Juicy July

 This is a reflection on my deck table, from the rainwater that pooled; I thought it was unique, so had to take a snap!

I love July in New England, perhaps not right now, since their weather is similar to ours.  Here in the south, I find July is a month of retreat.    The days are so humid ; most days the temp is measured by the heat index.  Lately, we are over 105;  It is comparable to winter weather.  We aren't snowed in, we are forced inside to central air.  The humidity is so heavy, it feels like you are cooking on a grill, when you just walk to your vehicle.
  Morning and evening are the only time you can enjoy, outdoors.  Any other time of day you risk dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. It's just to hot, somehow I have not adjusted it.  I was told, "oh, you'll acclimate"...not yet!   The kids hang inside, even the pool water is considered too hot, by some.   The beach is so crowded, we tend to go early and later in the season.  I am determined to make a trip soon..missing the allure of the ocean.

My first experiences with southern showers was in Orlando, FL.  I didn't live there long, but long enough to know, you will get a shower every afternoon at 3pm.  You could almost set your watch to the weather.  Torrential downpour at 3pm, then the sun comes out, while it is still raining. Once the rain lets up, a rainbow appears and steam rises  from ground.   It is this way, here now;  The last  couple of days, you know what time it is.

I love snapping pics after the rain has fallen and the earth has cooled.  An afternoon shower with hopes to reduce the humid air and a treat for Mother Nature.  

Steam on my camera filter, created this look...  This is a bell pepper plant, in case you can't tell~

  I love the contrast, pink rose and green leaves; on the same rose bush, new growth, pink reddish leaves with a green bud.

Juicy globes starting to blush a mauve pink...  We only have two vines; I really didn't think anything would come of it...one never knows~

       Bell peppers growing on my deck!  There are lots of little baby bells, so cute! 

July is fun, we just do other things, but it is our hottest month of the year.  We find other ways to cope; I think it is the month we stay inside the most.    Isn't life strange...


Sherry Blue Sky said…
Way cool shots, Ellie...I love the bell peppers, especially the reflected image.......you have an artist's eye..........July is too hot here inthe valley too - at the ocean, it never got hot, only warm in the "hottest" months, and often chilly when the fog rolled in. It was the perfect climate for me, always fresh ocean breezes. Now I live in the middle of the island, surrounded by hills, the heat gets trapped inside and we are at and over a hundred degrees too many afternoons. Like you, mornings (but only till mid-morning) and evenings, are the only bearable times. The dogs and I lie panting indoors waiting for afternoon to pass. I really enjoyed your post.
We had a period of lovely weather just when we were getting used to it it is pouring with rain and high winds.....have our summer gone?
Loved the photo's excellent.

Jayne said…
It's so nice to read how other people live in their part of the world, although with that temp and humidity I'd be inside all the time as well. It's been fairly hot and humid over here in London for the past week, but cooler today, thankfully!
Cool picture friend, nice to meet you today
Visiting from Indonesia, please visit my site too friend
Becky Shander said…
It's interesting how your garden looks so lush when the weather is so hot...thank goodness for the rain to counter the extreme heat. And your photos are gorgeous - they compliment your words beautifully.
i wanted to take rainy dew like pictures.. like this... love the grapes.
Jules said…
I love your "Lens Vision." Great shots. I'm not sure about culinary school though. Are you close to the OBX? At least there they have constant wind.
Our weather is similar right now. Hate just stepping out to check the mail!
Nice photos, Ellie.
Hart Johnson said…
LOVE the steamy bell peppers! These are all great shots, Ellie!

I don't envy your heat--we have the humidity too, but the temperature is much more reasonable (maybe the 80s) so it stinks to exert yourself (literally), but otherwise isn't that uncomfortable.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, you leave the best comments EVER! Thank you so much - glad you liked the blog........many amazing experiences from my years of working with the beautiful First Nations community. Such honest eyes and hearts.
Bud Ezekiel H. said…
awwww. you have grapes!!!! how long do i have to wait???

love your photos!!!
Ciss B said…
Lovely shots, and thoughts. I love New England too. But I have to disagree with you....I hate humidity because it confines me to the air conditioned spaces. But I do love the heat!
Marjorie said…
Love that first picture of the grape, and you did get a neat effect with the steam on the lens for the pepper.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, I'm off to the city to be with my son as he goes through chemo. Will beblogging about it when I get back. Have a great weekend!
Ellie said…
Hi everyone:
Having internet probs...haven't been able to get online, since today. All started midday Friday...
still acting up. I will try to come visit all of you, when the connection is more secure!

Thank you for all the comments and input; I love hearing about where you live and what your environment is. I think as a writer, which most of you are...it really set the tone for your work or it least a piece of it?! Tell me if I'm wrong...
Rayna M. Iyer said…
This is the third time I am trying to post here, and this time I may just succeed because the Internet seems to be behaving itself for now.

Fantastic photographs. Something about raindrops on plants that really brings out their beauty, isn't it? Maybe my son is right- he calls raindrops diamonds, and a diamond pendent never hurts, does it?

Love the contrast of red bud-green leaves, followed by green bud- red leaves. Have seen it many times in the past, but it took you to make me process that.

Thank you!