Sinus Senseless

I bought a broom, a cinnamon broom  for my house, festive, smells I thought, damn thing, I tossed it outside today.  I know I'm not allergic to cinnamon, but this is really strong. My eyes are burning, my head hurts, and I'm sneezing.  I'm amazed how allergies can alter you senseless.  I haven't really known how much til this past summer and now fall.   I was trying to read today and gave up.  I can't seem to focus on concentrate, pain keeps seeping into my head.  I wanted to do something creative, so I took photos instead.
This is a banner I won made by Maya; She makes lovely items.  I hung it over one of my craft shelves. I won a few items, which I will be sharing in other posts.

Here I made a necklace, but the chain was too small, it looks better on my pumpkin. 
I made these last year; Karen at Graphics Fairy has an amazing selection.  The Bingo cards are from a set my Dad had when he was a kid, back in the late 1930's.   The clock charm I bought from Melissa.

 Here I was playing with the midmorning light on my kitchen table. I took an old book and folded even amount of pages inwards on both sides.  

Looks like my candy stash has been discovered~  I love the faces on these plastic pumpkins seems like every year a different expression~


Cool pics Ellie! I'm sorry you're not feeling well, hope you'll be back to normal soon. :)

ps: love the necklace you made!
Anonymous said…
Argh, I feel your pain! Allergies are HORRIBLE! On the other hand your photos are beautiful.
Wanda said…
Ellie, hope you get to feeling better soon. Nice photos.
Great pics not so great allergy. hope it clears soon.

Lisa said…
Great Halloween stuff!
Anonymous said…
I love your pictures...especially the book pages! Hope you feel better friend:)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I got all excited about the cinnamon broom and now have to find out where I can get one. I need something strong to combat the Essence of Dog around here:) Hopefully I wont have the same reaction you did. I LOVE all of your photos, you are so creative! Love the book one especially, didnt know you could do that with books.........and the new look of your site is way cool. Mine needs jazzing up but am scared of putting the balance off on all the pages and having to go thru every single page to adjust it, would take me forever!

Great post now on the hunt for a cinnamon broom......Sherry
Ellie said…
Sherry-It was at a local grocer's. I have thought about giving it away, but worry it will infected so many people from postal clerks, mail carriers, etc. I tossed it on my porch with my
Halloween decor. I'm not allergic to cinnamon; strange...Thank you!

Abby-I saw this online somewhere, If i remember where I will give them credit. Maybe in my history or was in on Etsy?! Their image was small, I went big.

Lisa-Thank you; I love this time of year. Usually by now, sinuses are has been an extremely warm October, so far...

Yvonne-Thanks; It is odd, I guess I'm fighting a cold and allergies?! Maybe Alex is right and it is the cotton, must remove it from my house.
I put some on my table.

Hi Wanda-Thank you; I hope all is well for you~

Michelle-Thank you, I'm still trying to decorate. My daughter was suppose to help, but so far, between football, other school functions and babysitting, it isn't happening. She n' a friend always help do the front yard.
I will be patient ;-D

Jenny-Thanks, Normal, what is that? lol Hope all is well with you~
My friend you are very talented. Love your work.

Pixie said…
Love the Halloween decor. I haven't gotten around to it this year; all I've done was pull out my black tin haunted house candle votive. :(