Southern Snow

I thought I would share with you the snow that now, is part of my home. Being from New England, I miss snow, I do!  I miss making homemade ice cream, using powdery snow, instead of crushed ice.  I miss making a snowman, snowwoman,I miss walking n' seeing spirals of white crystals dance above my head, each flake a unique design, as the street light illuminates their performance. I thought I would share my southern snow; It is breathtakingly beautiful. It reminds us of nature's beauty; We just have to look, pay attention when we drive down life's highway. 

 Here is a field, from a distance, it really does look like snow.  Let me rephrase this, driving by in a car, the blur of white, looks like snow. 

It really does look like cotton balls; We had a lot of rain and it needs to be harvested.  You will see in places, it is draped down like a strip of cotton.  Isn't it amazing~

The fabric of our lives, is so delicate and yet so durable.  I am fascinated with the pods~ The boll is actually the fruiting part of the cotton plant.  The separate compartments that separate the fluff are called locks.

This one looks like a toasted marshmallow; Beautiful or maybe I should say bountiful~

 I guess I could have a cotton ball fight, when snow season arrives, until then I'm going to enJOY this
gift from nature.  A lady saw me taking these pics; I told her where I was from.  She let me take some
home. She was as sweet as Southern iced tea.     Now, I can enJOY snow indoors~


Yes that white stuff is surrounding me now, messing with my allergies!
KarenG said…
I have never seen cotton growing, but now I understand in the books when the people picking cotton cut their hands on those pods. They look sharp! Soon we will have real snow here in Utah, the greatest snow on earth, soft, white and fluffy like your cotton balls.
Rayna M. Iyer said…
never seen snow, or cotton balls, so loved the post.
Wonderful post Ellie, the pics were superb.

Jules said…
Great photos. :D I love seeing the cotton when I head south. I too miss snow cream, people have forgotten about it. :(
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Hi Ellie!
Gorgeous photographs and lovely, wistful post. Wishing you lots of lovely day dreamy thoughts of home and snow!
Oh! Don't you adore Mary Oliver?! Every poem I read of hers, I love her more (if that's possible!).
Happy Tuesday,
Becky Shander said…
So dreamy and so delightful...thanks for sharing these ooh-aah images.
LTM said…
love the pix, and KarenG's right. Those sharp pods kill the hands. Where were you? :o) <3
Jennifer said…
your photographs are breathtaking!
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Beautiful Ellie
and fabulous fabulous macro shots... Well I don't live with snow.. nor cotton fields... each has it's own beauty.... but just love that 'toasted marshmallow' shot.. fabulous!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day... I can imagine you must miss snow a lot around xmas time.. I've always wanted to see a white christmas... on my bucket list..

oh and thanks for your sweet comments my way too!!!! ciao xxx Julie
Anonymous said…
I've never seen a cotton field before. Thanks for sharing. Amazing. It does look a bit like snow on the ground.

Stephen Tremp/
I've never actually seen cotton plants, we don't have that here, but I also couldn't live without snow, especially since winter is my favourite season. Central Europe always has snowy winters, although not too snowy, but enough to feel the magic and enjoy the white tranquility of a snowy morning or a snowy sunset.
Anonymous said…
Far out. Who knew that is what cotton looked like! Beautiful photography btw! ♥
Amanda Trought said…
I thought it was snow before I read your comment, it looks amazing. Love your pictures by the way.

That is so amazing! I would love to go to the south someday. Thanks for the kindness on my blog Ellie, it was a wonderful class. I'm doing well. I told my boss yesterday that I want to switch to part time so I can spend more time being a mom. She wasn't too happy but wants to work out a new schedule for me. We'll see what happens.
Love you,
Wanda said…
You had me curious about the southern snow. Cotton didn't cross my mind. I hadn't seen it from this close up.
koralee said…
Wow...being from Canada I have never seen cotton plants before...this truly is amazing. Thank you for sharing the Joy!

Erica said…
Hi Ella! I received one of your tags in Karla's swap. I have pics posted on my blog today. This was another fun swap!
Makes me think of the cottonwood tress from home... they made it look like it was snowing during the fall.. except then it would actually snow afterwards!
Jingle said…
love these cotton woods,
they remind me of my childhood experience.
Ellie said…
Jingle-where are you from? Cotton woods...sounds so pretty~

Molly/Ginny-Cottonwood trees, guess I'll have to google that, sounds lovely~

Erica-I will be by to see; It was a fun swap~

Koralee-I'm from Maine; I guess this is why I am so tickled by it. Thank you~

Wanda-Isn't it neat, I read after I posted it actually is related to the mallow plant.

Jenny-I am excited for you; Let me know how it all works out! xXx

Amanda-Thank you; I can visit summer on your blog ;-D

Hi Michelle-Thank you; it is so fluffy~

Dez-You described winter so perfectly~ I can tell for sure it is your favorite~ I miss it!
We usually have 1 maybe 2 storms a year.

Hi Lisa-Thank you~
Ellie said…
Hi Stephen-It doesn't it, especially driving by, it is a blur of a fluffy, white blanket~

Julie-Thank you; YOU must do it some year; Take
a special friend and go. My favorite Christmas was driving to Alaska. We had Christmas with our
families before we left Maine, Dec 17th. Our son was 2yrs old. Santa made it to our hotel room,;We had a tiny 6 inch Christmas tree. I went to a grocery store and found it, store bought cookies, icing and sprinkles. We decorated them and left them for Santa. We had a microwave; I bought stuff for Christmas dinner. Cold cuts, made a cheeseball, salad, crackers, and veggies,chips n' dip. It started snowing, 5 inches of sticky, snowman snow. My son was worried Santa, wouldn't find him, but he did and even magic snow arrived, too. We were outside of Seattle, WA.

Hi Jennifer-Thank you~

Leigh-I was about 2mls from my house; I parked my car and walked into the field area. Yes, it is sharp! North Carolina, that were I am.

Becky-I love the dreamy comment! It so is...

Hi Sally-I do adore Mary Oliver and thank you for your wishes! You are sweet~

Jules-One elderly lady, was telling me she makes it every year. Her version is different than mine, but same idea. We use our electric ice cream maker and use the snow and rock salt on the outside of the machine. She makes the ice cream base and dumps snow in it.
Ellie said…
Yvonne-Thank you; there is beauty everywhere~

Rayna-It is neat to share something, that not everyone can see. I never would of imagined how beautiful it is, if I hadn't stopped and looked. Yes, from a distance, it is fascinating, but even more so up close.

KarenG-I love the way you describe your snow! The most I have ever seen or shoveled was in Anchorage, Alaska. Over 100 inches our first year there.

Alex-Sorry to hear cotton bothers you; Something is stuffing me up, sinus issues again.
I was told when I moved here, if I wasn't allergy to anything, I soon would be. Rich, abundant farm land all around me...
ps Ellie I've never asked you about the size of the pics you put in your posts: do you want them that big or just don't know how to make them smaller?
If it's the second thing, you have a very nice option in this new Blogger's layout for editing posts. You just have to click on the pic in the COMPOSE section when you load it, and the tools for making it smaller will pop up immediately :)