Fall has this second New Year quality to me; Try, try, try again mentality.   The seasonal pull of change and beauty, gives us a time to pause, reflect.   My souls longs for walks, the smell of wood smoke, apples, pumpkin patches and the magic of the harvest.   I love all seasons, but this one has an alluring quality, leaves changing moods readying us for the bare branches of winter's embrace.

What is your dream?   What is lacking in your life?  What did you really want to do, but somehow, life
sidetracked you, you were derailed and need to get back on track. It is true that most people have several careers in life.  It isn't like it use to be, one job, retire and settle back.... Our lives are different, we have to morph, conform, change, grow, do more, do less, wear shoes that don't fit, and try on many different hats~

I'm going to turn over a new leaf this Fall and jump into some online classes.  I think if you want to be creative, you have to push yourself, try others shoes, try their tips and techniques, learn from them, and move on.  I have seen many artist, emulate their favorite artist and through the process, find their style.    Trying to craft your dreams, is work...  I think of it like a hurricane, change is hard, you will feel the tug and pull of your emotions and inner turmoil.  I can't do this, what was I thinking...   But you continue, you might feel this is your path and stay the course.   The eye of the storm comes over, there is a calmness that enters you, you see things more clearly.  This  is what I am meant to do and finally when you are convinced the 2nd part of the storm appears.  The storm never is adjusting yourself, your eyes, your emotions and charting your mind's course to continue matter what!   Because we all  know, if we quit, we could of been this close to reaching our star.   ~ Cheers~

Albert Einstein, three rules of work
1. Out of clutter, find simplicity.
2. From discord, find harmony.
3. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity


I have plans for the fall, I want to commence work on my new poetry book which I hope will come out next year. There is much to do so will take advantage of the chillier weather to start.Also I want to visit my son in Spain who I haven't seen since January.
Hope all your fall dreams come true,

I'v emy book coming out and plans to finish the sequel. And I guess I got motivated a couple years ago to achieve some dreams I'd forgotten about.
LTM said…
ooo, yes! LOVE fall... your plan sounds great--good luck w/classes! I'm thinking I'll finish WiP3 and then revisit 1 & 2! :D
Abby's Garden said…
Love the title and your post, your words are deep, inspiring, and definitely thought provoking. I'm personally feeling a bit lost in my creative journey...not sure where I fit in but reading your post helps me feel like I'm not the only one searching...thanks for a great post friend:)
she said…
Don't quit before the miracle happens. Great thoughts here, Ellie. I can relate. I'm starting a new novel this year!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Yay, Ellie! I hope this includes writing, because you do it so well:) Go for your dreams!
Lisa said…
Beautiful post. Your writing so often creates a stirring in my to do MORE! I love your passion and am praying and trusting to find my path.
Jeffrey Beesler said…
From 2000 until 2006, I didn't take my writing as seriously as I should have. Now I'm correcting that time in my life by being more persistent with my writing and getting it out there into the world.
arlee bird said…
Amazing! I just wrapped up my post for tomorrow and scheduled. Then after seeing your comment on my post for today, I came here to see that your post is on the same topic I'll be posting tomorrow. Well talk about great minds! It's almost like you've answered the questions I asked. You could just cut and paste this into my comments tomorrow.

But you are so right. I can't believe another year is coming to a close. I need to organize my blogging time better so I can focus on my other writing.

Tossing It Out
Go Ellen! Glad to be on the journey with you my friend.
Jules said…
This is a beautiful post and a reminder to us all. I am in this new shoe, new hat, can't decide on style part of my life.

I was starting to worry about you. By the way I maybe heading to Ocean Beach, NC in a couple of weeks. I do not know where you are but maybe we can figure out a way to hook up. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Ellie said…
Hi Jules-Life has been busy; Thank you :-D
My son turned 22, then my husband ended up in the ER, food allergy, related to B-day meal... It has been a crazy week. I was thinking of you, last night as I drove by the Welcome to NC center...I live on the border of VA/NC. I think the T-shirt you want might be in their gift shop. I hope to go there this weekend~ If you are headed my way, let me know, perhaps we can meet! How fun, this would be~

Jenny-I am exciting; I am happy you are part of this process! I think it will be hard at times, but worth it! You should write about your grandmother being your mentor(I know me, too)xXx

Lee-Thank you; this is quite a compliment~ I can't wait to read it! ;-D

Jeffrey-This is great news; It is important to put ourselves out there! You have an unique voice~

Lisa-I'm praying for you and me, both ;-D
Thank you so much! I know I stirred you once, not to kill a spider, the special one xXx

Sherry-Thank you; this surprises me, I have played guitar, cooked, painted, dabbled in writing in school, I did well, but never any
great words of wisdom from my teachers. I did hear them tell other students that they could write, could make a career out of it...
The only teacher that tried to encourage my path was in Lab Biology. I was the only girl in the class with an A. Thank-you xXx

she-Thank you; I would love to hear more about this new chapter in your life ;-D

Abby-Thank-you! I look forward to the creative journey, we both want to travel on. Find a small way, every day to be creative, a photo, a poem, a silly chalk drawing with your daughter, sing,...and try writing morning pages(The Artist's Way) a book by Julia Cameron could help. Remember art date weekly, if you can!
You are not alone...

LTM-Thanks, I look forward to the 3rd coincidence with our similar paths ;-D Wow #3;

Alex-I am glad your dream resurfaced. You are able to walk into a new world as an author...can't wait to read it~

Yvonne-These are great plans; I look forward to it~xXx
Great post, Ella!
Reminds me that the only constant is change, and change is growth.
Hart Johnson said…
While I am nostalgic for summer already (being the summer baby I am) I DO like that 'fresh beginning' thing of fall.

Good for you taking some classes to push your boundaries! I think that is a great way to approach it!
Zuzu said…
Hi Ellie,
LOVED this post! It took me a long time to get my ducks in a row - but I'm finally here, living the life I dreamed of!
I'm happy for you - have fun in your classes!!!
I'm one of those people who never have just one career but a number of different ones, and I think I couldn't quite live with just one profession in an office forever ...
Ludid said…
i have enjoyed taking classes from some fabulous artists. enjoy them. there are certainly some wonderful ones out there.
Lynda Young said…
Writing is my dream. I quit once but I'm not going to do it again. Thanks for the reminder that it takes hard work. I love Einstein's three rules :)
W.I.P. It: A Writer's Journey
Wanda said…
Ellie, I so needed to hear this. Blessings to you.
Becky Shander said…
Einstein said it perfectly - it's amazing that a few well chosen words have the power to move and motivate.
Pixie said…
Great post! I love fall but the past few years fall is my busy time at work. I want to have time to take classes. What an inspiring post.
Carolyn Abiad said…
I'm waiting for fall here in hot still. We went apple picking up at Flat Rock yesterday in search of that feeling. Maybe the smell of apples with cinnamon in the house will help.
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