There's No Place like HOME

I signed on to join a tag swap, hosted by Karla Nathan. She lives in Kansas and is the perfect host, with her granddaughter as Dorothy and her adorable Yorkies, playing Toto.   Yes, It is a Wizard of Oz theme~
Here are my tags, so many wonderful tags you can view them on Flickr.    I found the timing funny; I am in an online class, Crafting My Best Life.
You still can join and catch up; It isn't too late, there is creative homework, forums and a place where you can make another blog, meet new friends.  If not this class, there will be other ones, next one is Danita's Art quilt.


chrissy said…
i am so proud of you for following your yellow and orange and green and blue and yes, even purple brick road.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love this, Ellie. Way to shine!I love your writing and am enjoying walking with you along the path a ways......
KarenG said…
I have a craft I love that relaxes me and also teaches me about life-- knitting. And I really believe anything anyone wants to know about life they can learn from knitting LOL.
Glad to be on the path with you my friend. :)
Jules said…
Wow, what a class and such a heart felt explanation. Thank you so much for the shout out! I'm really glad you liked the post :) Now my friend....

I want me one of those tags :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Abby's Garden said…
Beautiful tags my friend! I love how you write from your heart and so beautifully written:)
Ellie said…
Abby-Thank you; I look forward to seeing what you create~

Jules-I have one tag, left it is a bit different, but it is yours! Email me your address!

Jenny-I can't wait to see your Self Portrait!
I am excited you are part of this journey~

KarenG-I love this sentiment;What was the item you crafted you loved the most?

Sherry-Thank you for sharing the path with me; It is an unique journey!

Chrissy-LOL, purple...that is right, I remember your post, not a fan of the plum, purple crayon. You are cute~Thank you!
Jules's post was amazing. And yes, our dreams can come true!
Wanda said…
Those are so adorable, Ellie
Wonderful Ellie, dreams do and have come true.

Jingle said…
love your sentiments.
home, sweet home.
LTM said…
that is supercool! And I love love love your tags. There's no place like home is right. Been out of town and just getting caught up on sleep~

but scoot over to my blog--I got you something~
Hi Ellie!
Your tags are so darling! Thanks so much for sharing this swap with us, it looks like so much fun!
Happy Tuesday,
Ellie said…
Hi Sally-I must say, your cards are gorgeous~!
Happy you stopped by~

LTM-Thank you, I will try to post on Friday...I am touched! Okay, whatcha thinking?!....Let me guess or you guess mine!

Jingle-Thank you, there really is no place like it! Our memories need to cherish the sweet moments!

Yvonne-Thank you; YOU are part of the magic of knowing~xXx

Wanda-Thank you! I'll be by soon,to be inspired!

Alex-I know you know~ Magical count down starts Oct lst; I am happy for YOU!
I've enjoyed using your tags in the books!