Fresh Start

I am finding my time( a few random moments in the am or pm) isn't happening.   I knew I had to change it up. Get up earlier to find, time to write, create or just sketch or be still, have some quiet.   We had a crazy storm last night. It wasn't to bad here, but all around us, threats of tornadoes n' hail.  Virginia was so bad, they were talking about closing the tunnels.  We were fortunate here in North Carolina; our home is close to the border.

This is a quick snap I took before the rain started to pummel our deck.   My daughter wanted to go get money for a water park trip today.  I said, "No, we are staying put".   My son was driving in this mess; He was asked to stay most of the night,at the grocery store he works at.  They closed early to clean;  they had to move things and  pressure wash the inside of the store.  He left here at 7:30pm and arrived home at 6:30am.  I wasn't thrilled with him leaving.  He called me once he arrived and said, "I'm here".  I had to discuss if you are to tired to drive; I will come get you speech.

No, this isn't a bug, it is a baby eggplant. Cute and look at the vibrant colors.

My lavender is going to bloom; this has been one of my difficult herbs to grow.  I have a huge rosemary
mound, but lavender has given me some trouble.  I think certain herbs need sandy soil.  They have
wood type stems and require different care.   I did this with lavender and I think I might be successful this time. 
Look at Rose's gown, still gorgeous after being freshly washed.

I turned it around, reset my body clock, maybe.   Night Owls are difficult to reprogram, yet I do it several times a year.  Alaska was the worst, go to bed at 10pm and get up at 4am, leave by 5am to be there at 5:30am...  It is hard to sleep with the sun out, lawns being mowed, and hearing people play volleyball and hollering for the kids. Our back yard had a base playground.   I was a Hotel Operator; No, I don't miss that gig. 

So, today, I being again, to find a fresh new way to view my world. How many starts, no one is counting...
I quietly, was out on the lawn  barefoot and snapped these photos of renewed blooms, some fading, some beginning.  What will you begin today...  I am going to try to be a morning person, I see the glory and beauty and peaceful stillness.  I get it, but there is a side of me, that likes the quiet, dark, stillness of night, while the clock ticks and tocks, while I know my family is restful and dreaming.   

Each day, we can start anew, began again, restart, try, try again...


So fresh and new like a new day, Lovely pics
Thanks for sharing.

Even though I went through (and survived) a war and later on bombs falling upon my head, I must admit those natural disasters always give me creeps.
Wanda said…
Ellie, beautiful sentiments you've shared and it goes along with the God whisper I received this morning. Every day is a fresh start. Thanks for explaining the eggplant, I thought it was a snake ;)
Valerie said…
Beautifully written post, Ella. It's so easy to forget to live in the moment, sometimes nature needs to give us a gentle (or not so gentle) reminder. I find that practicing yoga is helpful too. :)

I didn't know you lived in Alaska at one point! I'm actually trying to find a job in Dutch Harbor. :D
Jules said…
Lovely post with wonderful sentiments, Ella. I love the quick tree shot. :)
Swimmer said…
Wow those are beautiful pictures!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, you take lovely photographs! The moisture on the rose and the gerbera up top - magnificent. I LOVE the shot of the rain on the glass. I want some!!!! It has been too hot and dry here for too long with no end in sight and many forests are burning.

The eggplant is absolutely adorable, like a little cocoon getting ready to release its baby. I love your artist's eye, that captures such beauty in the things around you that many would overlook, just not "see". Good work! I think one of the things I love most about life is how each day starts off brand new every morning. Whoever thought of that was really wise:)
Deborah Ann said…
Gorgeous flowers! I really like your blog. It's really down to earth and pretty.

chrissy said…
i love your photos ellie...
i miss you
i have missed your beautiful way with words.
huge hugs my friend.
Stephen Tremp said…
Again, beautiful pictures. But my eyes focused on your paternal granparents. I love looking at older pictures from a time gone by. Not sure why, but somehow they speak to me.
Ellie said…
Stephen-I,too am draw to these photos. I think
B&W pics show more emotion. Color tends to distract the eye or keep it moving. I love the ideas and stories we can come up with when we view photos from our past and different eras.

Chrissy-I have missed you, too! Your words always
have a unique voice. You can lift one's spirit up and find beauty in the ordinary~xXx

Debby-Thank you; I will visit you again...such a happy blog, you have!

Sherry-I was outside, not in...funny, the setting was landscape, not close up, which is usually where I have it. I'm sending you some rain...can you feel it, yet?! xXx

Hi Swimmer-Thank you; YOU showed write reviews for amazon or b&n. This last one sounds great...I must buy it!

Jules-Thank you; it was a quick shot, right before the torrential rained drove me inside!

Valerie-I have lived on Adak Island and in Anchorage. How love have you been up that way? I loved Alaska, it is beautiful, unique and full of mystique~ No place like it! What kind of yoga do you like? Good Luck job hunting!

Alex-Did you kill Zerg, yet? My son loves the game. He is going to college for Industrial Techn...he would love a dream job at Blizzard~

Wanda-Sorry, if I scared you! I am not a fan...
I hope God's whispers gives you a wonderful view!

Dez-I have lived through hurricanes,earth quakes, Mt. Spurr dropped ash on us in Anchorage. We were stuck indoors for 3 days.
I have run down stairs, during an earthquake while the stairs were moving...but!
I am sorry to hear that...

Hi Yvonne-Thank you; I love all the inspiration at your blog! Congrats I read you won some more awards!!!