School Daze

Where did summer go?   Earlier this week, my daughter,( soon to be a high school freshman) had testing over
required summer reading.  Today, she handed in her geometry project.  This is her mobile of shapes required on her list.  She used a broke badminton racket, for the circle; I love how colorful it came out!  She has 3 friends who have dibs on it.    I don't think so, it is mine... lol ;-D  

 We went to the high school to turn it in; School starts tomorrow.   I usually drive her to school when projects are due, but not the first week of school.  The bus driver needs to learn the route.   I am shocked my baby, will start high school.  She is a bit nervous; I said, it is your new home for the next 4yrs.  You have been there, a few times,soon you will wonder, why you were ever nervous and love it~ Do you remember your first day of high school?! 

When I think of Geometry, I think of cooking, shapes, measuring, and let's not forget pie (3.14). When I was in high school,  I was the only girl doing well in Lab Biology and struggling in Geometry.  Most of the class was struggling in Lab Biology.
I think of properties, formulas, the relationships of points, lines, angles, surfaces and solids.  Then I think how much of it I hated, except Trig...I loved Trig. I haven't shared my opinion with my daughter. I want her to come to her own conclusion.   Geometry is like high school, lots of points of view, long lines, angles of perspective, the surface is subject to change. Solid is your foundation of family and friends.

   Raw energy  is abound,  like a frayed electrical cord.  House phone and cell phone are a buzz tonight.  Watchcha wearing, are you nervous...

It was kind of sad, when we rounded the street corner on our bikes and saw the school bus in our cul-de-sac. I look forward to a bit of quiet, but not to much.   I like the stir, the loudness, the laughter, the chatter
 in the house. I enjoy my kid's friends and their energy.  I know this will end someday and it will be different, I will have to scale back.  I will find it awkward, just like Geometry.                                                      


arlee bird said…
Wow! That is colorful!

I don't remember my first day of high school at all. There was a lot I didn't pay much attention to when I was young. I just went to school and did what I had to do.

When the kids leave home it is really a big difference. There are some up sides. But I do miss them a lot.

Tossing It Out
Rayna M. Iyer said…
Wow, that is gorgeous, but I suspect your photography makes it look even more gorgeous than it actually is. But proud mother that you are, you are never going to admit it.

Personally, I LOVED geometry... and lab biology.
Cool project! School doesn't start here til after Labor Day and I'm not ready. I like feeling a little more free in the summer not locked into a daily routine. I wish I could make the summer last just a bit longer. :)
Wonderful colours, I didn;t take to geometry at school , well I didn't take to school but that's another story. I hope your daughter will be happy at her new school.

paperbird said…
Don't you love how creative children can be? Wonderful project- I give her an A!
Diane said…
This is awesome! I would have enjoyed Geometry if we had projects like this! Enjoy these "teen" years--they really do fly by in a minute!
Becky Shander said…
I hope your daughter's first day of HS goes terrifically well. Her geometry project is very was a great idea to use bright colors and strong lines.
ELK said…
blessings to you as school begins .. another big step! ..I agree with the geometry Elle!!
CeCe Wilson said…
Awesome pictures Ellie! I had to post something because I have a kinship with Geometry (my hubby teaches it). I don't remember my first day first year. I remember my first year at a new high school. It was the best change of my life and I enjoyed being myself. I welcomed the outcasts and weirdness with open arms because I was in the Art scene and we were all crazy. I miss high school. . .