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This is my Mom, I think the age of the photo or the chair, makes her hair look auburn.  It wasn't, it was dark
brown. We were at camp, so I'd say, she is 30-31 here. We use to rent a camp for a week on Swan Lake, when I was nine, ten, and eleven yrs old, we use to rent a camp for a week on Swan Lake.  Dad then to trade his motorcycle for a boat; This way the whole family could go to the lake.  This was back in the days, when areas were more remote, secluded.  There was a beach, everyone called Walker's Beach.  You could walk miles through the woods to get there or by boat. We spent a lot of weekend's at this spot. It wasn't private, I'd say, 4-5 families would be there. It now is a state park.  

Poets United prompt #15 is  REMEMBER;  The poet mentioned was Leonard Cohen. One of the poems included in his book is Who Do You Really Remember?

 I chose My Mom, reflecting my time with her, growing up. She nurtured me, like I was her prized rose (oh, yeah, I was).    ;-D  She is the last rose of summer; This is what my Dad called her since her birthday is this month. On the last day of summer, She will turn 70 yrs young.

Chocolate eyes filled with care
Wavy, warm chestnut hair
Hands always reaching
Smiling and teaching
Wiping my crocodile tears
Talking me out of my fears
Watching patiently at her knee
We made biscuits, I was 3
Smelled of frosting wore a skirt
Planting her green thumbs in the dirt
Gave me art as a gift
Painted emotions time would shift
Volunteered at my school
My Mom was pretty cool
Always listened to my rant
Talked me out of I can’t
Helped me pull sad weeds
Planting inspiring seeds
Mother’s hands embrace my face
She gave me love, time and space
A Mother’s love is deep n’ wide
She gave me wings
With hope
I'll glide


Mary said…
Ellie, very nicely written. I love "A Mother's love is deep 'n wide." Your mother's love certainly was. A warm and thoughtful poem.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
This is a fantastic tribute to your mom. She sounds absolutely wonderful! I love the metre and rhyme ofthis poem very much, and all of the memories are wonderfully expressed. Your mom must be so proud of her "prize Rose":)!! Great response to the prompt. I love it.
Lynette Killam said…
A wonderful and loving tribute to the mother you so clearly adored, Ellie! I particularly like the gardening analogy of her helping you "pull sad weeds" and plant "inspiring seeds". I have no doubt she was proud of how very well you did learn to fly...

I love the photo you've posted...such a gentle and beautiful face your mother had.
A lovely poem Ellie, such a pleasure to read.
A wonderful tribute to a wonderful mum/

Take care.

Carrie Burtt said…
Ellie she is beautiful and so is the lovely poem...such a wonderful tribute to her! :-)
i like the picture of your mom, I like the idea to remember someone.. I want to do.. it we should include it in the face yourself meme... I love your poem.. it's so descriptive... and I love poems that rhyme...Did you give her a copy.. or will you for her birthday.. please do..
Hart Johnson said…
What beautiful memories Ellie, and a nice tribute! You look like your mom, or at least that picture of her, though you look more playful, but that may just be a difference in the pictures.
Anonymous said…
Very nice tribute to your mom. Now I'm going to call mine today (sniff). Without moms, we would all be wandering aimlessly.

Stephen Tremp
LTM said…
that's so great, Ellie! If your mom's like mine, she'll be bawlin at that... :D good work! <3
your mother must've been delighted by this poem!
A poem written with absolute love and devotion.
I could feel it from your words.
A mother's love cannot be replaced, I know.....

Best wishes,
Diane T said…
Ellie, an affectionate and caring poem. I could imagine the Leonard Cohen choice you made!
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hey Eliie
Looks like my comment didn't take!! I came over yesterday to read your sweet poem.... That's a lovely photo of your mum.. She looks happy and relaxed.. and a lot like you!!!

Wishing her a wonderful birthday... Happy Birthday Shirley!!! xxx Julie
arlee bird said…
Your mother looks very beautiful. And from the poem she sounds like a wonderful mother.

Tossing It Out
Dasuntoucha said…
Sounds like a pretty cool mom indeed...lovely tribute.
Mary said…
Just stopping by again, as your mother's birthday approaches. I had thought the last day of summer was September 20, but my calendar says September 22. I wonder if you will show her this poem. It would make a wonderful birthday present.
Becky Shander said…
What a beautiful poem...it feels like it came straight from your heart.
Ellie said…
Becky-Thank you; It did, I had the childhood she wanted. Hers was difficult.

Mary-When I was a child, her birthday was the last day of summer 21st ; Her brother's the first day of fall,the 22nd. I use to think spring was March 21st, too. I tend to go by the calendar when I was little. Yes, I sent her the poem, I printed this off and enclosed it in her B-day pkg via mail. Thank you, it was so nice of you~

Dasuntoucha-Thank you, she was cool!

Lee-She is prettier on the inside;-D Thank you!

Julie-Thank you,it means a lot~! xXx

DianeT-Thank you, so kind of you!

Eileen-Thank you; I hope this means you have a wonderful mom and many touching memories~
Ellie said…
Hi Dez-I mailed it to her, with her birthday presents! I'll know soon... ;-D

LTM-I think she will; I think I will get one of those phone calls. I received your pkg and then she will read it while I'm on the phone, I should know tomorrow~ She savors her mail and can keep a candy bar for 6months. I am nothing like that...I can be slow and savor stuff, but...

Stephen-That was so sweet! We would be lost :-D

Hart-Thank you; YOU are good! I have more of my Dad's humor in me! My Mom n' brother are more alike, both Virgo's. I'm the Bull in the China closet(so the horoscope says ;-D)

Lisa-You should try it; I gave her a copy for her birthday! I hope she receives it tomorrow~
Thank you! Let me know when...no hurry, if you are busy!

Alex-Thank you!

Hi Carrie-I will be by soon, I look forward to your post! Thank you~

Yvonne-You write tributes so well! Thank you~
Ellie said…
Lynette-Thank you; She always tried to get me to see, I could only be the best me~ (I'm a WIP)

Sherry-You are so sweet; Thank you! I'm a work in progress~

Mary-Thank you so much! I hope she likes it~
Judy Roney said…
This touches my heart, Ellie. I'm so glad you had the mother you had. This poem is a lovely tribute to her and a great poem. Love it!
A beautiful loving write. The last six lines sing.