Think Tank Thursday

Poets United prompt #16 is Autumn, I love this season, how could I pass this up.  There are so many directions to go in with this thought process.  I went with the general feeling fall gives me; I mean Autumn

Painted memories fall like leaves
The scent of
decay mingled with
apples perfumes the air,
Leaves twirl and swirl  into
our yards, a magic carpet ride
of childhood shrouded
with mystery, enchantment arrives
raking, harvesting as Indian Summer
Ghost, goblins and witches on brooms
sweep out cobwebs, in your mind's eye
of Halloween's haunted past,
Scattered memories dance, as Mother
Nature dresses in her best. 
Amber glow of the harvest moon rises, smoke
circles the night, as the winds of change soon arrive


Jennifer said…
I love this. it really brings me into fall. and that is just where we are headed. a place to turn over a new leaf and see things with brand new eyes as we shed our skin to our rawest forms of ourselves.
liked the way u related it to Halloween. beautiful words!
Mary said…
I loved

"Scattered memories dance, as Mother
Nature dresses her best."

Your poem is wonderfully crafted and captures Autumn very well.
Susannah said…
I really enjoyed your autumn imagery, vivid pictures are painted by your words. Wonderful. :-)
This is wonderful Ellie, such a pleasure to read.

Deborah said…
Just wonderful, a delight to read.
Wanda said…
Very powerful read. I really like..."the scent of decay mingled with apple's perfume the air. So representative of our lives in general. While some things are dying out, others are alive with a fresh fragrance.
Jules said…
Painted memories fall like leaves I LOVE this line. Great read and the collage is wonderful. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Great description - I can actually smell autumn now.
Flor Larios Art said…
Nice words! a pleasure...
Diane T said…
Love 'amber glow of the harvest moon.' Don't know if you noticed, but we have similar leaves on ground pictures. Mine was taken at the Anne of Green Gables trail at PEI.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, this is really beautiful........evocative, full of images and the reawakening of memories.........and the ending is perfect. Wow. Great poem!
Carrie Burtt said…
Ellie this is truly a delight to read full of wonder and all that makes autumn your new layout! :-)
Jingle said…
love reading it,
festive feelings.
Thanks for sharing.
flaubert said…
Ellie this is oh so pretty!
Lovely images!
RiikaInfinityy said…
Ghost, goblins and witches on brooms

Wonderful!=P Love the season =3
she said…
Ella, Your words and photos are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them. I really enjoyed this post.
dasuntoucha said…
...Scattered memories dance, as Mother
Nature dresses in her best

...yes indeed!

Love this capture of Fall's wonderment. (^_^)
Will Burke said…
Definitely my favorite season, and you've illustrated it beautifully! And the food! More turkey, cassaroles and pie, please!
Lynette Killam said…
This is a wonderful poem, Ellie! You've hit all the touchstones that make Autumn the spectacular season it is, and you've done so with much colour and movement. I love 'Leaves twirl and swirl' and 'scattered memories dance'...just lovely...:)
Nice and amazing--showing your love with nature.
With best wishes.
gospelwriter said…
What a beautiful ode to autumn, and such a lovely collage of photos to illustrate. Painted memories, magic carpet rides, ghosts and goblins, the enchantment of Indian Summer... so much to love about autumn.
Amanda Trought said…
Ella, really enjoyed stopping by...'I'll be back'! Amanda :)
Lisa said…'ve got a way with words that is just Lovely :) Summer turning into Autumn always feels like the biggest season change, and you've done a great tribute to it~ your blog is gor-jiss and i love the photography xx