Morning Memories

I tend to have night owl tendencies, but I do enJOY, the morning, too.  The quiet stillness, the kiss of dew on the lawn and plants, and seeing the morning glories peer out.  When I was growing up, I would ride my bike to the town warf and take pics of the sun rising.  It was glorious, a peaceful time to be at the warf, almost alone, before the masses came.   My mom was always creative in the kitchen.  She would ask us, what shape we wanted.  I would ask for a bicycle; my brother a truck or motorcycle.  She could bake magic; I have fond memories of heavenly yeast rolls, coffee cake with layers of brown sugar n' cinnamon and iced, lemon sugar cookies.   Back to breakfast, she made shapes, since I was little.  She used a 1/4 cup, as her brush; she would drizzle the batter into works of art. We had a glass Domino bear filled with cinnamon sugar to sift over, if the maple syrup was low.  I kind of preferred the cinnamon mixture.   

My daughter had a friend overnight; They woke up late.  I knew they had stayed up til the wee hours of the morning.  I heard a lot of laughter and the blue-ray  was left on.   I asked them what they wanted for breakfast, gave they two choices, doughnut muffins or pancakes.  They couldn't decide, so I thought, why not blend the two ideas.   I make my pancake batter, but added the ingredients that are the signature to the doughnut muffins, buttermilk and nutmeg.  I swapped the milk and added the spice.  Then I took out my funnel and drizzled the batter, into a funnel cake shape. 

 The brown flecks are the nutmeg; it is the spice that is key, to the doughnut flavor.

  Why not funnel pancakes...then I sifted powdered sugar with cinnamon for the topping.

I would rather have that on my doughnut than maple syrup, that just me.  Here is my latest creation....just take your favorite recipe and switch milk for buttermilk and add a heaping teaspoon of nutmeg.   The girls loved them and I will make them again.

Just looking at this pic makes me want coffee; It is too hot, so I will have mine Iced~ If you try them, let me know.  I will make and post my doughnut muffins, soon.

Second post today...making up for internet being down~


mmmm, looks yummy, what's the recipe for your usual pancakes. You Americans make them quite thick and fluffy, so I'd like to try it out :)
arlee bird said…
I used to be a big night owl in my younger days. Then the years of getting up to get kids ready for school and go to work turned me back to the morning. Moving to the west coast after years in Eastern Time made it a bit easier. Breakfast is usually my main meal.

Tossing It Out
YUM! Great photos! :) Need coffee...
KarenG said…
What a delightful post! I loved your memories of your mom cooking & you improvising for your daughter's breakfast. Very fitting today as I had a cooking party. I made pizza, cupcakes, peanut butter balls, salad and garden vegetables. My husband kept asking When is Lunch? Lunch? I'm not making lunch, I'm making FOOD. Then he and my son had their eating party. I wrote an entire book a few years ago about food and the family. I could go on and on about it. But this comment is long enough! (I'll look forward to your doughnut recipe)
I loved this Ellie and it looked delicious.

Sherry Blue Sky said…
I loved your GLORIOUS photos, as always, and the brekkie you made for the girls looks too delicious for words........oh my gosh!!!!!! Lucky girls! (Yours must be a popular place for sleepovers!) I sure enjoyed this post:)
Looks good - can I spend the night for pancake donuts?
Stephen Tremp said…
I love nutmeg flavored goodies. Usually only have them during the winter holidays though. Now I want to make something nutmeg with the kids tomorrow.
Yum Nutmeg is my favourite spice - I even use it in hot chocolate! You take the most amazing photos, I'm salivating :-)
Jules said…
You have made me hungry. I'll have to try this. Wonderful recipe concept and great pics.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I loved your description on my site ofyour family of frogs watching "telly" in the garden - might you post a photo or two of them one time? Would love to see them. I do love frogs. My sister lives across the street from me and has a small pond on her property. Every night I stand on my porch and hear them croaking at the night sky.........thanks for stopping by my site.....
chrissy said…
you are a wonderful mama. i love how you said your mom could bake magic. that is so sweet. missed you. i have a lot to catch up on it looks like.
happy day.
Hart Johnson said…
They look fabulous! I like powdered sugar and cinnamin on my pancakes too--I make them homemade, so they always have vanilla and cinnamin in the batter. I will have to try the interesting shapes thing though--very cool.

And mornings are best for the critter watch--I saw 4 bunnies this morning on my powerwalk (about 5:30am)
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Dear Ellie
You are killing me with these mouth watering naughty not allowed on insulin diet carbs!! hahahaha.. oh i want this now!! but i will be good..[I think]

so... just reading your last post!! hang in there!! as you know.. I know what you are going through.. that blasted C word!! although for me I think it is behind me.... Take care my friend.. and remember.. it is LIBERATING.. to have been there and conquered!! That secret fear of what if. becomes what was.. and doesn't seem so scary..

Love Cheryl Crow!!!

ps. i owe you an email.. soon.. My blasted internet is so unpredictable in the new place.. so only now able to catch up on blogging.. and emailing...
Lisa said…
These looks fantastic, Ellie.

What a great Mom you are!!!
Mr. Stupid said…
This was great. Loved your memories of you mom. The pancake donuts look delicious.
Have a nice day...:)
Ellie, you have some stunning photos in these posts. Well done! Makes me want to grab my little camera and practice, something we couldn't do without great expense until digital photography came along.

My mom was never into the pancakes, but she did make cake donuts from time to time. My brother and I loved coating them in powdered sugar, making a giant mess in the process.
Missed Periods said…
Re: Just looking at this pic makes me want coffee.

I was thinking the same thing.
oh, the teasing you do... You tell us in a post... that you re going to try to consentrate more on the photography end.. and then you show us that awesome funnel cake pancake, donut creation... wow!!!! I must make this and asap..thanks for NOT helping keep me thinner... LOL but you didn't eat it you gave it to your daughter and her friend.. what a good mom...
Ellie said…
Lisa-Make them for a special treat, then don't make them again, til another occasion. You can
burn it off... :-D I didn't eat it, no I'm Type 1 diabetic, I can't eat anything like this, unless I have low blood sugar, then I usually grab a quick candy bar. I do want them...I made them again, yesterday...another friend over night.
I have one saved, just in case ;-D
Ellie said…
Okay, I tend to make everything, no mix except I do use cake mixes and I have been known to use Bisquick for my pancakes. I make my pizza crust, pie crust, all from scratch. We try to cut back on premade foods, when we can.
Here is my recipe, but I will on occasion, use Bisquick, to make pancakes, waffles.
3/4c. milk
2tbsp white wine vinegar
1c. all purpose flour
2 tbsp flour
2 tsp baking powder
a dash of salt
1 egg
2 tbsp, melted butter or you can use veggie oil
canola oil to put in pan...

Combine milk in small bowl add vinegar and set aside..this will sour. Usually takes about 5-10 min. NOW, if making doughnut pancakes use
l cup butter milk and 2 tsp nutmeg to get that plain doughnut taste.
Sometimes, I will add a tsp of vanilla to my pancake batter.
Combine flour, sugar, baking powder, salt in a large mixing bowl. Whisk wet ingredients, egg, milk and then slowly drizzle in melted butter or canola oil. Pour the wet mixture into the dry. Whisk together.
Heat a skillet over med heat, using cooking spray or a tbsp of canola(vegetable oil) Then drizzle with funnel your batter, if you are making the doughnut funnel type pancakes...don't forget to substitute buttermilk and nutmeg.
cook until golden brown, flip and repeat.
I mix 1/2c. powdered sugar with 1-2tsp cinnamon and sift on top when done. enJOY~
Ellie said…
Miss P-I know cinnamon n' nutmeg items require coffee, I so agree! Thanks for visting me~

Patricia-I so agree, how lucky we are to be able to take a lot of pics. I remember those days...a whole roll of film on one subject. It was expensive...I like you n' your brother's giant mess~

Thanks Mr. Silly~Try it; you like it!

Lisa-Thank you; I know you are the same. Driving and Blizzards...oh, yeah, fun MOM!

Julie-I know I love carbs, I have to watch it...Some days are difficult~ I know you are busy, when time permits and life gets easier..I know all to well. I am a professional mover ;-D

Hart-Four bunnies on a powerwalk...Nice is that the record so far! I sometimes add vanilla to my batter, such a simple thing that elevates the taste. I also do that to my blueberry muffins...yum!

Chrissy-Looks like going away was good for your soul! Thank you! You are making magic with your kids! I use to take mine hiking shoreline and mountains. It isn't the same here...but will try, try again.
Ellie said…
Hi Sherry-they are just stacked a certain way that reminds me of this...funny! Sounds like a nice spot to be~

Thanks Jules-I hope you like them~

Charmaine-I love it, too! When I make my blueberry muffins, I add more nutmeg than cinnamon, it just doesn't taste right, if i don't! Thank you! I have put it in my coffee, not hot chocolate...I will try this, yum~

Hi Stephen-I see what you mean, I think of the Fall, pumpkin bread and pie....when it gets cooler. Then Christmas time I think of eggnog.
I hope you and your family like them~

Alex-you crack me up lol!

Sherry-Lately, my house is one continuous sleep over, so it seems. I'm tired... ;-D

Hi Yvonne-Thanks!

Karen G-Your cooking party sounds amazing; how fun! I would love to hear more about this book!
Lucky family~

Michelle-I agree, looking at pics, makes me want a latte or cappuccino.

Arlee-sounds wonderful! I do like to have breakfast for dinner/supper.

Dez-I posted my recipe, it can be tweaked, if needed! I hope you like it :~D
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