Release Date

We have a star amongst us, in the cosmic sky of blogland.  Alex Cavaughn's book CassaStar, makes it's debut today.  I am thrilled for him; He is one of the kind-hearted writers, I met during the A-Z blog writing challenge, hosted by Lee of Tossing it out.  Alex has hosted the Dirty Dozen Blogfest and later, Top 10 TV shows.   Alex has finally broke through the barrier, no not space-time continuum, but from WIP, wanna be published,  to an actual author!    It takes grit and guts, to take that story in your mind's eye and bring it to life.  I admire his persistence and courage~

Congrats Alex, Today is your day to shine, like the brilliant star you are.  Now, I want to hear you play that electric guitar, can't you at least give us some audio?!

There is a Blog Tour with  more information regarding his book and a chance to win~!  Be sure to check it out; I have already ordered a couple for family n' friends, for Christmas; Read the reviews, you will see why this one is a definite gift, to put on your Christmas list~

Get your copy here:
amazon kindle version


Thanks so much, Ellie!! It's been an awesome day so far.
Jingle said…
sweet news to hear.
Great post for a wonderful man.I ordered my copy today says it will be here Novemeber,
I too "Met" Alex on the A to Z..

Ellie said…
Yvonne-I ordered today, too. I went Christmas shopping ;-D I love your music on your site, so cute!

Jingle-It is nice news!

Alex-You are welcome~ I bet...Will there be a tally at day's end of sales, via your publishing company?!
Deborah Ann said…
Congrats to Alex! I hope to be there one day. What a rush that must be!
Arlee Bird said…
Is Alex having a book released today? Seems like I've seen something to this effect elsewhere--or should I say everywhere.

Tossing It Out
Ellie said…
Lee-You are a comedian! lol

Deborah-Alex would love this comparison; "Rush" is his favorite band or one of his favs!
Jingle said…
Welcome to our potluck party by linking in a poem, old one works well. Thanks!

hope to see you in,
old poem would work,
we are closing within 12 hours, hurry up.