~Awards to pass on~

Thank you Swimmer for this wonderful award, I am behind, but I want you to know I didn't forget...I love the idea of it and Lee  n' Patricia ;-D Thank you for adding me to your list!   I guess with this one, I need to tell you 7 things about me and pass it on to 7 bloggers.   They in turn need to pass it on and reveal 7 things about themselves. (next time I will follow through and list 15)~

1.  I need to research my family genealogy..  I have been asked if I was Puerto Rican, Spanish, Mexican, Indian and Eskimo.  When asked..I just say, I'm Spindian.

2. I have moved 17x in 25yrs.  My favs, Maine, Hawaii, Alaska n' Florida.  In Maine there are three seasons,
Spring, Fall and Winter, Summer can be really short.  In Hawaii, it is Spring and Summer.  Alaska has two seasons: Spring and Winter and Florida has Spring and Summer.

3.  Hubby has a thing about 7's and me 3's; I am always looking for three, 777, I find them a lot.  Will
     I know you have a thing about 7's.

4. Fall is my favorite season; We have a long one here in North Carolina!

5. I never can find a 4 leaf clover; my Mom finds them all the time, usually a dozen+.

6. I was in March 2002 Health magazine;  Something to show n' tell the grandchildren, someday.

7. I still have a New England accent, even though I have been in the south for 7 going on 8yrs. I call home
   and that is it, comes right back.   

 Here is my 15 blog picks for being Versatile:
1. Jennifer- Giggling in the Rain
2. Julie- Being Ruby
3. Rayna-Coffee Rings Everywhere
4. Lisa-1 Wasabi Mommy
5. Holly-504 main
6. Ginny-Rag by Sock Monkey
7. Ocean Girl-Live High Live Mighty

Will and Karen G I want to Thank you both for passing this award on...so cute!!!  I love it~

I will pass this award on to:
1. Lisa- Bombastic Bandicoot
2. Sally-Sally Annie Magundy

 Swimmer had a post where you open a book at random to page 56, look at the 5th sentence!   So, I did and this is what it said:     "I looped pink ribbon around the box-a gesture I'd performed a thousand times-tied the bow, then pulled  the ribbon taut against the blade of the scissors to curl it."
Great sentence for  passing awarded gifts on...."The Girl with No Shadow" ~Joanne Harris(sequel to Chocolat)

Thanks for this wonderful awards~xXx


Congratulations on your awards very well deserved and to all you have awarded them to,

Mr. Stupid said…
Congrats on your awards. And Congrats to everyone else. Mostly, things around me happen in 3's.
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Congratulations on your awards Ellie.. and gee you spoil me!! thanks!!

You know I have a thing for 3's and 7's... are we normal? hahaha... I love the Spindian.. that is classic.. I'm afraid I am boring Australian with English heritage...

Well.. I guess I need to stop complaining about moving now!! wow.. 17 times.. I feel tired thinking about it... I'm going to go away and try and remember how many times i have moved whilst I keep packing..

Hope you have a fabulous weekend.. and 4th July.. and thanks so much for the award..!! I will get around to posting them soon... such a slacker I am!!

ciao ciao.. xxx Julie
Congratulations, Ms. Spindian!
This is pretty funny, Ellie. I'm here to ask you to drop by my blog when you have time. I have an award for you (and you'll never guess which one it is). :)

P.S. Fall is my favorite season too. We retired from Florida to Colorado to get back to change of seasons (I grew up in Illinois).
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Congrats on your award, Ellie. Your site is fabulous and I will enjoy exploring the sites you recommend. I adore your big sunflowers - beautiful! Thank you for stopping by my site, and for your kind comments. I so appreciate your visit. I will keep following you - shine on! I love the wonderful people I am meeting in this new-to-me blogging world. It is really heartwarming and inspiring to find so many beautiful creative wonderful people.
Hart Johnson said…
Congrats on the awards!

Michigan has two seasons: Winter and road construction. (spring lasts four hours in late April)
Lisa said…
Very interesting facts about you Ellie! And thank you for the lovely award. :O) You are so sweet!
Ellie said…
Hi Lisa-I am so happy about your new visitor at your home, great sign! Thank you for stopping by~

Hart-Thank you and I loved the way you put that!
Summer is a road construction nightmare!

Hi Sherry-Thank you! Welcome to the amazing world of blogging! You have a way with words~

Patricia-How fun that was; Thank you!!! It is
nice to share the love of Fall; I will be following your blog to see if your pics, when Fall's colors burst open!

Alex-That's me; Thanks for visiting me! I am going to try to rent the RUSH DVD, when available~

Julie-Nothing boring about that heritage; I love your accent! YOU would laugh at mine ;-D
Moving is just another adventure; One box at a time~ Enjoy that wonderful view!!! 3 n' 7...wow!

Mr. S-You are funny; I enjoyed your blog. I don't want to call you stupid. How bout Mr. Silly?!

Yvonne-Thanks for visiting; YOU are so sweet~
Holly said…
Congrats on your award! Thanks for passing the award on to me...I really appreciate!
You have moved 17x in 325 years - that must be a record! And, you have not picked up a southern accent...I pick one up just from talking to someone!
Ellie said…
Holly-Funny, Yes I am a vampire; If I have been around that long! lol

I suppose I do have a southern emphasis on some words. I can do a southern accent,British and
New England, that is it...know a few words, in Spanish, French and Hawaiian. Yes, they have their own language...it is beautiful! You are welcome!
Hi Ellie!
A big congratulations on your awards!
Thank you so very much for passing on the Awesome Award to me - you're such a sweetie, thank you so much for thinking of me! Makes me all smiley and warm inside. Recently I did decide to go "award free" on my blog - I got very weepy after I gave out the Trendy blog award and you and one other blogger were the only two to talk about it on your blogs and pass it on - some didn't even acknowledge it on their blog. Silly of me, but it really hurt my feelings. So I thought, that's it - blogging isn't supposed to be painful and I'm a "wear my heart on my sleeve" kind of person.
Please know that I love that you gave me this award. I think your voice is very special and I enjoy you very much. Anyway, so thank you, bunches and bunches for thinking of me and I hope you will understand when I don't pass the award along.
Happy happy 4th to you!