Project Genesis

The first day of every month is a day to honor Project Genesis.( I know I'm a day late, I had computer issues).  Suzan from OldGreyMare has a meme where we share eco-friendly  tips on how to live a green lifestyle.   Sometimes small change will make a huge impact, in our landfill and our lives.

 I know this looks odd; Yes it is your standard Brillo, SOS pad.  I make mine last longer.  I use a Frog, it is a florist tool used to hold flowers in place.  Flowers like water, as do frogs.  After I use the pad, I leave it on the frog, the water from it drains off and this prevents it from rusting, so I can use it a few more times. I have read you can freeze them in ziplock bags.  I haven't tried it.   Just be sure to remember to drain off the soapy water.

I reuse dryer sheet to dust with or swipe one of those corner cobwebs.   My friend Becky uses them in her crafting.  She dyes them in coffee and makes books and all kinds of clever, creative items.
Now, I, too am dying used dryer sheets.

I reuse my junk mail.  There is always an envelope in those credit card applications; I use mine for list making. Then when done I toss in our recycle bin.   You can also use this for gift bags, instead of buying the crimped, shredded paper.   I have even shredded brown paper bags and wax paper for a different look.

I also tend to save scraps of fabric to make gift tags for packages.  You could use a variety of items, magazines, junk mail, fabric, different paper, paint, etc.   It is fun to see what you can come up with, using what is available to you.
Here is one of the items on my list.   I used a shipping label, I think you can buy 100 tags for under $7.  It may be more according to where you live.   I sewed on a couple of fabric scraps, some torn up material and a tea dyed silk rose.   It might be something the recipient keeps instead of tossing in a landfill or perhaps pass on.  Check out Colette Copeland's work, she makes beautiful, unique tags with various mediums. She always finds a way to delight or surprise you with her art~


oldgreymare said…

Any day you contribute to Project Genesis is the right day!
Thank you for sharing your tips. Both my Mom and my paternal Grandmother used old mail for their lists and recipes! I adore all these old snippets of paper with their recipes jotted down in their handwriting. Sometimes the paper they wrote on is more interesting than the recipe.

Cruella Collett said…
You are just so darned creative! I'm terribly impressed! :)
Very creative , I enjoyed reading your tips.

Have a good day,

My wife uses old dryer sheets to wipe dust off TV screens and to prevent the buildup of more dust and static.
Olive Cooper said…
Well done. I use junk mail in the same way. I never use dryer sheets at all for the dryer but I think your re-use of them is wonderful. ♥O
Jingle said…
cool project.
love the inspiration in it.
love the ideas.. I love your luminere lumina pumpkin... I had white pumpkins at my wedding.. they are so hard to find in NY.....
Rayna M. Iyer said…
Awesome. I too use and re-use the envelopes junk mail came in. My husband needs to print out a lot of presentations at work, and he brings them home, so I don't have to buy a single drawing book for the kids.

Your gift looks so inviting- it is really beautiful.
Ciss B said…
We've always been huge into recycle in our family. I love some of your ideas here and will add some to my list of things to to be recycled. ( I too use my received envelopes as lists!!)
Arlee Bird said…
I need to get a shredder. I also use the enclosed envelopes to make lists, then I put coupons in the envelope with the list.

You are so darn creative.

Tossing It Out
Jules said…
Glad you posted this. Another use for dryer sheets? Mosquito repellent.

I'll be touch later I hope :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Hart Johnson said…
Great way to make stuff go farther and the 'card' is definitely prettier, and probably cheaper, other than your time, compared to the bought variety. well done!
Wanda said…
Creative ideas Ellie. I tend to write on the back of my envelopes too and I took used dryer sheets in my clothes drawers.
ninotaziz said…
Dear Ellie,
Reading your post I should really try to do more.I thought I was 'green' but now I have to rethink this.

Once in a while I take my kids out to clean up public areas like the playground or the cycling paths of our neighbourhood.

But I never used old envelopes except for making smaller and smaller envelopes for payment to the grass-cutters, the school bus driver and for the girls cute stuff envelopes. Can't see why i did not use them for the grocery list!

We do not use dryer sheets as we hang out clothes in the sun.

I try to pack garbage in separate disposables and make sure water is not trapped.

Thank you for the lovely reminder.
Hi Ellie,
I'm terribly late in visiting you, my apologies. Your sweet note meant a lot to me!
Your tag is beautiful, very inspiring. Love Colette's work too.