Fall Back

Today, school is back in session.  I know it isn't officially Fall, but our weather actually changed last night. It
was 67 degrees, when I headed, out the door for my morning walk. The onset of Indian Summer; I so love this time of year, cool in the morning, heating up during the day and brisk at night.   When the weather shifts, so don't we. Our routines change, our mood, our habits seem to transform, when a new season arrives.  It will still feel like summer here for a few months.  More like the summers of my youth, when you can go outside and enjoy hiking, biking, etc. without the humidity dragging you down.  Fall in the south is actually my summer in New England.  We have a long fall, here, which is fine with me.  It is one of my favorite seasons.   They all are my favorite ;-D

The experts tell us Fall is like a second New Year, we can turn over a new leaf, begin again.   Another
thought is autumn is like a second spring.  I prefer the New Year idea.  I like the turn over a new leaf idea.  
I guess there is some history that leads us into this line of thinking, The Egyptians, Phoenicians, and Persians began their new year with the fall equinox, and the Greeks celebrated it on the winter solstice. 

As the leaves begin to change their mood  and dress in their seasonal best, what leaf will you be turning over?    Me, I want to have courage to continue on my creative path and see where it leads me.  I might have to leave it up in the air at times, but this time of  year, frees me up a bit.   What leaf will you turn?


I think we have bt passed fall and have gone straight to winter, it is cold, raining hard and windy, Christmas cards are in the shops also the chtistmas tree decorations.I too love fall , though my son says in Spain where he lives is 41 degrees and getting hotter.....think I'll pack a case and join him lol
Have a lovely day
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Spain would be lovely in any season! I, too, love fall, love the colors, the cooler but still-warm weather....the blackberries. Bears are stirring here after the blackberries but this year's crop is pathetic, we have had no rain and it has been way too hot. I still will freeze some. I love making bran muffins with blackberries.

New leaf? My house needs a total cleaning and purging which I have been putting off, so much have I been enjoying a creative burst on-line. It must be done!!!!!! Ellie, I love the photo of the schoolgirls. Are they anyone you know:) Love the old fashioned bowl haircuts........wouldnt our kids have a fit if we took the scissors to their hair? When my kids were young and I was so broke, I actually was guilty of bowl haircuts sometimes, and I would put rag curlers in Lisa's long hair, to make lovely ringlets...........but the grandkids would run away from home if such a thing happened. They have all experimented with every style known to man, including Mohawks. I just watch it all happen. The Mohawks came and went. :)
Kolleen said…
i am right there with you....
turning over the leaf of courage in my creative
the leaf of "fear...be gone!!!"

it is still warming up to 100+ degrees here in the afternoon....i CANNOT wait for cooler temps!!!! there is something about the cool crisp weather that is my absolute fav!!

loves to you
Ellie said…
Hi Kolleen-I am with you; We need the cool to calm our nerves, snuggle with our loved ones and
allow the comfort of our senses to create! Sorry to hear it is still that warm; It is 73 here now, but suppose to reach 84. I am sending you some a cool breeze! I hope you find the courage; You have a book in you! I love all your inspiration~

Sherry-No, I bought this photo. I wanted to do a journal in sepia tones, using these type of pics and space to write. I think we can all relate to this school daze. I thought it would be a great addition to my journal. I only have a few pages made...I would love to have more of my family photos to create with. I don't have many~ I so, agree...trends change,but the essence of who we are doesn't. My kids would freak, if I came near them with scissors. I did manage one time to convince my son, probably 7 or 8 to let me trim his hair. My baby girl was sick; He argued, til I thought of a creative way to resolve it. I said, if you let me cut your hair, "I'll pay you"...that was the ticket. I didn't give him the full price of the haircut, but I showed him the money and he sat down. I attached a towel to him with clothespins and trimmed him up. He was happy and so was I. I saved some time, money and my sanity. Bribes do work...lol

Yvonne-Sorry to hear your weather is doom n' gloom! My Mom said, there has been a serious drop in temp her area. I agree, time for a visit to Spain!!! Take pics if you go~
LTM said…
Love that old picture, and I am SO jealous of your 60-degree temps! It's still 85 at 6 a.m. here. But I *could* tell a little difference when I got out this morning... something's moving...

I'm hoping the change gets my creative train running again. All the best to you~
Ciss B said…
We don't get Indian Summer till usually around October here. Since we've been going in and out of the extreme heat and humidity throughout the summer even the cooler nights now are suspect. I am wondering when fall will really arrive here!

Ellie, I love that old pic! We've had a few days of the cooler temps, but this weekend will be back into the unbearable for another week they say so I will wait for the real fall. Our kids start school after the first of September here so maybe by then there will be a bit of cooler weather then.
Lynette Killam said…
I, too like Fall the best! We usually have a wonderful Indian Summer here in BC, before the rain starts and settles in for a long, soggy winter.

My children are grown, but I still love the excitment that September seems to bring. It does indeed seem a time of fresh beginnings, and always fills me with energy and enthusiam.

Thanks so much for stopping by my place...:)

With my first book coming out in two months, I think a bunch of my leaves are about to change!
~*~ saskia ~*~ said…
Children back to school, Fall just around the corner... getting the daily routine back on track. I LOVE this season!

Have a happy Wednesday, Ellie
Jules said…
The south is slowly getting cooler and the leaves are dropping in numbers. Means work! I too am looking for courage to continue my writing adventure and hopefully find a job. :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
a sojourner said…
yeah...i put on jeans today because it's already getting cold. so much for global warming! summer was too short for me! the morning's are gettin a bit nippy for me.
Julie Harward said…
Hi, thanks for your visit to my blog. The mornings here are at around 47* and I too can feel that Fall is here. :D
Grammy said…
Hi, Ellie, We still have 100* degrees here in DFW area of Texas. It is rainy today, but not all day. It has stopped raining. I love the picture and it looks about like it came from the late 50's or early 60's. It could almost be my children's picture. Regards to you. School has just begun here as well. Ruby
Pixie said…
I always feel more of a new start in August than I do in January. I guess it's a holdover from my school days and that I loved school and thought I could go forever. Lol, I tried until my parents said no more, get a job. :)

It's been cooler here in northern New Jersey! I love it.
Anonymous said…
Hi Ellie, love your post! I do love the feel and look of fall too, though I must admit I hate that it is the season which welcomes winter soon after....don't like cold....brrrr. I'm hoping my creative journey turns over a new leaf...waiting to discover if I will grace the pages of SL's Oct issue....thanks for your support on that:)Chat soon...Abby
Hart Johnson said…
Ellie-I am definitely trying to take advantage of that 2nd New Year for my eating plan--it's true that you feel everything shift. I'm not actually looking forward to the chaos... kids in school makes everything so much more rushed, and I am the one who has to monitor homework and such, which I HATE doing. (check powerschool to makes sure stuff is in)--It makes me feel like a parental failure that my daughter doesn't stay on top of her OWN stuff.

Not looking forward to the weather either--Fall is okay, but summer in Michigan is far too brief. I would prefer to live where I could get tired of summer first, THEN change to fall.

Okay... so that was my whiny post... YOURS though, was lovely.
Ellie said…
Hart-I will stop by and visit you! I hear you; it is tiring! My daughter is pretty good; Once in awhile there is a supply issue. I need...to do this. I live where you get tired of summer; You need to move! I never thought I would say that...

Jules-I will be by, soon...Thank you ;-D

Abby-I just read something, about winter's rude arrival. It sure can be...I am in no hurry for the white stuff. Yes, I hope our leaves turn colorful! Grace is such a great word, I am making something with this word.

Pixie-Me, too! I still want to go back to school, don't you?! I am heading out to get my daughter some school supplies. I always want some, too. ;-D

Grammy-Hi, really your kids, that is pretty neat! I was thinking 40-50's when I saw it. It is nice to see your name! I will visit, soon~

Julie-47, whoah! 67 here, but it warmed! The tropical activity will affect us, too. Up and down til October, sometimes November. Thanks for visiting me~

Bud-I also dug out my jeans; Yeah, I can understand your view!!! I will be by soon~

Jules-I hope you also get to turn over a new leaf! You are talented!

Saskia-Me, too. I long for a routine, so far, I have a fever and a runny nose. Hopefully tomorrow, my Back to School routine starts! enJOY~

Alex-Your leaves are going to turn gold! It will be a very exciting time of year for you~

Lynnette-I feel the same way; it is like a second wind! I, too feel energized when the calendar turns to September!

CissB-I hope it is cooler, when your kids go back! I am from the camp, that believes school should start after Labor Day! The last vacation, camp out, end of summer outing is the way it should be!!!

LTM-I hope your creative train gets back on track. My derailed this summer, on and off, but hope now, I can find a routine to fit more artsy stuff in!