Blog Fest: My Top 10 Television Shows

The Amazing Alex yet again, has attempted to put together another linky Blog Hop, focusing on our fav TV shows. I thought, why not, this will be fun, sifting through the  memories of my youth; It was.  I remembered  moments of laughter; once a week we were allowed TV dinners on trays in the living room, usually we watched, "Truth or Consequences" with Bob Barker. I can remember my father sitting in his recliner, Archie Bunker style and directing which one of us was going to get up and change the channel.   My Mom folding laundry to "As The World Turns" and my brother and I always up early Sunday morning, before church to watch the Jetsons.   Sunday night, I would always play my Dad, he felt for me , he knew I was a night owl, like him.  The Sunday night movie would be on and I would slowly drink my water and be ever so still, hoping he wouldn't notice, what time it was.  Then he would smile and say, "You are hooked, aren't you?"  Most of the time, he would let me watch it with him.  I treasure those moments, it was our time.  He would ask me on commercials, who did it or what do you think and then when it ended he wanted my opinion. I suffered Monday morning, but it was worth it~

I didn't put my picks in any particular order:

1. I Love Lucy:  I remember the first time seeing Lucy; My Mom said, let's watch this...augh, black n' white.
"Oh, she's really funny!"    I loved the crazy things she would do, to be in her husband night club show, to meet movie stars and her attempt to be a great cook.  The grape episode and the chocolate factory are two of my favs.  I can't help, but smile just thinking about her outrageous stunts.  My Mom calls me Lucy; Yes, I have had some moments. Water pipes bursting in her basement, trying to shovel snow off her roof,  and trying to walk in rubber boots on ice, yeah I looked like a duck, I kept falling down.  I really do love Lucy~

2. Candid Camera-Allen Funt would set up people to stage a fake meeting, accident, whatever and then you could watch the fall out.  Sometimes it was amazing how people would react.  I liked it, because our whole family would watch.  I do think though, this lead to my brother and his friends attempting some stints in the neighborhood.  Old purse in the road with fishing line tied to it.  Pulling it away, just before one could reach it.

3.The Carol Burnett Show-My Mom n' I would watch this Saturday night; My Dad would be at the movie theater running a show.   My two fav ones are:  Carol and Harvey Korman are doing a scene in "Went With The Wind" Scarlett comes down the stairs to greet Rhett.   The other scene is Tim Conway n' Harvey, they are plumbers, Jowls.  The movie skits are zany~

4. SNL-Saturday Night Live a huge pool of talent~ So many skits and bloopers that were groundbreaking.
    My brother had a friend over to hang out and he would stay and watch it with us.  He is now my husband~

5. Six Feet Under-I saw this advertised and was curious, but didn't have HBO.  Later when Netflix was
an option,  I rented S1D1  and was hooked! Five seasons of innovative, unique and freaky television, it was ground breaking.  Just hearing the sound track makes me want to start the series all over again~ Loved it!   Nate was my fav, but I could also relate to Claire trying to find herself through art~
Did I really say ground breaking

6. Survivor-Yes, I was hooked from "This is Survivor" host Jeff Probst prods and challenges 16 Americans, who are marooned on the island of Borneo for 39 days.  One survivor will leave with a million dollars.  My husband and I started teasing each other. If we went....   It was the dynamic of seeing a society come together and who would lead, who would hunt, who would lounge, who would survive!  Big Summer hit...everyone
gathered and it was the talk everywhere you went.  I have watched a few more seasons, but for me, I want
a bigger challenge.  Go survive summer with the midnight sun or I'd like to see men, be women for awhile.
Perms, curlers ,nails, Brazilian wax, run in high heels and wear a pregnancy suit, get up for 2 hrs  feedingsand then let's see how you feel and somehow, simulate the pain of childbirth.   Women also go survive as your man.   I know, it would only be a simulation, but I think both sexes might gain more respect for each other.

7. Dexter-A vigilante of dark justice, he works for the police department in forensics, as a  blood splatter analyst and by night..he hunts and kills those the cops can't apprehend.  It is dark, scary and so wrong, but I love it. And for more intrigue his sister is a cop;Michael C. Hall is brilliant in this show; Season 5 starts Sept 26. 

8. Glee-I convinced my daughter to watch, I knew she would love it. She loves music, loves to sing, is part of  a choir.  The parallels are sheer brilliance.  The grown ups in the shows are going through situations, that mirror the students or is it the other way around?!  It is a tangled web of high school drama, meets show choir and the diversity of relationships. You want to root for the underdog and you will remember how you survived high school.    Yes, I am officially a gLeek~

9. True Blood-I rented the first one on Netflix and was stunned and amazed. It so isn't my kind of show.
Drama, blood, twisted triangles of sticky, southern dynamic woven in a bayou of occult add some vampires, werewolves and shape shifters and you have a spicy, gory gumbo!  "Where's Sooookie?"~

10. Flipping a coin on this one it is between Quantum Leap and Star Trek.  Star Trek wins!  I grew up with this unique drama, making us ponder, what is out there, the final frontier?  I love the cheesy adaptation and props!  The story line was always similar yes, but so fun to see what creature, who was Captain Kirk going to romance this week, and the dynamic of the crew.  Loved it; So happy we can see it in the theater with CGI, as it should be!   Every time I put too many commas in my writing, I hear Captain Kirk talking..."Who, are, you?   Spock, who, is, he?"   Live long and prosper~


Star Trek always wins! And I remember the old Candid Camera. I guess that eventually led to shows like Punked, but the original was much funnier.
Thanks for participating in the blogfest!
Cruella Collett said…
I've had several "I can't believe I forgot..."-moments today, but this was the biggest as of yet. GLEEEE! I can't BELIEVE I forgot GLEEEE!!! I love Glee! I have traveled oceans and broken the law for Glee. I have gotten entire families hooked on Glee. I have lost sleep, tears and many a laughter for Glee.

ForGleeve me, Glee - I'll never forget you again!
Summer Ross said…
True blood is at the top of my list too. I tried watching Dexter but I couldn't get into it.
Jennie Bailey said…
I Love Lucy and Carol Burnett - classics! Great additions to the list! I can't believe how many people have Glee! I should have done an honorable mention list because True Blood was up there. It just didn't quite make my list. I feel that it should have. I was tempted to do a 1a, 2a, 3a, etc. to get a few more shows up there!
Ahh, "Candid Camera" - that one never crossed my mind but it's a really interesting choice.

"The Carol Burnett Show" I did consider, and although it didn't quite make my Top Ten list, I loved it way back when and watched it regularly. Conway kracked me up! Heck, Conway kracked EVERYONE up, even his fellow cast members.

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'
Clarissa Draper said…
Great list of shows. I want to watch Dexter...why do I keep holding back?

iZombie said…
dex rocks...
such great choices, so many to choose
I only knew I love Lucy, how can anyone forget her? I enjoyed what you wrote about the ones I didn't know about,

Hart Johnson said…
I Love Lucy was fabulous, wasn't it? My husband and I lived next door to a good friend and her boyfriend when we were first married and we used to call them Fred and Ethel.

I really liked the first few seasons of Survivor, too--I think until it became so intentionally strategic.
Jules said…
Candid Camera, I use rofl at that show :) Dexter creeped me out :( I do love Lucy though :)
Nice list.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Ellie said…
Yay! Star Trek won! Great list of shows, and I loved the way you told us about your TV memories.

Top Ten TV Blogfest
LTM said…
Good stuff, Ellie! Yes, I Love Lucy, Glee, Candid Camera... I did watch the first season of Survivor and of True Blood, but I thought that first season of TB was a bit much... now it seems everyone's all into it.

My husband would approve of Start Trek, but I've never been much of a trekkie. And Dexter. I keep hearing about Dexter... hmmm... :o)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I enjoyed this. I remember watching tv as a family Sunday nights - Father Knows Best, Ed Sullivan. Funny to think the kid who played Bud in Father Knows Best is Charlie Sheen today! He was very funny.

My Lucy moment was likely when the basement was flooding, I had been shop vac-ing, but was trying to get the water in the corner up with a turkey baster, when my daughter's boyfriend knocked on the door. I opened it, turkey baster in hand. He later told Lisa "your mom is sucking up the water with a TURKEY BASTER!" (Thus probably confirming family suspicions I am OCD:) )

It was fun looking back at these old shows.......thanks!
arlee bird said…
I had to go with "Quantum Leap", one of my all time favorites. Some good picks here.

Tossing It Out
aspiring_x said…
I LOVE LUCY!!! that was a great, great show! and glee! nice list! :)
Karen Walker said…
Love this list, altho a couple I haven't seen (Dexter and Six Feet Under).
Fifi Flowers said…
Ooooh I Love Lucy is classic!!!
Jen said…
I haven't seen anyone else list I Love Lucy!!! I heart you a ton!!! An absolute classic!
Jemi Fraser said…
Star Trek does always win! :)

I didn't even think of Quantum Leap or I Love Lucy!! Love those!
Kelly said…
Great picks! My sister and I used to do skits from the Carol Burnett show!
I'm obsessed with True Blood. Obsessed!
Ishta Mercurio said…
Yay for Glee - I picked that one, too. And I agree about I Love Lucy - Lucille Ball knows no equal.
Kelly Dexter said…
Glee begins this week, I'm so exited!
Angela M. said…
Funny that True Blood and Six Feet Under were created by the same guy (Alan Ball) and Six Feet Under stars the lead in Dexter (Michael C. Hall)! I love these shows! I met Alex Skarsgard (Eric) and he was a great guy from what I saw.

My all-time fav I Love Lucy episode was the chocolate factory, too.
Lynda Young said…
If I'd remembered Quantum Leap that would have been on my list. And yes, I used to watch a LOT of survivor :)

W.I.P. It: A Writer's Journey
most of these shows are unknown to me, but I did like CANDID CAMERA as a kid, and SIX FEET UNDER had some unusual charm :)
Kelley said…
I love Lucy is a great show! i still love watching it!
i saw your name listed... for this blog challenge and could not wait to see what you put.. so funny I LOVED lucy..... and six feet under was one of my favorite shows... BUT my friends and hubby and old boyfriend.. HATED it... BUt dexter.. i love the guy from 6 feet .. but that show.. looks too errie for me.. glorifiying a serial killer???? let me know... I wish they still had candid camera... we should start our own.. it would be so funny.. LOL good blog material LOL
Ellie, I love your list! Some of these should've made it to mine but I didn't think of I Love Lucy. And Six Feet Under. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. It's so nice to meet you!

~that rebel, Olivia
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi Ellie
I love some of these golden oldies.. remember them well... and Dexter really had me hooked when it first came out.. I must admit I missed the last series.. I think it faded out a bit here.. must try and catch up with it..

As kids we used to stay up all night when the movie marathons were on.. ie I'm older enough to remember when the tv stations closed at 1am... at least here they did... come movie marathon weekends we would overdose on tv.. hahaha

Ok.. speaking of all night.. i should be sleeping.. Have a lovely day.. xxx Julie
Wanda said…
Ellie, interesting list. I'm a survivor fan, too.
Stephen Tremp said…
Yeah! Dexter rules! And this is the first blog I've seen Lucy. I thought of Carol Burnett. Should have gaver her and Honorable Mention. This was a fun blogfest.

Stephen Tremp
I'm with you on the Netflix thing. I've got Dexter season 4 on there right now :)
Jennifer said…
oh how I heart Glee. And brothers and sisters. I do not watch tv much but I am addicted to those two shows :)
chrissy said…
look at all the LOVE you get my dear....about t.v. shows!
i watch one t.v. show and this is it...
MODERN FAMILY! it rocks. it is hilarious. you HAVE to watch it.
(p.s. i am way behind on email, but i am sitting with your words and loving your love you always send my way...i will write back soon...sorry)
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beautiful demonstration.
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