The Tale of Two Ellens

Funny, Lee, of Tossing it Out  just recently posted about his background,  fame if you will.   He asked for comments regarding if we had been in the spotlight. I googled my name and this is what I found;  I share my name with First Lady Ellen Louise Wilson, she was married to President Woodrow Wilson. We both love art I use to paint, going to try again, it is my name sake, lol.  We both were born in May, both have the same middle name and both married Wilsons.

Fame, not yet ;-D   I have been in the newspaper several times and in a column of a magazine.

I googled my Mom, Shirley Jackson.
She was a famous author that inspired Stephen King.
My Mom isn't a writer, but she does share the same birthday as Stephen King and they both live in Maine.

Google your name, you might be surprised, like me.


Rayna M. Iyer said…
I google my name and get only me :-(

Your blog looks AWESOME btw.
Ellen aka Ella said…
Hi Rayna-Thank you; Someday it will say, author ;-D

Emma-Nice to meet you; I'll stop by n' visit~
Ellen aka Ella said…
Alex-lol, I thought of you, when I did this and how yours would soon change~ ;-D
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Interesting, Ellie! Cool post.
Hart Johnson said…
Teehee--there are supposedly 5 Hart Johnsons in the US, but I seem to be the nearest to famous. The name I grew up with though, Tamera Hart, may sound familiar, as we all know a fellow blogger who grew up with the same name (a YA writer--she spells it differently)

Googling my full name though, is exclusively me. I'm the ONLY one. Ever.

Cool to share some interests with your namesake!
Shirly Jackson and Stephen King are faves of mine! Nothing that interesting came up when I googled my own name.
Arlee Bird said…
Synchronicity I'd say if it were not done by design. If I Google my real name I get thousands--maybe millions--of entries and not many refer to me. I do better with my pen name. That's one of my main reasons for going with a pseudonym.

Tossing It Out
LTM said…
cool beans, and I LOVE your new look!!! It's gorgeous--esp. the book picture. Saw that last week, but it looks great~ :o) <3
Julie@beingRUBY said…
HI Ellen aka Ella!!
Well I have googles my name a few times and there is actually a photographer by same name... and my brother is a professional photographer.. and sadly for him there is another of the same name with less than desirable subject matter.. hahaha.. bad for business..

I grew up with a somewhat famous surname here in australia.. a professional tennis player... I was asked so many times If I were related .. I used to say he was my uncle... I finally met him a few years back at a book signing.. and told him the story.. good thing he has a great sense of humour..

Ok.. love the vintage photo.. fabulous.. have a great weekend.. xxx Julie
Wanda said…
Oh, I how neat. I'll have give that a try but I doubt I find anything as interesting as you.
ah, my name, when googled, brings just me :)
Ellen aka Ella said…
Dezmond-I love your name; It is unique~

Wanda-Try it, you never know~

Julie-I love your story; Sorry for your brother.
Where I grew up there was a woman named Ella Jackson; My name was Ellen Jackson. I use to get her mail all the time. Then a school teacher named Ellen Jackson moved to the area. I use to get a lot of interesting mail, when I was a kid. Thank you ;-D

Leigh-Thank you; Happy you like my new look!

Lee-Great idea! Creates a lot less confusion~

Hi Karla-YOU are interested, though, so there...

Hart-It is great to OOAK~

Hi Sherry-It is interesting to browse throughout
history, never know what we may find~
i was born in May too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!