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Thursday's Think Tank is Kiss~prompt #13 which reminds me, are you lucky in love?  Thirteen being the superstitious number.  I find 13 to be lucky~

I toyed with this one, so many directions to go in, so many different kinds of kisses, kissing.  The meet and greet,  air kiss, the genuine type, the passionate, lingering kind.  Poets United says you can write about any kind:
Life, the gift of nature, Love, the gift of life, a Kiss, the gift of Love
~ Unknown

A kiss
The last person you kissed
Your first kiss
The kiss you’ve always wanted
A child’s kiss
The relative you don’t want a kiss from
A goodbye kiss

These are a few suggestions, so I going to give it a go:

                                                           Trepidation arrives, eyes embrace

                                                           Delicate dance of tenderness
                                                           Moist, soft and supple intent

                                                           Souls gently meet

                                                          Gates open, as memories arrive

                                                          Pulse quickens, as bliss blushes

                                                          Time is transcended by

                                                           Parting of the ways,

                                                           Sincerely touched~

I guess, I could best describe this as first seeing my husband coming back from a cruise, a six month deployment.  When you first see your spouse again, it is nerve wracking.  People are crying, screaming and cheering all around you!    You first see the ship's brow arrive, then slowly it turns and makes head way.
The crowd on the dock is cheering and everyone has brought a poster or flag.   There are new babies, newly married,grandparents, parents, young and old.  People are waiting and the ship's crew, once in site is wearing  their best, dress whites and aligned on the ship in formation.  It is quite a site to behold.  My husband's name is Don..
so I came up with a poster in yellow n' green..bright colors..think Mountain Dew colors.  Don Deere we are over here...so he could see us in the blur of red,white and blue.  We bought him a John Deere lawn mower, while he was away.   He wanted one~       PDA(public displays of affection) is not for everyone...I'm okay with a kiss or holding hands, but not the long, lingering type of passion.  It isn't my style; I'm more private, but not everyone is that way, it is fine.  No judgment call, here...

So this is my return from sea kiss....in a sea of people surrounded by horns blaring, people cheering and confetti and roses.  When he came towards me, I felt like I was in the movie, "An Officer and a Gentleman".
He had bought me a dozen red roses, all dressed in white..a moment I will never forget!   I was in khaki dress with shells sewn on by hand..tiny ones.    Sea and land meeting again....(now I can add a verse from my water poem) caress my soul, with foamy kisses~

This ISN'T my husband's ship, but this is a glimpse of my lifestyle :  When you watch it look to the right;
  a local network did a "Homecoming Tribute".  My husband's ship is a destroyer
they follow a Carrier group(large ship being the aircraft carrier);  He has a land job, for now~


LTM said…
oh, I can't imagine being separated like that... :o| But I love your description of seeing each other again! :o)

I love your poem, and 13s my lucky number, too~
You painted a vivid picture of that day. And I'm not into private displays of affection, either. Now private ones is a different matter...
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh this is so beautiful.....and freaking ROMANTIC!!!!!! Wow! All in white carrying a dozen red roses - how did he get them out at sea? And you in khaki with seashells..........oh my! And Ellie - I didnt know, when we first met, that you are a poet! Great to see you taking part in the think tanks! Way cool!
a sojourner said…
wow...a wonderful post, Ellie!!!

Ellie said…
Sherry-Thank you; yeah, it was surreal! They buy them weeks before;a tug brings them out to the ship, the night before! It is an amazing sight to see and be part of! There are cameras from the local new station.(Last deployment was on a SAT, other events going on, no cameras).
I use to write poems in high school n' college, but haven't since. Thank you; I'm having fun~

Alex-PDA mean private, to me, too! Thank-you~

LTM-The last one, was the worst one, yet. He left on our son's birthday. Then son calls me and his Honda Accord, is spitting out parts in a 4 lane highway. I took off, but in my head I'm thinking, I didn't sign up for this. Thank you so much; Thirteen is one of my lucky numbers, I'd say 3 n' 5 are the numbers that usually have significance. I have good things happen on the 13th! I hope you do, too~
flaubert said…
Ellie I love the poem and the explanation you gave at the end!
A wonderful post Ellie, I am not into showing affection publicly .......anyway I haven't got anyone at the moment, But showing my children/grandchildren is a different matter.

I really enjoyed this post .....Wonderful.
Jules said…
A wonderful poem of a kiss. Painted the picture perfectly. :)

I'm just sorry you even needed to have that separation. My blessings to your husband and you.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Kolleen said…
what a talent you have for writing.
such a way with words.
beautiful images popped with each line of your poem

blessings upon you and your husband
love and hugs
andrea said…
beautiful... poignant visions
Lisa said…
Beautiful poem, Ellie. And the video was AMAZING! I just sat here in awe, feeling the emotions right along with the families. Thanks for a glimpse into your life!
Grammy said…
Hi, Ellie, YEs, I'm back doing some reading of blogs after a long absence with my husband's illness and passing a month ago. I enjoyed "the Kiss" and the story which followed. How very romantic. Thank you. Ruby
RaShelle said…
Hi Ellie - My dad was in the military for many, many years (Navy, Army and Air Force at one time or another throughout his life). This was beautiful. I loved -caress my soul, with foamy kisses~
Ciss B said…
My husband was on board ship in the beginning of our marriage and we were only together for about 1 year total out of the 4 he was in and that was tough because it was 2 weeks here, or 4 weeks. There never was really much time together until we got out.

Quite a vivid view of the tension and passion that really can over whelms those left to wait for our ship to come in.
Jingle said…
remarkable words.
love the twists...
LTM said…
ugh. That "I didn't sign up for this" feeling is the WORST. omg. And I just can't even imagine--but it's over now, right? Yay! (And Alex, reow! ;o) Here's hoping a great 13th for us all~ :o) <3
arlee bird said…
I has to be a really emotional time I'm sure. The poem was lovely--very ethereal.

Tossing It Out
i feel like i was on the dock with you.. I loved the sign... so clever...I am not into that heavy kissing hugging in public.. I love one tap kisss.. and a quick hug.. not sure why I am like that....
I watched the video, I am crying .Thanks for sharing. I do not know who I felt prouder of, the men and women who serve or the loved ones who wait and support . !! WoW !!!
Such a romantic, love filled poem.
I can understand your words very well, especially since your husband Don, is in the navy.
It is true that absences make the heart grow fonder.
Your words have captured that thought!
Jen said…
Well, I'm hoping for such a reunion, though the circumstances are different. Hopefully you guys get more time together now that he's got a land job.
Ellie said…
Hi Julie-It is a surreal experience! Be proud of those who serve; They are in life threatening situations, sometimes daily! He has been gone on
three tours; It is a huge sacrifice~ He misses a lot; we are so lucky to have email. I can't imagine prior to this, waiting for those love letters and random bits of news. Thanks for being supportive~ It is an unique lifestyle!

Lisa-Thank you; I think a lot of us, just don't
care to share our private acts in public.
The poster was lime green and I made the John Deere symbol in yellow. He found us; We didn't find him til they pulled into the dock. I am glad you were there with me in theory! :-D

Lee-It was like that, once I was there on the dock, prior it was hellish. The route I was suppose to take was closed, I was stopped by a state trooper and my spouse called me via cell phone saying where are you? Someone told him; I wasn't on base, yet. I wasn't, but I still had 40 min before the ship pulled in! I made it with 30min to spare~ He is a CMC Command Master Chief, so I had a parking spot, someone must told the ship, I hadn't arrived...damn spies!~

LTM-It is over for now, but he is still enlisted, so it could change! I agree a great 13th...Someday I want to hear how lucky it is for you, I'll share, too~ Thanks!!!

Jingle-Thank you; I will be by to visit you and your painted words!

CissB-I love that line, tension and passion; You are so right! Yes,it is hard on couples, marriages! Ours didn't start out this way...it became a way for him to advance his career. When our children were 9 and 3; He went out on a commissioned ship...worked around it being built in the shipyard in Bath, Maine. We were close to home, so it was nice to be part of our families lives(both of us). Then we went to Hawaii...he sailed off on a ship; I flew with the kids 2months later. Life isn't dull....
I am happy for you...some people their whole career is at sea! It is sad....
Ellie said…
RaShelle-Did you move a lot? Was it hard on you and your family? Thank you~ I'd like to hear more!

Grammy-Thank you; I have wondered how you are doing! You are a brave soul! You are in my thoughts~xXx

Lisa-Thank you; I am glad you enjoyed the peek! I'd like to hear the niece with the twang. I'd
bet she is a living doll~

Andrea-Thank you for the thoughtful words! I enjoyed writing it, but then thought it also
sounded a bit like a deployment kiss, too~

Kolleen-Thank you for your kind words! It is a lifestyle with a lot of adjustments, but this is true for most of us,when you really think about it! The distance helps us feel young again, but it is too long~

Jules-Thank you, it is trying! It can make or break a marriage. I do think you have to have certain characteristics, to handle it. I don't mind being alone. Being creative probably helps this, but a lot of spouses can't handle it. Our 1st year of marriage, I saw a lot of divorce or separations...really sad~
Ellie said…
Yvonne-Thank you; I get where you are coming from!
Coming from you, a wonderful compliment~xXx

Pamela-Thank you so much; I will be by to see what you are up to!

Bud-Thank you; I am so enjoying your stories! Please keep at it; You have a wonderful memory and I can feel the adventure in your words and the appreciation for the little things. It is all about those random moments that create magic!

Hi Eileen and Jen...
Eileen-Thank you; They have for us! It is wonderful to reunite and feel the magic of being a newlywed again!

Jen-Thank you; Life is at a different pace, except now, he is flying away for a week, here and there. He just told me he had to go to a seminar in New England in a few weeks...now planes are taking him away!
Jennifer said…
First off, I loved your poem. It was beautiful.

Everything you wrote after that, WOW! I could not even begin to imagine what that feels like. Being away so long from the one love. Waiting. Then finally getting to see them and embrace them. It must be an incredible thing. I am so inspired by connections between people. How we connected with others so deeply and how we long to see them when we are apart. The scene you describe must be so powerful.

The video brought it to life for me and also brought tears to my eyes. How fortunate I am to have brave people like your husband who go off and protect our country. And people like you...who stand besides them....loving them...and encouraging them. You to are brave.

I feel so inspired after reading your post. Thank you Ellie, thank you!
Carrie Burtt said…
Ellie this is truly awesome...your memories of your reuniting with your husband are beautiful, and your words put me right there with you. The poem is eloquent. Ellie i just love your writing, and your whole blog. Look forward to more. :-)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love all the comments you are getting. This piece was truly wonderful, Romantic and heartwarming and sweet. Great for a grandma who lives vicariously when it comes to Romance. Ellie, I know you and I are kindred spirits from your comments and your perspective. Thank you for your comments and support on my blog. It appears that even the most well-intended words can sometimes be taken the wrong way. Thanks for being you!
Hart Johnson said…
This was beautiful, Ellie--and a very nice kind of kiss. I think those are possibly the biggest--someone you love with your whole heart, but have to be apart from for a long time.
Jen said…
I can't imagine being seperated but your words were brilliant!
paperbird said…
Beautiful post Ellie. it evokes memories of when my husband was in the Navy. Coming home from three months at sea, waiting at the dock for the sub to come in-recognizing him by the hankey that hung off his back pocket in the sea of blue uniforms- the smell of diesel fuel when we kissed!
Ellie said…
Lorraine-Thank you; I know you understand then!
Subs, wow, that is difficult; I honestly don't know how they do it! My hubby always can't get over how wonderful it is to see green; Yours must
be in awe of it all~xXx

Jen-Thank you; It is an unique experience~

Hart-Thank you; it is memorable to share such a moment; you are in a sea of people sharing this Welcome Home, proud and pride feeling!

Sherry-I feel this way, too...Thanks for being you and sharing so much wisdom! I really hope you write a book~

Carrie-Thank you so much; I look forward to reading your blog! You paint well, with words!

Jennifer-Thank you; They are the true heroes; Brave, yes, sometimes I think I could wear that title :-D I think single parents deserve the title more..I only do it temporary! Thank you, though, so sweet of you~
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hey Ellie
Your beautiful words paint a vivid picture. It's so lovely to hear of sweet love between a couple married for many years..

Well #13 is a favoured number for me too.. although not always lucky!! Have a lovely week xxx Julie
I was always told that 13 was St. Anthony's lucky number.

Your home coming description reminded me of the old days in San Diego (little has changed!) I used to go with a friend of mine to meet her husband when he returned from a cruise. It was emotional and wonderful.

Ellie said…
Hi Colette-I love 13; It is fun to think of you being part of this! You have been surrounded by military moments~xXx

Julie-Thanks Julie; I understand xXx