A Winner*******

My give-a-way comes to a close; I loved each and every comment!   My grandparents did illuminate my life;
No not every memory is a gift, but most were.  I did get in trouble a few times, when they were in charge. I was their first grandchild; They lived at the end of our street.   I respected and loved them, no matter what.   Memories do fade, like star dust, but the impression left on my heart, will forever gleam.   So, the lucky winner:
is Sherry of  Sherry Blue Sky.   Please email me and I will provide you with your gift certificate.  CSN stores
has  many choices; I hope you find something just for you.  I did notice they carry pet items, as well. 

My daughter and I were stunned, I didn't realize you had the word Star in your blog.  She is the one that picked your name out of the hat.  I always thought of you as Sherry Blue Sky.  Congrats~

Stay the course, light a star,

Change the world where'er you are.
” ~
Richard Le Gallienne


Congratulation Sherry on your win and thanks Ellie for a veru entertaining contest.
Enjoy your week=end.

Ellen said…
Love the quote....just perfect! Have a grand weekend!
Congratulations to Sherry.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Thank you so much! I am amazed. First of all, wasnt aware I had entered :) (duh! to the end!) and also I never win anything. But it came on a very heart-full day and was a wonderful surprise. Will e you........thank you, Ellie! I have a lot of moons and stars in my poems, is that what did it???? Thanks again!
Ciss B said…
Congrats Sherry!!
Lynette Killam said…
I'm so glad our friend Sherry was the winner of your
draw. She deserves all the treats we can give her! Thank you for hosting such a lovely give-a-way...

Julie@beingRUBY said…
Congratulations to Sherry!!! lucky girl
Hope you have a wonderful weekend Ellie...Is that your telescope???? lucky girl... I've always been fascinated by the stars and astronomy since I was a wee one!!!

ciao ciao xxx Julie
Wanda said…
Congratulations Sherry.
Jennifer said…
Memories are such an incredible thing. It is wonderful to look back on them with a sweet kind of smile. And the best part is creating the memories. :)
Jules said…
Congrats to Sherry. Ellie thank you so much for the kind wishes to my father. I'll be back as soon as I can.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
ellie... miss your new posts.. how are you???
Anonymous said…
Nice homage to your grandparents. I miss mine very much.

Stephen Tremp
lori vliegen said…
congrats, sherry!! :))
Lisa said…
Congratulations to Sherry! I've missed you Ellie!! I'm having computer issues (always something, isn't it?haha)so until I get a new one, my time online is sketchy. Life is good here, though and I hope the same for you!
Can't wait to get back into the swing of things.

Have a blessed week!
Will Burke said…
Congrats to Sherry! Does anyone have the love heaped on them like a first grandchild?It's pretty sweet that they lived on your street, too!
Ellie said…
Will-You are so right ;-D We lived in the middle; they lived on the end.

Lisa-I have missed you; I know you are busy; can't wait for you to get a new computer! Take Care...

Lori-Hello, I will be by for some inspiration soup...you always are stirring up something good!

Stephen-Thank you; It is nice to know you have a soft spot for them in your heart!

Lisa-I'm okay, been run down lately. Think my iron might be low. Going to start taking supplements and build up my energy. How are you? When does school start?

Jules-Glad things are looking up for your Dad!
This is an exhausting time, but I truly believe he will recover and be better than before! My thought n' prayers go to you and your Dad~

Jennifer-Yes, the best part is making them! You know how to just say it! I hope you are better; I will stop by soon~

Wanda-Thanks for all your input, it meant a lot!

Julie-Hope you are doing well! This is my daughter's. A few years ago for Christmas this was what she wanted. It doesn't get as much use as we like. We are trying to change that...It is awkward and big; She needs big brother or Dad's help. Fun though~

Lynnette-Thank you; Yes, Sherry is very deserving! I will be by soon to visit you; your photos are fun to view~

CissB-Thanks for stopping by; I enjoyed your last post! I totally get your love!

Sherry-Yes, it must of been all those references to the midnight blue sky! ;-D

Alex-Hello, I still am muddled over making a list of favs...it is difficult ;-D

Ellen-Thanks; I look forward to your new creations~

Yvonne-Thank you; I look forward to reading more
inspiration and delight, from you~
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