetheart.
Pixie said…
It must be in the air! I made a tortellini soup yesterday. Yes, I know it's 90 degrees and humid as all get out but I just wanted a nice soupy broth with harty pasta stuff in it. lol. I may have to try something like this next.
Ellie said…
Yum, I love soups like that, hearty n' flavorful~
Yes, we need to meet in the middle of the country and have a party!!!
Bud Ezekiel H. said…
looks appetizing!:) btw're mention of molasses cookies the other day? will post up my grandmother's recipe one of these days.
I love seeing recipes appearing out of nowhere at blogs :) I'm a vegetarian so I guess I could make this one by leaving out poor little chicken and making it meatless :))
Ellie said…
Dezmond-I am considering culinary school; it's on my profile. You were, forewarned, lol! Yes, meatless, it still will be great! ;-D

Bud-I look forward to it; one of my top favs!!!

Pixie-Share your soup recipe; I'd love to try it out or give me the basics.

Chrissy-Come on by! I'd have to take you to the Outer Banks.

Ludid-Congrats this week, on being on Crescendoh! Thanks for visiting me~

Will-I think I need to go watch one on my list!
I love the intensity, in this flick! I will post soon, the item you gave me. Thanks! :-D

Stephen-I think, sometimes the rustic food is best, basic and can be redone so many variations! Sounds great, your way, too~

Colette-No,you're not too late! ;-D

Diane-Thanks for stopping by; I will visit you soon :-D

Ann-No, my beagle loves popcorn,wheat thins and
his dog treats. He would love it, though...he stole pizza, once, off a coffee table.

Yvonne-I hope you try it; you'll like it~

Kolleen-Happy eating; thanks for visiting me ;-D

Alex-Yes, it is perfect on a hot day!

Julie-Celebrate, when you move in your new place or for the 4th of July. Sometimes I just do veggies n' chicken with salad dressing, low carb~

Oceangirl-Hi,Thanks for visiting me, glad you liked that shot. It was fun, though the natives were getting restless. It took longer to prep, when you are trying to food edit. lol

Lisa-I hope you do; you'll love it~

Jessica-I know, wouldn't that be fun; Or I could bring you some!!! ;-D
Holly said…
Beautiful looking salad with all those veggies!
Donna B said…
Great recipe!! I printed it and will add it to my new recipes to try. I found you via Rayna's blog. I will be back...
Ann Best said…
Your beagle: popcorn and wheat thins. That's awesome. He sounds like a compelling character!