My New workout

I decided after watering my plants, container garden and window boxes I would grab the camera.  I have been seeing a lot more butterflies, enjoying the cooler air.  What was I thinking?  It isn't cool now, it is 86 with humidity and feels like 93.  It still is nicer than it has been.   I decided to try to snap a few pics of my back yard.
 This was earlier in the morning...a tease on my french door, I quickly opened it and snapped this, before he
lazily, floated away.

 I had just watered over near the gardenia, when I spied a hairy mushroom?  I know cactus can have hair, but mushrooms?!  It might be this myclellium.

One rose left climbing on my trellis.  My Mother's birthday is the last day of summer, so we call her the last rose of summer. I found a poem, by this name, it is sad, though.  I usually send her something with a rose on it, buy her one or make something to reflect her day.

 See the fall colors, only one red leaf on my unique~

 I haven't forgotten, my workout....I am getting there.

I know a bit blurry, this beauty was busy flapping her wings. She flitted about and then started to go up the deck.    

This shroom was in the back of my window box...camouflaging colors, love it.  It looks like she is holding the wood up!    And speaking of wood....thought I would find some more shrooms near the wood pile.
Oh, I found something alright.   I heard a noise as I approached.   We have rabbits living under our shed.
We keep our lawn mower, bikes, garden tools in.   We have a garage, but it is more like the neighborhood men's club, filled with tools, fishing poles, etc.     I caught the attention of a Mother:

ssssSNAKE!    She started to slither away, but I thought I need a pic.  I started to snap, of course a dark cloud was overhead and my flash came on.   She turned around and started towards me.  She was getting closer; I took off running.  I don't run, I have some back issues.  I have told my kids, I will only run if Cujo is on my tail.   Well, this is Cujo!   I think she is the black swamp snake and guess when they lay their eggs,
from August-October.  Mama Cujo snake was not happy with me.  I guess I was to close and caught her attention...No more shroom photos!  I will find another workout...a safer one~


That first butterfly looks like he was sneaking up on you!
Ellie said…
I thought it was a good sign; maybe it was a warning! lol
These pictures are superb Ellie you are a good photographer, thanks for sharing,

Valerie said…
Beautiful photos! I love that first one especially.
Anonymous said…
I think that butterfly was trying to warn you. We do not have snakes here and yet I am still scared of them. Beautiful photos!
Jules said…
Wonderful photos!! I love the shroom pic. But then I like the snake too. I know...misspent young. :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Oh Ella
Love the butterflies.. but you can keep the snakes!! looks like the dangerous red bellied black snake we have here in aus... strangely we had one outside my city office last year.. that was after the huge [and rare] dust storms in Sydney.... they never did catch it!!

So,,, now this is funny... last night making dinner .. slicing my mushrooms.. i was thinking what great photos they might make.. only ate half the mushrooms.. had to save some as props.. .hahahaha'
Have a great weekend. xxx Julie
a sojourner said…
hi Ellie! love 99% OF the photos!!!except for the SNAKE! hate'm! killed a baby rattlesnake in my yard last week. great write-up with the beautiful and colorful post!!!
Lisa said…
LOL - you really caught a great number of wildlife out and about. Sorry about the snake. My first thought was, "Uh-oh, those poor rabbits"!

Great photos friend!
Rayna M. Iyer said…
Fantastic photographs. And you are brave to attempt taking a photograph of a snake. I would have died if I saw it, and good you managed to get away. Hope the rabbits are fine.
Lorena G. Sims said…
I love the pictures, great captures, even the snake...Oh what a brave soul you are!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
New kind of workout, being chased by a snake:) But we work with what we have, hee hee! Fun post, Ellie!
Cruella Collett said…
Those are gorgeous pictures! And so sweet about your mother. Maybe you have to write a new poem, not so sad, with that title? :)

The snake creeped me out, though.
Hart Johnson said…
These are fabulous pictures, Ellie! I love the butterflies and mushrooms. I need to start carrying a camera...
koralee said…
Thank you for visiting me the other day...I love your photos...I have not seen many butterflies this year at all.

Now I must say you are one brave gal ....that snake would of done me in...really my biggest fear!

Have a great weekend.xo
Your photos are really nice. The first butterfly looks like she’s hiding getting ready to attack. The hairy mushroom is freaky. And well, the snake, though beautiful can stay right there in the photo.
LTM said…
these pix are absolutely gorgeous! I love the first butterfly one--and the mushroom in your windowbox--it's perfect! :o)
Wanda said…
You capture some great shots. There's no way I'd be trying to snap of photo of that snake.The mention of snake sends me in the opposite direction. You remind of Lisa with her spider. ;)
Ciss B said…
Nice photos, but like you I hate snakes!
I always like seeing shrooms in pics :) I'm always expecting to see Smurfs somewhere underneath them :)
Ellie said…
Dez-That is so cute; I will think of that next time I peek!

Ciss B-I had a hard time looking at the photos; It was like I was reliving it~eeeewwww~

Wanda-Thank you; I know what was I thinking, I was stunned when she kept approaching me. Maybe I was snake charmed, temporarily~

LTM-Thank you; The two you mentioned are my fav out of all of them! I was surprised to see a butterfly on my door, like that. Teasing me...

Holly-I agree, the snake, can go back to her eggs, wood pile home. Now, I need to hope she stays there. My beagle gets quite wound when a snake is in our yard. He first gets excited, then panic attack mode. Days after he goes back out to where he sited it, sniffs away and freaks out.

Koralee-I hear you; If it was a large furry legged spider or closer to me. I would of been gone...not a fan~

Hart-Yes, you need those cameras when you are out for your power walks...never know what will appear.

Cruella-Great idea, I might just do that! The poem reflects she is the last survivor of her family. It isn't true, but close. I always try to do something positive and fun for her birthday. I made her roses out of dollar bills and made a bouquet one year. It was a big hit and mailed her some small items wrapped. She has an amazing green thumb, I usually dry seeds for her and make garden stuff for Mother's Day...
Ellie said…

Sherry- ;-D We have to make due! I can find better workouts!!!! Stupid, yes...all for a photo! I didn't think she would turn around. I snapped one pic of her going away, the noise and flash was a threat. She turned and I thought she was going back in where she came out...I was wrong!

Rayna-It wasn't my plan! The rabbits seem fine.
I am more worried about the owl. I hear hooting in my back yard at night.

Lisa-I think of you and the spider, too! Wanda mentioned this~ I should of walked away! I will next time!!!

Hi Bud-Yes, a lot of people in our neighborhood will kill the poisonous ones. I know for a fact, not leave shoes outside. My husband found a snake in his sneakers once. I am thankful he didn't bring them inside to put on and it slithered out. I would of grabbed the car keys and been gone!

Julie-This is something! Seems like we think a like a lot! My one day friend~ Scary, about the snake...I hope he made his way back to the dust.
Enjoy our props~

Jules-You are cute; I love nature, not a snake fan, but I usually am respectful. I will be next time.

Michelle-Thanks, I am a huge fan of butterflies;
I think you may be right~

Hi Valerie-Thank you; Still working on getting the supplies to make your latest decadent dessert! yummy~

Yvonne-Thanks,it was fun til the snake venture~
gina g said…
ha ha ha ha!!!
That is awesome!
love the mushroom shot!
Ellie said…
Hi Gina,
Thanks....yeah, it is funny; Now~!