I thought it would be fun to share, some shots that are less than extraordinary...the real world type.  I tend to have I LOVE LUCY tendencies, my Mom actually will call me Lucy sometimes.   You know the day,  where you wash the floor and spill the cherry koolaid on it.   You are lugging in groceries, no one is home and you drop a huge wine bottle on your big toe and cut it open.  You then hope the neighbors don't see your stumbling around, cussing in the door yard.    I thought I broke my toe; No, just a nice gash...

I did make the Flag Cake for the 4th of July, too embarrassed to post it.    The trick is not to allow to many people in the kitchen.   The blue layer didn't rise right, it was crooked, the key part of the balance act of the puzzle here is mine.  I will make it again; I know what I did wrong....

 My props were eaten for my baby peep...then I didn't center him/her in the middle.  (Easter pic)

 Steam on the camera, humid outside, too centered, it is an odd shot....

Not erasing the lines and the eye lid to high, first drawing in like least it looks

off, not 1/3 of the frame; The eye is drawn to the center and 1/3 of the photo...this breaks the rules.

Halloween, my daughter as Lady Gaga, too busy txting, lots of drama..hmm, need to rethink this one..
sounds like she is acting the part...tee,hee

didn't wipe the side of the bowl...too messy~ In a hurry, everyone was hungry... veggie minestrone with garlic bread croutons.

Made this for my Mom's Christmas pkg.. my Dad is green!   Yes, that is me, far right in the red coat, maybe
9 or 10yrs old.   They were married in 1958~

Bloopers are fun to show, not everything  is rosy and sweet all the time.  The realty is, sometimes it hurts to get a shot...things poking or jumping on you.   A frog did jump on my toes...did i holler, you bet!  Did the neighbors hear me...probably, but no cussing this time~ lol

Enjoy your I love Lucy moments; they are unique~


Oh I have plenty of those, Enjoyed the post, the photo's were very good.

Have a good day.

Diane said…
Alot of these look like photos that I would take and be happy with :) And Oh Yes, I've had my Lucy moments!
Diane said…
Also, I wanted to ask you about your header--the turtle. Is he/she yours? The reason I ask, is becaause I have a Russian Tortoise, which I love!!
Jules said…
I love the Bloopers. Which by the way if you had not told us the photography rules we would not have known you broke them. :)
Wanda said…
I agree with Jules. Life is filled with bloopers. Fun post, Ellie
Ellie said…
Hi Wanda-I know should of kept my mouth shut ;-D
Thank you!

Jules-Okay,! I have a few more for another time...Thanks!

Diane-This turtle was behind our shed, in our back yard. I had never seen this kind before; He/she is gorgeous...probably a he. He concave shell was wobbling while he walked. He was fun to watch. He tried the camo trick when I went to snap his pic. I think he is the Florida one~
My son always wanted a pet turtle, we moved so much. He sure has a lot of them in his back yard! What is your turtle's name?!

Diane-Lucy ones, tell

Yvonne-Thank you; I'd like to hear some of your moments~
Stephen Tremp said…
The veggie minestrone with garlic croutons looks awesome. I'm going to make some today.

Stephen Tremp
the rose pic is lovely!
Bud Ezekiel H. said…
love the picture of the turtle in the header!!!

the veggie-minestrone soup looks soooooooooooooooooo good!!!
Ciss B said…
Love those bloopers...but I have to tell you I real like the photo that is off. :-)
crazydaisy said…
MOST of my photos could be considered bloopers, and yours are still miles better! your blog is very beautiful!
arlee bird said…
Well, I don't know, but the photos look pretty interesting to me. And the patriotic cake looks really good enough to eat--I'd be happy to have a cake like that.

Tossing It Out
Mr. Stupid said…
Those photos were great. Love these bloopers. The drawing was nice. The flower too.
LUCY You got some explaining to do.... I loved that... Hey bloomers are funny but you are too hard on yourself.. the picture you drew is good, i can't draw...and the photos are cool... and the garlic bread croutons... bring them on....
miss ya
Ellie said…
Lisa-You make me smile...Yes, some splaining! lol
I am a huge fan of garlic croutons, name it! Thank you...I hope you are feeling better!!!xXx

Mr. Silly-Thank you, I will be by to see what you have been up to!

Lee-I'd just wish it would of held up. The blue layer was uneven, so it tilted the whole cake..the frosting ran down one side, but it tasted good!

Daisy-Thank you for making me smile~

CissB-Thanks, sometimes mistakes aren't all bad...

Bud-Isn't he beautiful...I was stunned to see him in my back yard. So, glad the camera was ready to go...I will post the recipe for the soup, sometime..easy and good!

Dez-Thanks it has a glowing look, doesn't it...

Stephen-I hope your soup was delicious!!!