Fun 4th of July Finds...

There is so much inspiration out there, I felt compelled to share some unique finds:

Elissa of 17 and Baking made this amazing cake, I am considering making it.  I traditional make my Mom's
blueberry cake, it is a homemade cake that stirs in magic, from 4th of July memories. Memories of baking and taking this cake to the lake, people always asking for this recipe, and  a problem with the size of the cake.  If you double the recipe, it will not be enough, it seems to disappear quickly.  It makes your home smell amazing, like you are burning a dozen cinnamon, vanilla candles and the smell of a homemade blue berry pie.
Isn't this gorgeous....topped with a cream cheese frosting. Elissa shares the homemade cake and icing...
check it out!  Her writing is as delicious as the photos~

Alisa Burke, makes unique art with what she has on hand...check out this wonderful star wreath.  She
also make this unique string of lights~

Sally Annie Magundy has some fun finds...check her out~

Country Living Magazine has a ton of ideas:  Here are just a couple~
Click here  to print off some Victorian postcards; You could use them to decorate your table or make these fire cracker favors, as shown.

Then there is always Martha Stewart:   Lots of variety here~
Some unique ideas to amp up your 4th~


Loved the post and the pics are excellent.
Have a lovely 4th July.

Holly said…
Great inspiration. I adore vintage patriotic decor.
Jayne said…
Hello - came by via Rayna's blog, and I love your header pic, sunflowers are just so full of colour and joy. Hope you have a good 4th July - that cake looks delicious!
Will Burke said…
That flag cake looks amazing! Looks like that young lady's gonna have a fantastic career!
Wish I pop over for a visit and a slice of cake of course. Happy Weekend to you and your family Ellie!

I doubt I would ever attempt the cake, but it looks amazing.
are you going to make that cake... Seriously.. I want to...
Wanda said…
Thanks for sharing Ellie. Lots of great inspiration.
Ellie said…
Hi Wanda-Thanks for stopping by; YOU are the one
that inspires; I love your posts!

Lisa-maybe ;-D

Alex-It is said, it isn't that difficult....will I attempt it...probably. Will I post it? Only if
I succeed!~

Jenny-I wish this, too! It isn't done, yet...mine is in the oven, now! ;-D

Will-Elissa and her Dad came up with it together! How fun...might be you n' Calli someday!

Hi Holly-I will check out your blog, I bet you posted some inspiration~

Yvonne-I can't take credit for the pics; I would love to have some of this be my decor ;-D
Ciss B said…
The cake looks lovely and from your description I will HAVE to try it!
Mr. Stupid said…
These are great ideas. Nice pictures. The cake looks great. That reminds me there's one right now in our "Holy Chamber of Food" (Refrigerator). I better sneak in and get it.
Have a wonderful 4th of July....:)