Warbler Family: Unsolved Mystery

The baby birds are gone; I went out yesterday to capture a photo, no birds!  I was hoping for fur and fluff and there wasn't anything, but tiny ants on the boot.   We were cautious and didn't disturb the boot, prior. We didn't take photos, often, hesitated, so the parents, wouldn't abandon their hatchlings. The boots were not disturbed, no fluff, no feathers, nada.   We fear a snake may have gotten them, but not sure.  We did see a King snake on our lawn, this morning and 10 birds being defensive.   Ten different types of birds...  We aren't sure, perhaps the parents, feared for their young and moved them?    We really don't know...  We are sad and hope that they were moved and are safe n 'sound!
 *Photo courtesy of Smithsonian National  Zoological Park

This is the Golden Swamp Warbler, they like to build their nests in unique spots...this photo reminds me of the boot.   Next year, bird cam with a phone number to call if you spot anything odd and we will hang boots  up real high. This type of bird, is known to build a dummy nest.  The male will build it and let the female decide which place she wants to lay her eggs.

* This is from wikipedia:
The clutch of the Yellow Warbler is 3–6 (typicallly 4-5, rarely 1-2) eggs. Incubation to hatching usually takes 11 days, but may take up to two weeks. Their nestlings weigh 0.05 oz (1.32 g) on average, and are brooded for an average 8–9 days after hatching, and leave the nest the following day or the one thereafter. Mangrove Warblers, on the other hand, have only 3 eggs per clutch on average and incubate some 2 days longer. Its average post-hatching brooding time is 11 days. Almost half of the parents – somewhat more in the Mangrove, somewhat less in the Yellow Warbler – attend the fledglings for some time after these leave the nest. This post-fledging care can extend for two additional weeks or more, and sometimes the pairs separate early, each accompanied by 1-3 young.This type of warbler is known for building nests in unusual spots and a dummy nest. The boots weren't tipped over or anything, they looked the same.  Don took a photo, no birds...Gone...   Let's hope for the best! We are watching to see if the parent return; if they do, we fear that something happened.  No sightings, as of yet~


chrissy said…
oh ellie...
this is the saddest story.
i am going to just believe that those diligent mommy and daddy swooped them up and set them down somewhere safer.
that is my happy ending.
loves to you
Swimmer said…
I'm sorry I hope you see them again
I do hope they return, I love the wild life and hatge to think something has happened to them.

Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi Eliie
I hope your little warblers are warbling away somewhere safe!!!
and hope the sun is shining your way... more rain over here!! xx Julie
Bud Ezekiel H. said…
...this is really sad news! i've never heard of a bird removing it's young from a nest. sounds like a critter got to'm. i hope a bigger critter gets'm!
i was enjoying this story.. and now I am sad. I hope it was just a dummy nest and they moved them to another nest.. A snake UGH!!! How are you?????
Ellie said…
Lisa-I know, it is hard not be sad, but remember there was nothing around the boot. It
was tilted, no feathers, no fluff. It is highly likely, the parents moved them. I would think if a snake had disturbed the sight,something would of been a miss?! I'm ok; Thanks!

Bud-I read that it can happen; I know it is hard not to think that way! He said, he will nail the boot, up high next time...We have been watching, I haven't seen the warblers, looking!

Julie-Thanks, I hope so, too! Sun was shining, so much! We did finally get rain last night, but it was brutally, Sunday. 105 degrees with heat index~ I'm sending you some sun ;-D

Hi Yvonne-Thanks,it makes me sad, but hopefully, they are fine, elsewhere.

Swimmer-Thank you!

Chrissy-Thanks for the happy ending; we all need those,once in awhile! ;-D