Poets United

I discovered,  Poets United,  from Sherry; You don't even have to join to participate.  I decided to see what the subject for the poem of the week was.  PAIN...something I know all to well, about.  I am dealing with some back pain issues.

Rooted like a weed,
Growth shortened, length unknown
Planted with fear,
Thorns scratch at my soul,
Throbbing tangled emotions lie deep
Naked, like a frayed power cord
Raw, exposed
Staked with screws, pinned together
Twisted, torture remains,
Weed sinking the bloom, entangled
Vine strips life
Root bound home
choked dreams fused with mystery
What will grow now?

I can honestly say, my pain has lead me to beauty.  It forced me to find new paths.  I started blogging, I made wonderful new friends,  I started crafting, writing, and taking more photos.  Perhaps, I  am becoming who I was meant to be.  Time will tell...  What will grow....


Rayna M. Iyer said…
The poem is as beautiful as the photograph.
I wish it didn't feel like a frayed power chord (beautiful imagary that), but something beautiful has come out of it.
Take care Ellie.
And I hope all those creative outlets will help you to forget the pain.
Have a great weekend, Ellie.
Ellie said…
Hi Rayna-Only when I exercise or over do. Thank-you!

Alex-Thanks, sometimes! We all need creative outlets, to forget our pain. You, too...
Wanda said…
Ellie, I like this. In all things there is purpose. You're blooming into the one you were created to be.
Ciss B said…
That is a fabulous picture, as is the poem but being in pain is bad. Hope you get better soon.
lori vliegen said…
you are proof positive that great things can come from painful experiences! beautiful photo, beautiful poem! i hope you have a relaxing weekend! xox, :))
arlee bird said…
OUCH! Sounds like truly agonizing pain. Hope you're dealing with it okay. At least you've displaced the pain to some extent with creative writing.
I began this year with really severe back and leg pains. It became so bad that I actually ended up going to the emergency room and then the doctor for further testing. They told me I was just getting older and I'd get pains like this sometimes and they'd go away. Eventually they went away just like the doctor said. So I guess for me it's old age. Now next time I get a pain I can blame it on old age. Come on now! I'm not that old.

Tossing It Out
Ooh, what a good idea! I hope you aren't in pain for too much longer! :o(
RaShelle said…
Hi Ellie - Love the poem and the photos (the one's below this post as well). It's great to have an outlet(s). Pictures. Writing. I saw you were thinking about culinary school in your bio. Sounds fantastic. For me, I write, of course. But I also love to bake and decorate cupcakes. LOL. It's silly, but oh so fun!!!! I'm a new follower. Can't wait to stop by more often.
a sojourner said…
am enjoying the fruit from your growth:)
Hi if you go to my blog there is a little something for you.

I'm sorry for your pain Ellie but glad we became friends through blogging. :) I gave you an award on my blog. Happy Friday to you, hope you have a great weekend!
Much Love,
Elizabeth said…
this poem was hard to read because I've been dealing with arthritis since I was 17. Am 64 now, but some mornings its hard to get out of bed. But, I do because, like you, I find there is beauty to be made each day. Thanks for your comment on my site,

Julie@beingRUBY said…
Oh Ellie
I too feel like a frayed power cord.... need repair!!
Sad.. but beautiful poem my friend... Hope your weekend is better.. xxx Julie
she said…
I like the power cord analogy, too, like others have said. Pain is powerful, dangerous, unpredictable, and sometimes downright scary. I like the edge your poem has to it, Ella! (smiles)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Wow, Ellie, you are a poet! I keep learning new things about you:) The poem is wonderful.......you express your pain so well. The last two lines hold the key - "choked dreams fused with mystery. What will grow now?" Wish I had written that:)
The screws and pins sound horribly painful. But I love what you wrote after, that all that has happened is helping you grow into who you are meant to be.........that is the journey we all make, becoming more and more ourselves.........I look forward to more poems!
Fear and pain are often misunderstood but necessary evils. Sounds like you found that out .
Ellie said…
Julie-Thanks for visiting me; I will stop by and see your fabulous creations! Yes, they are...

Sherry-Thank you, this means so much! I do think we have to walk through things, we don't want to, to grow. Why does growing have to be painful?! I had surgery, 5 yrs ago and I think something has shifted. Thank you so much~

She-Clever of you, liking the edge...Thanks, I loved your comment~

Julie-I know you do! It is mind over matter, sometimes and other times it is frozen peas and pain meds. Take Care of you; Thank you! You, too~

Elizabeth-I am sorry it was difficult for you to read; I can only imagine your pain! I have screws holding me together and sometimes I can feel them. They say it isn't possible, but I don't believe them anymore! I have heard those words a lot in my life. Every time they were wrong! I hope your pain is managed and you find beauty in everyday! I will be by to visit you; YOU have beautiful insight~

Jenny-Thank you; I was thinking about you and there you are! Congrats on your award; I'll be by soon..loves to you xXx

Yvonne-Thank you! You are so deserving to receive these; Congrats!!! I can't thank you enough~xXx

Bud-You always make me smile! I look forward to reading more of your stories. They are treasure filled!
Ellie said…
Jessica-Thank you; I'll be by to visit to see what you have been up to!

Lee-I have good days n' bad, like anyone dealing with pain. Actually my 70 yr old Dr told me that. Well, you aren't getting younger. He was on a scooter board, with a torn Achilles. Guess I'm not going to get a lot of sympathy. I have a referral to another clinic-time will tell. Thank you!

Lori-Thank you so much; You enJOY your weekend, too! I'll be by to visit~

Ciss B-Thank you! I will visit you soon~ I enjoy reading your work!

Wanda-Thank you; your comment was beautiful!!!
I know you are blooming into a gorgeous rose~
Lynette Killam said…
A stunning poem, Ellie, and beautiful picture! I know about living with pain myself, and you've captured the essence of it so well. It's a good thing we're strong, resourceful women who grow daily from our challenges, since life will present them to us again and again...:)

I'm looking forward to more of your poetry. I just joined Poets United a couple of weeks ago, so am not much ahead of you. I did post a couple of haikus on my Imaginative Travleler page as well.

Thank you for your always thoughtful comments on Imagination Lane...

ELK said…
i really connected with this poem ELLi ..and the bloom is so lovely!
Carrie Burtt said…
Ellie I can relate very much to this....so glad to have found you here! Look forward to reading more of your beautiful writing! :-)
Ellie said…
Hi Carrie-Thank you; It is such a great group!
I will stop by and visit you;I look forward to getting to know you!

Elk-Thank you so much; I love your blog and your
reflection's of wisdom~

Lynette-It is nice to meet you; Sorry to hear you are in pain~Thank you, it isn't always easy to grow, but one tries to bloom where they are planted~
Ella, I've been through your blog this morning starting with your first post and reading forward to here your first poem. Your writings are poetry itself, comforting and insightful.

"What will grow now?", a poetess perhaps.

You need have no fear of a "Weed sinking the bloom". Your bloom is perennial.

Thank you for coming by, reading and following!