Inner Smile

There is a yoga meditation,  that is suppose to help massage your internal organs, it involves a smile.  I first heard about this, when my Mom was doing yoga on PBS.   Lilias Folan was the new age instructor.
You can find articles on this, but at the time she did have it, on a VHS, later a cassette, now on cd.

When you  practice "the inner smile" it helps to bring a sense of calm and well being.  Yoga Journal has an article that describes it well.   If you aren't into yoga, then are many other ways to enjoy an inner smile.  I find
doing something for someone else, a loved one, or a stranger brings joy.  A random act of kindness can leave a lingering effect.

Flowers make me smile, their scent and extraordinary, beauty brighten my day. Picking a bouquet and
giving it to a neighbor or friend is a great way to extend a smile inward and out.  Gifts from the heart are my fav!

Lips leaning inward
Mind memories dancing
a curve tilted up

I hope you find a way today, to extend a smile; It will help you inside and out!


Ciss B said…
I love your rose pictures, there is really nothing like the texture of a rose petal.

Many things and people make me smile way down deep inside. My own personal mantra comes from many quotes, and many experiences. When the quiet of the night enfolds me when I take the dogs out late at night; when I am surprised by the beauty of a garden; when I get to enjoy children being their honest loving selves; and the best inner smiles come from people who care and are kind when it is really hard to be can make me smile inside, too.
If one can achieve an inner smile and inner peace they are lucky, for that contemetment radiates on the outside and benefits all who come in contact with you,
loved the pics.
i always enjoy your photography... I don't see a good shot sometimes.. in a creative sense... I have done yoga in the past.. but never heard of this.... I want some roses like yours... do you grow daliah's too?
Playing guitar brings out my inner smile.
Hart Johnson said…
I think it is the simple, small, but unexpected things that do it for me. Often, when I am walking, I will pick up a gorgeous scent and it just makes me feel good (unlike this morning's skunk)--I think we we are sort of attuned though, we can spot those things more easily and have that inner smile more of the time. It is why stress is so horrible for us--we stop spotting the little things that are good. (or so I see it) (the roses are fabulous!)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
What a lovely post, and beautiful images. You extended your inner smile to all of us today. Thank you so much!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, I love your beautiful blue sky background......I left you a message in response to yours on my site...wasnt sure if you'd find it....but THANK YOU for your kind words.........I so apreciate them....go see what I did next - I posted photos of my kids when they were younger in a Those were the days piece....kinda cute............I love this whole blogging thing. LOVE it! Thanks so much for stopping by........I am enjoying getting to know you:)
Wanda said…
Just reading your post has given a smile on the inside. Something as simple as a kind word can mean the world to someone. We never know what kind of day that person is having.
Jules said…
Great pictures Ella. I came to check you out, very glad I did.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment.
these pics are a really nice illustration for your post today, Ells ;)
Lisa said…
What a beautifully written post. I have been the grateful recipient of your acts of kindess in word and deed. You are a true GEM!
Beautiful flowers & photos!
Your blog is delightful, I'm so glad to have found you. I look forward to following along with you on lives many adventures!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, I came looking for your Simple Pleasures and when I click on it from my dashboard it says page not found....hope you didnt catch a glitch from my site, hee hee.......looking forward to it, whenever it appears! Simple pleasures are the very best kind - one is rich when she knows how to appreciate the little things.
Jennifer said…
these photographs took my breath away and made me smile from the inside all the way to the outside.
arlee bird said…
This is a peaceful and positive post. Nice things for us to remember.

Tossing It Out
Ellie said…
Lee-Thank you; Your daughter is so pretty~ I still want to see you taste testing ;-D

Jennifer-Thank you; I will come visit you! Your posts do that to me... You have remarkable insight~

Hi Sherry-I changed it up; I hope your post showed up...I'll stop by and see~

Hi Susie-I will visit you; Thank you-I guess You could say, I love nature...there is a lot of it over here~

Lisa-You are the gem; I am glad to see you visit me; I will stop by~

Dez-Thanks for stopping by...I will be visiting you soon! I love to get the inside word of what to look forward to in the motion picture biz~

Hi Jules-Thanks for visiting me; I will come by again, soon~

Wanda-You know how to say it; Thank you! I look forward to more of your insight~

Sherry-I will be by soon..sorry to hear you lost a post~

Hart-Thanks, yes, skunk can ruin most any mood~
I do agree, it is about tuning in the good and tuning out the bad. Easier said then done~

Alex-What kind of guitar do you play? I know that kind of smile; Nice!

Lisa-These roses were tiny buds, I picked from my Pinata rose(Mother's Day gift). I just threw them in the tiny spice jar type bottles and they started to open. I thought it would make an interesting shot. Someone once said to me, To evoke a mood, with your photo. I think it is true. Black n' white pics do that~

Yvonne-You bring an inner smile,with your wonderful poetry and insight!

Ciss B-Thanks for sharing; Well said! I agree, nothing like the velvet feel of a rose petal...