The Gift of Now

I am trying to focus more on the Now, these days!   It is a different pace, a conscious effort to stay in the moment.  It has wonderful qualities' It frees your mind and allows you to enJOY what is happening now.     It allows your day to flow differently, to just be,  to appreciate people and moments, even more.   I lingered over my skinny cap(okay 1% milk)   I enjoyed spying on the southern leopard frogs..they seem to worship the hose, they act as if it is their flat screen.   I love how colorful they are.   I enjoyed my food more, I went to the market and didn't feel that rush.    It is peaceful, til the mind wants to play tricks on me and jump back or skip forward.  I have to gentle remind myself, I'm trying something new, allowing myself  to enjoy the simple pleasure of the day.   I have a tendency to listen to the banter, I should, I need to this, I could do that...etc.    It is a new way to process, stay in the moment.

"Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, That's why it's called the Present" there is question of the origin of this statement.  I just love how it eloquently states the obvious~

  This is a Southern Leopard Frog, I just love how he is so in the moment. How zen of him~

I love the stillness of this pic; just enjoying the nectar, oh, how sweet~

I love the cheerful sunflower, nodding and swaying in the breeze.

I love how baby turtle gently reminds us to slow down and see things with a fresh view.  How cute is he or she~

Take a break, time out for tea or whatever you like, it soothes my nerves and give me a lift.

You knew I was going to say this; "Stop and smell the roses"

Taking time out and enJOYing the now, is good for the soul~
Sherry this is for you, I know you mentioned You would like to see the frogs~
Dez, I'm still looking for an elephant to post for you; I will get the pancake recipe up tomorrow on the "Morning Memories" post.

Enjoy the gift of now~


Rayna M. Iyer said…
Awesome photographs, Elle.
When I am down, I can be sure you will be able to perk me up- today was one of those days.
lovely photos' my favourite singer recorded a song entitled "Only This Moment is Mine" it outlines what you said about living for now.

Enjoyed the read.

Holly said…
The photos are beautiful! I struggle with living in the now all the time...I realize that by not doing it, I am missing out on so much of the now. I have not figured it out yet, but I am working on it!
Antoinette said…
I'm also learning to enjoy the gift of now. I enjoyed your post
Diane said…
I so needed this post--thank you, thank you!!
Will Burke said…
Thank you for this reminder! I did a similar post in April, but it's always a struggle to remember to shut-uot the chatter, eh? But really, being in the Now is the best way I've found to truly engage life!
Becky Shander said…
I agree...stillness is good. And the tiny turtle is adorable!
Thanks for the reminder. Nice photos, too.
Lovely photos! the turtle is my totem :)
What I'm practising now is doing one thing at a time -- no multi-tasking unless it's a matter of life and death!!
not sure about the frogs, but the rose sure is gorgeous :)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
OH, ELLIE!!!!!!! I SO LOVE this post. Your photos are AMAZING! Those are your surroundings? I cant imagine doing anything ELSE but enjoying all those beauties! I LOVE the new look to your page - the big turtle is AWESOME. And baby turtle is adorable. Of course I adore the sunflower and the family of froggies is so precious and wonderful. I especially love the photo with all those fall-looking colors, where the leopard frog is WONDERFUL feast for the eyes and senses. Beautiful!
i am doing a photo workshop challenge combined with writing and they want us to take a picture of an emotion we have now.. and I am so stressed about my house, my son , my health that I want to take an angry picture... I am very angry...lately and I Don't want to me, I want to be thankful and in the now.. but I have to embrace the anger and then get rid of it ... dont' I.???YOur most was great.. I always love your photos... My son loves frogs,.... What speed did you put your camera on to catch the hummingbird... I wish we had a frog that was in such autumn looking mulch... everything here is either lush green or dried up burned from the sun... straw colored... LOL
Jules said…
Beautiful photos and captions. Love the hummingbird. I think still is what I need. :)
Hey Ellie,

This is so great, I love the pictures. I have to try to apply this way of being. I missed your blog while I was away. Hope all is well my friend.
Ciss B said…
Lovely. I especially like the frog!
Wanda said…
Hi Ellie, thanks for this reminder. So much of my time is spent looking to the next thing that I fail to enjoy the here and now. Beautiful photos but I'm partial to the rose.