Project Genesis

PROJECT GENESIS reminds us that even small acts add up to goodness, for our Earth, for us, and sometimes our pocket book or wallet.

I went to Starbucks yesterday, treated myself to an iced coffee and found they were offering coffee grounds to recycle.  I did this in the spring  and thought it would be a great way to add some ph to my
garden. We do have a couple more months to reap what we sow.

   The first of every month, Suzan of Old Grey Mare, encourages us to share tips and how we can reuse, recycle, aid in helping our planet, Earth. 
Coffee compose adds a richness to your roses and your garden. It slowly releases nitrogen, which aids in making your plants healthy!  You enjoy the perks of coffee or tea, now you can add them back to your soil.

I do want to remind you, that if a plant has a high ph, it may make change the plant's color.  I discovered this last spring.  We have two hydrangeas, one pink and one blue.  I added it to both of them; Pink was fine, but blue turned mauve and lavender.

It suggests on the bag, to reuse, re-imagine the bag and other containers.  The bag is for my daughter, to cover a book, so that was out.   I came up with this:

These are the containers you get in grocery stores, near the salad or olive bar.    I thought I would make something to put my Mom's birthday gift in.  I glued felt to the outside and the cut a circle to cover the puckered look.

  I would have added a bigger circle, but didn't want to use a different color felt.  This was all I had of the creamy white color.  If you want a more professional look, make the circle at least 1/2 inch wider.                                   

You will need 2 pieces of felt to fit this correctly, trim the top, so it is even.  I didn't have I took a piece of lace and glued it inside.  Next I added a flower and some ribbon.  I didn't glue the flower on, but used a painted clothes pin.  You can write the recipient's name on the tag or be creative and add scrapbook or wallpaper.   Now, I can switch out the flower.  I made a tag and used wire to thread onto the clothespin.  An old fashion pin would look nice to.
Add ribbon, shredded fabric to make a bow or your choice.                                   

Use any type of ribbon to attach to the sides.  I punched holes through the plastic, prior.  You can sew them on.  I made knots every 2-3 inches to give it some shape, so it wouldn't droop.

I had a bakery box, I used lots of wax paper and bought dinner rolls.
I wish they had been doughnuts, but that is another

I thought I would wrap one of my Mom's gifts inside; A sweater I bought for her.   I stamped the outside of the box with a flower stamp and some copper ink.  You could attach a photo or card inside, put I prefer to tease her, let her have a peek.   Then add jute cord  and flower of your choice.  I found these at the thrift shop!   Endless possibilities on how to jazz it up~

Here are some links to some creative container ideas:

Becky baked up some bars and then used the containers of sweetened condensed milk to create these cuties.

Dawn was creative with soap boxes; Check this out~

Shona uses all kinds of recycled finds; She has a large family and finds time!  Awe inspiring~

Regina took cereal box cardboard to the next level.

You can find a lot more inspiration in Green Craft Magazine; Here is a peek....

Thanks Suzan;  Check out her amazing tips and join in!  It is only once a month to exchange ideas, but these small tips can reap many rewards~


Thanks for a most interesting post Ellie. We have Starbucks over here I wonder if they're doing coffee beans here.
Loved the pics and all those names of different blogs to look up, I will get round to look in on them in time.

Sherry Blue Sky said…
Great post, Ellie, so nice to see you doing Project Genesis:)
Maureen said…
I only have one Starbucks in my area and someone already has dibs on the coffee grinds - there are never any left. I have been able to get some from Dunkin Donuts but only because I know someone who works there. With Starbucks, it's corporate policy.
Jules said…
I love these posts! They give me so many ideas. I have been re-purposing since before it even had a name. :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Lisa said…
When I saw the book, I immediately thought to race over to :)
I've heard of Starbucks recycling their coffee grounds. I think it's neat that you do that!

Have a great long weekend if I don't drop by before then. :O)
Sea Witch said…
First, I adore your header and background. Such power in those photos. I think we instinctively want to return to a more responsible time regarding our planet and our lifestyles. Our folks always reused, repurposed, found new ways to utilize bits and bobs. I'm so glad that we are beginning to return to this mindset. It really is not a chore at all, but a reprogram of how we choose to live our lives. Have a wonderful day. SEa Witch
very nice post.. good ideas.. I will check out old mare... I don't drink coffee. but I do drink tea.. I wanted to do 30 days of no garbage,... I really want to try... It seems so hard...
Shellbelle said…
I used to manage a Starbucks and we always gave away our coffee grounds to local gardeners. We also donated our leftover pastries each day to a local food bank. Everything came in fresh in the morning. My niece works at a Starbucks in Palm Desert, California and she started a program at her store where customers could purchase a pound of coffee to be donated to our troops. Have to love a company that gives back and lets their employees come up with innovative ideas. Great post! loved your project, so cute@
Theresa said…
Thank you for sharing so many great ideas! I need to go to all of the blogs you mentioned to see what they came up with. I will be saving my coffee grounds to use in the garden too, Thanks for the info! Theresa
Anonymous said…
Terrific post, Ellie! We too, have taken home Starbucks coffee grounds for composting. We also have a lot of our own grounds to use, and I'm afraid, an endlesss amount of tea leaves, because that's my drink of choice!

I love how your projects turned out! Clever you..that box is beautiful! Even using the old bag as a book cover is so cool and imaginative.

Wonderful ideas, altogether!
Rayna M. Iyer said…
Your gift wrapping may well be nicer than the gift itself! And that is a huge compliment, because I am sure the gift is lovely too.

And I never knew about recycling coffee ground- you just work the coffee into your plants, is it?
erin said…
great and crafty ideas! i think creative gift wrapping i so thoughtful and i just love receiving something wrapped in a unique way. i do believe Star Bucks is a really good company to work for, i just wish their coffee wasn't so expensive.
have a good day!
Oh, Ellie, darling, those hydrangeas are positively superb and divine! ;)
I try to be ecological in my garden as well. I water the plants only with rain which I collect in barrels, and I never use chemicals and herbicides. I have lovely pumpkins currently in my garden and I started putting them in refrigerator for the winter.
Wanda said…
Such creative ideas.
I miss using the coffee grounds since we've been on a tea kick but with Fall coming we might switch back. It's great also for adding to your compost pile to help it break down faster!
Thanks for letting everyone in on your secret weapon for your hydrangeas.
Ciss B said…
I( have recycled my grounds for years. I either put it in my compost heap or around my rhododendron. It even works great around the hostas because it is uncomfortable for the slugs to cross when trying to get to the leaves. It doesn't keep them all away, but it does many of them! :-)

I love all your projects!
Jingle said…
please feel free to take the awards in the post , share each award with 1 to 10 friends,

Awards 4 u

Happy Sunday!
Happy September
I've heard that placing iron (rusty nails?) in the soil will turn hydrangeas blue again. I've not tried it, though.