Penobscot Bay

I thought I would give it another attempt...Poets United has a Think Tank on Thursday, the prompt this week is water.

You comfort me
Your white caps, sandy hair, treasures
always changing
I long to be near you,
the ebb n' flow in my heart,
You linger in my thoughts,
splashing, wading memories of seasons past
drift through my filter of time
You taught me respect and patience
calming me, keeping me safe,
Salty air mingles with the wind as you
caress my soul with foamy kisses
I go to you, to observe, reflect, feel your lull.
Sometimes your mood is abrupt, crashing in on me,
reminder of your strength, your inner passion.
Home is being near you,
Listening to your rhythm pound within my heart
I grew up with you; you are part of me
You are my life preserver,
You have tossed me, caressed me, hurt me,
You are my childhood sweetheart, Your beauty lures me in
Many fear and love you;
Your soul's depth is unknown.

This is where I grew up, Penobscot Bay.   We moved near here, when I was 5 yrs old; I was 6 when I learned to swim.  There weren't many days, growing up that I wasn't at the warf.   As time passed, I was old enough to go alone. I'd walk or ride my bike down and search for treasures, sand dollars and faded sea glass.  Treasures, worn smooth and bleached by the sun.  I flew kites near the bay, roller skated, saw the fireworks, met friends, hung out.   I saw my husband at the shore, he was fishing off the warf.  Years later we met and he said, I use to always see you there.

I did have a rogue wave hit the warf one January and soaked me.  My Mom lives close by. I was fine~ It was during a Nor Easter.  I loved to go watch the storms when the water's mood shifted and turned dark gray.

When I was sad it was a refugee a way to escape.   I have been in boats tossed about out there, swam,
seen the fireworks, and watched the lobster boat races, etc.  When I return to Maine, I have to go there first.  I have to run to the edge of the warf.  If I haven't been there, I am not quite home, yet.   It will always be Home in my heart!    Memories held precious like time in a bottle~


Carrie Burtt said…
Ella this is such a beautiful work of prose....your memories of the warf and how it molded and conforted your soul are inspriring. I love it! :-)
Sounds like it's a special place!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
WONDERFUL, Ellie! Your poems are amazing and I also love the explanation underneath. I so know how you feel about the ocean. I miss it every minute of my life since I moved an hour away from it.......I cant get there very often. But I share all your feelings about it. You had such a wonderful childhood, nothing better than growing up beside the sea.........sigh.......I so enjoyed every word of this!
Really superb Ellie, I love the water, I wrote in the past about my time on the beach.
Thanks for sharing.

a sojourner said…
loved the prose...and it's depth. you're doing quite well, girl! i loved Maine and have spent a good deal of time there. but now in my old age, i prefer the warmth of the water along the shores of the carolina's. swimming in Maine is meant for polar bears or children that pay no mind to the water's temperatures.
Mary said…
Ellie, your poem is beautiful. I can really feel your love for water....nice to meet you here on Poets United.
Becky Shander said…
Your poem beautifully expresses your deep connection to your hometown waters...I hope you can visit it soon.
Dasuntoucha said…
Thank you for sharing your written memories...lovely words indeed.
Ciss B said…
Being a lover of our own great body of water here, I can totally understand your love of that place in your great piece of prose poetry. I feel the waves, smell and feel of the waves and all gives a place to wonderfully, "come a part," and do so much more than rest!
Susannah said…
Beautiful, I can see that you know and love the ocean too.:-)

"Salty air mingles with the wind as you
caress my soul with foamy kisses
I go to you, to observe, reflect, feel your lull."

What wonderful imagery.

Nice writing, I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Good to meet you. :-)
Claudia said…
oh that's a beautiful love song for the place you grew up - lovely!
Phil Thrift said…
Very peaceful poem -- well done!
Jules said…
Beautiful prose! Felt like I was there. :)
Oh, I love collecting sea glass but I'm not to fond of Nor Easter's. Got caught driving off an island in one, scared me to death. :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Deborah said…
Made me tingle all over ... beautifully written!
chrissy said…
this was BEAUTIFUL!
you have some serious poetic talent dear friend.
i want to visit your warf.
flaubert said…
Ellie this is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful place. I can feel your love for it in this piece!
OH what a wonderful place to grow up . It brought back my memories of lake Michigan and looking for potosky stones. I miss the water living in the desert but I love the dryness of the weather in the desert and the mountains and landscape . Wish I could have both.
Beautifully written piece! Outstanding work! =)

This was a wonderful poem. So evocative. I am glad I discovered your poetry
she said…
This is amazing. You are talented! Yeah, Ella!
Jinksy said…
I have the salt sea in my veins too - I couldn't bear to live further away from the sea than my nostrils, at least, could make a connection! :)
Lynette Killam said…
What a beautiful poem, Ellie, and a wonderful recounting of your time spent by the sea as a child! So glad you've discovered Poets clearly have much to share with us...

Wanda said…
You're quite the poet, Ellie!
Candylei said…
I love the part where you say, "you caress my soul with foamy kisses"...cute and beautiful.
ELK said…
a really special place for you ...where so many memories floated ...I remember growing up on a lake , I was there EVERY day!!
I so love this!! What a beautiful story it vivid.

I swear I tasted the salt on my lips as I read....

I grew up next to a corn field, not quite the same... Your childhood sounds like a story book, including your future husband seeing you play!! What a delightful story.
Ellie said…
Hi Karla-Thank you, not quite! I was a teenager when we saw each other. Then my brother brought him home! Funny how life is~ I know you had magical moment, playing in the corn maze!

Lauri-Thank you; really salt...that is so sweet of you to say...okay, savory!

Elk-There is something about the water, how it mimics the rhythm of your heart and lulls you into calmness. I bet you have fond memories~

Candylei-Thank you! All I could think of is how the water would roll in just enough and the salty foam would kiss the tops of your toes.

Wanda-Thanks Wanda...You're quite the inspirational write!

Lynette-Thanks, it means a lot! I look forward to reading and learning,more from this soulful group!

Jinsky-When I first moved away,I couldn't breathe. I moved to Orlando, FL; Hubby n' I lived there 3months then to Pensacola, FL. I was happy again, near the water! You are right sea in the veins~

She-Thank you; I look forward to more of your work; Your water poem was magical!

SC-Thank you; I am glad I have discovered yours!
Ellie said…
Weasel-I look forward to more of your work; Thank you!

Julie-I hear you; I want the magic of both places.
I'm thankful for memories n' photographs; They can help us travel, when our minds are ready to wander!

Pamela-Thank you; It was magical, it was a place to soothe the soul or refresh the senses.

Chrissy-How fun that would be! Looking for sand dollars and other treasures while wandering the rocky shore line. There's no place like home...
Thank you!

Deborah-Thank you; I am glad you liked it!

Jules-Sorry to hear that! Yeah, I can relate; I have driven in some crazy storms in Maine and Alaska. What color is your fav to collect?
Thank you!

Phil-Thank you; I will visit you soon~
Ellie said…
Claudia-Thank you; Yes, I guess you could say that~

Susannah-Thank you; It is nice to meet you, too!
I look forward to more Think Tank Thursdays~

CissB-It is therapy for the senses; If you are exposed long enough it will touch your soul~

Dasuntoucha-Thank you so much~I look forward to your words~

Becky-Thank you; Landmarks from our memories seem to permeate our brains. This is one of my permanent features~

Mary-Hi, it is nice to meet you~ I look forward to your words~!

Bud-You always make me smile! Polar bears, are funny! I was never officially a member of that club, but in reality I probably could of been!

Yvonne-I will be by; I want to read your beach poem again! You have a way with words that flows~!

Sherry-Thank you; I think we all have a connection with nature. It has a lot to do with what we were exposed to. I love mountains, too, but nothing compares like my love for the sea.

Alex-Thanks; It is special! YOU should see all the people that walk everyday, just to get a glimpse of the beauty.

Carrie-Thank you so much; It was a source of comfort, to me and many others.
I'm sorry for the delay in reading your poem, but I have been away for a few days.
Your words with reference to the Thursday Water Prompt,(Poets United) are wonderful. I read and re-read, since I felt as though I were standing by the water's edge. I loved your words,'Salty air mingles with the wind as you caress my soul with foamy kisses'.
Your explanation as to why you wrote this particular poem, was so interesting and filled with nostalgia.
I have added your Blog, as one that I will follow!
Best wishes, Eileen
Ellie said…
Hi Eileen,
I have been behind in blogland, myself~

Thank you so much; I will visit you and I am glad
I made you feel like you were shore side! No place like it~
signed...bkm said…
Beautiful and passionate love for this bay...felt in every can sense your forever longing to be near her...bkm
Jingle said…
amazing passion about a childhood sweetheart.
perfect and poetic...
Elizabeth said…
I used to sit for hours near the shore and just watch the water and clouds show the faces of every emotion possible. Your poem brings back lots of memories and feelings.

Diane T said…
Ellie, I enjoyed your beautiful poem. I am another one who has a deep appreciation of oceans, any body of water really. Your blog is beautiful. Nice to meet you on Poets United!
rashmi said…
Beautiful poem.You are taking us with you to the shore ,back to your memories, to your deepest felings..Very nice.. got the feeling of waves touching my legs and me just staring into the horizon...Thanks for sharing your cherishing memories with us..
ninotaziz said…
Dear Ellie,
While we grow up, we do not realise childhood's hold on us. And then suddenly, it is the greatest gift of life we hold on to.

Beautiful !
RiikaInfinityy said…
I love the ocean!=D Always wish I can stay somewhere near it:3
Deborah said…
Wonderful, a pleasure to read.