Total Eclipse of the Heart

I  let my inner teenager out last night; my schedule is thrown off today!  My daughter and I have read, watched the Twilight saga unfold.  We had discussed going to Eclipse, the 3rd installment.  She was asked by a few friends to go; I felt torn... This is something we share, she can ask friends to go with us, but I didn't want to be excluded.  I am rarely selfish, I usually go with the flow, but this time, I didn't.   I took her to the first movie, bought her the books, T-shirt, bracelets, etc.

   I told her she could take friends with us; In a couple of years, I will be like the toy she use to enjoy and tossed aside. (No, I haven't seen Toy Story 3, yet)  These moments to share, will be less frequent.  Friends become family at this age and more so, through the teen years.    I will be phased out like the moon cycles, there will be moments of needing me, like the Full Moon needs the sun to illuminate, but I will be waxed and  quartered, it will be a new cycle.   I am the sun, she is the moon..I will be constantly be there when needed, as she goes through these cycles of growth.   There will be shadows of me, through out her life.  When the opportunity arises, like an eclipse, it needs to be shared.   In life, it is the constant that we grow, change and redefine our place.     

She said, she wanted to go with me, but I could feel the gravitational pull of her friends. " Fine, go with your friends", I said. Something shifted, she decided to go with me.  I went online and bought tickets for the 12:15am show, Yes, I was in a line of 200 people in the wee hours of the morning.   We arrived at 10:20pm  stunned at the long lines.

The crowd cheering Team Edward, Team Jacob; someone had a dog it was part wolf, near the theater. It
was quite entertaining.  Some Moms had their daughters, dressed in Team Jacob shirts,  every 20 min, they would  line up in front of the crowd and do a cheer, "Real Men don't sparkle, they have abs"...everyone was laughing and boisterous.  We started talking to the young women in front of us and ended up sitting with each other. We had great balcony seats; They opened 5 theaters for the crowd.    No one was dressed up like vampires, we really figured someone would be.   Everyone was giddy and excited; People laughed, oohed and aaahhhed, during the movie, cheering and clapping at times.   Everyone left on a happy note; we live 45min from the theater.    We arrived home at 3:20 am.  Was it worth it?   Oh, yeah....her friend just called, I can hear them discussing it.  Her friends just left the theater.   She just told me  "I had more fun with you"....    I wanted her to see the hype and be part of something unique, memorable.   This reminds me of lining up for
"Star Wars", when it was released, the long lines and anticipation.  It is something I will never forget; this was my goal, a memory that will stand out.  We shared an Eclipse together, not just the movie, but a rare moment in time, that won't be long forgotten.    Eclipses are rare and worth staying up for....


lori vliegen said…
i'm glad you had such a special time with your daughter. there's always a window of time in their young lives when the pull of their friends is stronger than the tug of your heartstrings.....but when she gets older, you'll be the one she calls first......and she'll be one of your very best friends!
(i speak from experience on this one!!!) xox, :))
Ellie said…
Thank you Lori, that is wonderful to hear! I am so happy you have this type of bond with your daughter! You are so right about the heartstrings~ Thank you xXx
My daughter and I went through a rough patch for over 2 years, then out of the blue sh phoned and asked to meet up, I was over the moon, we are closer now then ever, you see a daughter and mother has a very special love for one another no matter what happens in life.

Enjoyed the read.
Kolleen said…
i love this story....

your words
your description of our relationships to our daughters
their relationships to their friends
you being pulled
telling her to go with her friends
her deciding to go with YOU
the two of you sharing this memory


ps...have to ask, Team Jacob or Team Edward???
Ellie said…
Thanks ladies!
Yvonne-I am so happy you n' your daughter have healed and moved on! Over the moon, great description! Thanks for sharing~

Kolleen-Daughter is Team Jacob, me I love the romance, timeless mood of Edward. I am torn...
Jacob is so cute and Edward is so endearing! When we were out n' about, one girl kept saying, Team Alice, it was an interesting morning~
and you?!
Rayna M. Iyer said…
Though not a Twilight basher, I am not a Twilight lover either. It is unlikely I will ever react to that movie the way you did, but I was cheering you on throughout for the mother-daughter bonding that was going on.
And your list line is so very very true. These moments are like an eclipse- they are gone before you fully grasp them,but they also stay with you forever.
Hart Johnson said…
I never got on board for Twilight--but the kids and I (15 and 11) still do the Harry Potter ones together--I have loved the shared era. I also like that my daughter still likes to, every once in a while, go to a movie with just me.

Though I'm not a Twilight fan, I LOVED your description here of the mom/daughter stuff--beautifully put.
i love the books and went to a midnight showing last time... a friend was suppose to take me.. but she forgot me.. I may go tonight but I am utterly exhausted.... I love jacob and Edward but I think I am team edward? how about you? I love the mother daughter bonding.. I fear i wont' have that with my son as he matures and grows... I love the way you added the moon picture and the phases of the moon... You really are an excellent writer.. Ella.... I love to read anything you write..seriously...
Ellie said…
Lisa-You make me smile; You can always find someone to bond with and go to the movie! There will be movies you will bond with your son!
Thank you! We battle it out, at the house, I tease, the romantic, endearing Edward over the
knee-jerk(cutie)Jacob. I love both characters...then remember one is 16-17 the other 110. lol

Hart-Thanks,it was about sharing the moment! I can really see how this movie is targeted to the age you mentioned. I tend to compare it to the vampires of my time. The hype the allure is appealing. In reality, it falls short. Vampires and Werewolves...well, we need more blood, not much blood in this flick. My daughter loved it and will probably go with friends or we will have friends overnight to watch it when it is on DVD. Isn't it nice to find a unique way to bond with your kids...reading and movies!

Rayna-I had Type 1 diabetes before my either one of children,were born. I have had some close calls. One of my goals, was for my children to know me. I do allow her to go and hang with her friends. She is at a friend's house, now. I think this was more important to me, than her. I wanted a unique memory; it was worth all the caffeine and sleep deprivation. lol

Alex-Thanks, I was the first Mom, in my son's class, to have a LAN party. Ten teenage boys, overnight, brought their computers and gamed for 24hrs. Lots of pizza and coke... My husband was out to sea...It was our son's birthday! Now, I have to live up to it for my daughter...what have I done! lol
Jennifer said…
This story brought tears to my eyes.
Ellie said…
Thanks Jennifer; Your posts do that to me, sometimes! xXx
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh, I so enjoyed reading this. It seems only a few years ago that my girls were your daughter's age - they are in their '30's now. Enjoy every moment, it all goes by so amazingly fast. It's pretty special, mothers and daughter is so into Twilight, too. And thanks, Ellie, for your comment on Blockade. I will be adding some memories of my grandma etc. soon........
Ocean Girl said…
Thank you Ellie. I try to be versatile :)

And congratulations to you too.
Ellie said…
Sherry-Thanks for sharing! I will visit you again, soon~

Ocean girl-You are welcome; I will stop by, again~