Self Nurturing

                                     "True life is lived when tiny changes occur."~ Leo Tolstoy 

Do you find this difficult to do, nurture yourself?  I do~    Sarah Ban Breathnach says, "......when it comes to self-nurturing ..., if we were kind to ourselves, our creativity might began, like a plant moving toward the light. Of course, this would mean we'd want to makes some changes in our lives, ....  We may be in a rut, but at least our own familiar grooves are comforting."   She suggest we make a list of 10 nice things we can do for ourselves.  She toys with the idea that self nurturing leads to self respect.

I think of the book, "Secret Garden" by Francis Burnett,  how we all have a place or a goal we dream of in the darkness.  If we brought it to light, shared it, nurtured it, would it grow?! The key to our gardens is to find time, make time, allow it to happen.   If we picked an idea that kept whispering, at us to listen; Youknow that nagging one in your scattered thoughts, would it change our lives?!

Maybe we need to tend our souls like our gardens, weed out the emotions that hold us back, enrich our souls with good thoughts, kindly acts, and allow self nurturing moments.   We tend a garden, with hope, we feed it, we water it, pull out weeds.  We know it takes time and patience so our garden will prosper; We need to realize this in our soul's work, as well. 

"Let an unfettered imagination sow the seeds of possibility in the rich soil of your soul"~Sarah Ban Breathnach

Whatever kind of garden you plant, let it be your escape, a place where you can tend to your soul and perhaps a dream can flourish.   


Wonderful pics, these are priceless.
Thanks for sharing.

That is why I play guitar - it is my place of comfort and peace.
Bud Ezekiel H. said…
excellent post and i love the photos!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
This is such a beautiful and inspiring page. Visually beautiful - it nurtures one just READING it! Good work! Thanks so much!
arlee bird said…
Nice photos. I think lately I've been guilty of pampering myself and sheltering myself, which I don't think is very nurturing. Maybe I need a transplant into a sunnier part of the yard and jarring spray of cold water.

By the way, I like the current look of your page, not that it looked bad before.

Tossing It Out
Watery Tart said…
This was really beautiful, Ellie! I don't seem to have challenges to that self-nurturing thing (the up side to being an only child, I think... I manage to neglect others in order to nurture ME *cough*) But I love how you put it all! (and recognize how hard BALANCE is--I knew I was selfish, so married well...)
You are very talented... I printed my sunflower today... I have to find a frame now.. thank you... Yes, We all forget to self nurture ourselves... How many sunflowers do you have...? mine have not even come up yet>????? maybe they are not coming up this year.. I am going to bed at 8pm tonight.. I will email you why... LOL
Wanda said…
Ellie, I love this analogy. Although I hope to do a little better at tending my soil than my current flower garden :) I like your sunflower header too.
Jennifer said…
I love this post Ellie. It reminds me of so many things that we have been discussing lately. I also adore your photographs. You are so talented.

It is so hard for us to be good for ourselves. But we must realize that we are worth it and that we so need it. We are only able to be fully present to others when we have given ourselves the time we deserve. We need to be kind to ourselves.
Rayna M. Iyer said…
This is a lovely post. There were times in my life when I did not nurture myself, and those were the times when I was not a happy person. Now, however busy I am, I make time for myself. Not too much time, but some time.

And beautiful photographs too- particularly love the header image.
ah, yes, I'm also a kind of person who always thinks about others first. That's why I also pay attention to small everyday wonders (a nice meal, someone's smile, a nice book, whatever...) to nourish my soul and retrieve the energy I give to others ;)
Ellie said…
Dezmond- I love your thoughtful gestures of kindness!

Rayna-It really is important to take out for "us"!
I am happy, your life is in a different place :-D

Jennifer-Thank you; It is hard, we are need to realize it is like oxygen. When we are on the plane, us first so we can be the caregiver to others! Yes, fully present... Well said~

Wanda-Thank you; It is important to tend our souls!

Lisa-These aren't my sunflowers, they are down the road from me, framing a cornfield. I grabbed my camera, when I returned from the store and snapped many pics! This one(header) was my fav-Thank you~

Hart-You are funny; I think it is wise to consider "Me" first! When Mom is happy, life is easier, at home~ Thank you!

Lee-Love the visual...transplanted; I know that journey all to well. I love having roots here in NC, but my soul is rooted in New England, Maine! Love your wit~ Thank you!

Sherry-so kind of you; Thanks and I'll visit you soon~

Bud-Thanks, nothing like nature to nurture!

Alex-Music does calm us, that easy, peaceful feeling or the many other emotions, we feel. It can fill really sooth your soul! Do you play acoustic, electric or perhaps both...

Yvonne-Hello, thanks for your kind words! I'll stop by soon!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for that uplifting post. Such a good message that we all need to remember. Thank you again.
ELK said…
elle so happy to visit here . to consider your words today and gaze at your photos of life in stages...blessings ELK