Feed your Soul

My family wanted sweets; I love to bake, but I can't eat it without guilt and exercise.  It is what it is...otherwise, I'd  be a pastry chef.   I love to bake; taste it; I love sugar, but it doesn't like me.   I try to find other ways to indulge, find a way to satisfy my other senses.   I thought it would be fun to
take some pics to reflect that feeling.   Silly me...it is a coping mechanism...when junk is in the house.  My son will bring home sweets, once in awhile.  It is fine, but I have to find ways to distract my sweet tooth.

I love flowers so I thought I would indulge my sight and sense of smell~

It is fake....but fun to experiment~

I grew these, aren't they pretty n' plump....I loved all the variations of color...I know it is food, but food can be art~

Playing with a photo of my daughter; This was taken a few years ago...

Using other senses, seems to take the edge off~

I still want this....who doesn't; There will be another place n' time...til then I will find beauty elsewhere...


Chary Johnson said…
I see what you mean. I'd love a piece of that cake also. :D

Lovely photos!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh I love this post, Ellie! LOVE the sunflower up top.....cool! Love the flower shot and the onion one and especially the BEAUTIFUL perfect tomatoes!!!!!! Your daughter looks awesome, love what you did with the photo....... I so hear you. I have a TERRIBLE sweet tooth and IT MUST BE TAMED! Gotta go. Your cake photo made me hungry....hee hee. No worries, I have salmom and spinach to eat! (Hope it works!!!)
Anonymous said…
I'll opt for a piece of choclate cake too. And a scoop of French vamilla ice cream. Can't get the latter at Baskin and Robins anymore though. They stopped selling the classic. Unbelievable.

Stephen Tremp
That's looks delicious Ellie, Thanks for sharing.
Also Thanks for the visit and comment.

Will Burke said…
You've sure got a knack for the camera! I hear ya on the card addiction, I'm finding that my jaw's too well-insulated :) Of course, I'm partial to the guitar pic.
Jules said…
Beautiful distractions. Love the guitar shot. I never thought of taking a photo of my tomatoes, I just eat them. HAHA!
The guitar indulges my cravings.
And you changed your photo again!
Wanda said…
Now that's a creative mind at work, dear. Love the flower shot.
There's always a way...and you proved it!
That last item though, even I, who doesn't have a sweet tooth, would dive into it. Let's pretend...

Ciss B said…
When everything is going wrong for me a small taste chocolate can be so satisfying! I've found I don't need much, thank goodness!
"...I love to bake, but I can't eat it without guilt and exercise. I love to bake; taste it; I love sugar, but it doesn't like me..."

:))) this sounds as a description of me myself :))) Love the pic with the red flower.
i am dropping you an email... but your post could not have come at a better time.. seriously.. I love love this sunflower at the top better than the one I printed LOL... your so talented..
Rayna M. Iyer said…
I too have a sweet tooth, and you almost managed to distract me. But the last photograph undid all the good work.
You are a fantastic photographer, Ellie, as though you need to be told that.
Lisa said…
Fantastic photos friend.

Did you make that cake on the bottom? That looks like HEAVEN!

Have a blessed week!!
Hi Ellie! Beautiful post! A perfect distraction for ones sweet tooth. Your photos are magical! Have a lovely week! :)
Once again, lovely photos, and glad you can find something to fill your mind instead of sweets!
Hart Johnson said…
Great pictures! I think it's true, that engaging all our other senses can help at least somewhat. LOVE the flower in the bowl.
ELK said…
yes I have the same issue ;( your photos are artistic and a good idea to keep the mind off of CAKE!!
Pixie said…
I def have a sweet tooth, I inherited it from my dad; my mom doesn't understand us, she much prefers the salty savory flavors. Oh but dad and I, we could eat dessert first. However, due to some cholesterol issues and the fact that I'm not longer a spring chicken, I've been "watching what I eat". That sounds so terribly boring, doesn't it? Ah to eat all teh chocolate ice cream that I possibly could...
Becky Shander said…
Terrific photos! And what a great idea to distract yourself from craving sweets by feeding your other senses.
Anonymous said…
Fabulous photos! Sugar does not like me either which is sad, because I am in love with it! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! ♥
arlee bird said…
I have such a weakness for sweets and I know I shouldn't have them. But they taste so good!

Tossing It Out
Jayne said…
I was looking at that first flower pic thinking hm, that's lovely - can I eat it?! I do have a terrible sweet tooth (and a sweet tummy). Your tomatoes (or peppers?) look gorgeous though. And great pic of your daughter!
Ellie said…
Hi Jayne-they do make rose petal jam, never had it though ;-D Thank you roma tomatoes; Thanks my daughter wasn't thrilled, I will tell her~

Lee-I know how it feels, trust me! Smaller bites and more exercise~

Michele-Thanks for stopping by; Sorry to hear you, too! Same here,I love your line, I'm in love with it :-D

Becky-Thank you;it was fun taking the pics, the distractions!

Pixie-I can so relate; My Mom is all about cheese; Me I want chocolate or mocha~

Hi Elk-Thank you, you have some wonderful pics on your blog~

Hart-Thank you; I will come visit, soon! We have ISP probs. They finally came out, yesterday and fixed it. Then 2 thunderstorms and no internet~

Ginny(Molly)-if my memory is right! Thank you; crafting helps, too!

Lisa-Thank you; I will have to stop by and see what wonderful paintings you have made!!!

Lisa-NO didn't make the cake; it was melted a bit from the heat. It drooped a bit; it was from Wal-mart. My daughter had it at a B-day party, said, it was the best ever... I had 1 taste, it isn't. Good, but not Great~

Rayna-Thank you;oops sorry about that~ I have a feeling you love chocolate, like me~

Lisa-it is a gerbera daisy...Thank you!

Dez-maybe we are long, lost cousins ;-D Thank-U!

Ciss-Lucky, one bite for me, leads to more...

Colette-I like pretending, Let's do that~I want some of that bread, then..i saw on your blog!!!
Ellie said…

Wanda-Thank you; I will be by to see what you have been up to!

Alex-You guitar is a beauty~

Jules-Thanks, you should take a pic, if it is pretty, arranged the way you like!

Will-Thanks you make me smile~

Hi Yvonne-Thanks, I always feel your emotions through your words!

Stephen-No doughnuts or Baskin Robbins in the city I frequent..HUH?! Fine with me, but I do
miss the sugar free coffee frozen yogurt!

Sherry-Wow, salmon n' spinach..Yum! Thank you; I will stop by soon! You paint so well with words~

Chary-yeah, me too! I did have a bite, which just made my chocolate tooth worse~