Think Tank Thursday

Poets United prompt #18 is about complaining, grumbling....  I didn't want to really grumble, who really wants to read that, but then thought about how our society seems so rude, impatient.  I was just out n' about doing errands and grocery shopping; It was shocking how rude people were, I'd  say, excuse me, pardon me and they  looked  at me like I'm an alien.  They stare and walk on by.  Huh?!  It is almost like we need blinkers and stop signs in the grocery store. Children are let loose, one bumped into my back, while her grandmother yakked on and on, to another woman in the next check out.  Then both of her grandchildren wormed their way around my cart, squeezing by me to get to the candy.  She totally ignored both of them, girls ages 5 and 3.   Yeah, it was fun....

So here is my poem:
Traffic congestion, nerves are fraught
Can’t we remember what we were taught
Children whining in the stores…
Home, neglect their list of chores
Asking please, seems to be a reach
As we try to remind and teach,
Pride n’values are being made
Blueprints of generations being paved
The road of manners is becoming extinct
Rose colored glasses are not pink,
Red, rage on the road is seen
Texting, make up and then the obscene,
Gestures of panic are in mode
Time to wake up and get off the commode,
Life is difficult enough
Let’s play nice and not so tough,
Excuse me, please and thank you  mean a lot
Human nature shouldn’t be an after thought,
We act like animals on display
Careless, rude and getting our way,
Remember your roots and family pride
Life is a journey, play nice when in stride~


I applaud you Ellie, this was brilliant.

Have a good day.

This is urban tension!! Really captures the way too many of us live. Liked it a lot.
Mary said…
Yes, these are definitely things I experienced. Amazing how many couples in restaurant say nothing to each other, but meanwhile sit there and text with lord knows who. I do think that the rules are changing, not necessarily for the better! Nice poem.
I really loved reading this poem. Your words are so true and the situations you describe, do make me angry as well!
I loved your last line,'Life is a journey, play nice when in stride'.
Hey, you did good with that prompt!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Great response to the prompt:)
Diane T said…
Ella, you did so well with this prompt. Beautifully written.
Jingle said…
lovely job..
vivid and fun read.
flaubert said…
Ella this is wonderful!
KarenG said…
It is so true, where are the manners, the courtesy, the graciousness in modern life? When I get discouraged about it I go to bed early and read Jane Austen.
Rayna M. Iyer said…
My blog post today, is going to be on something very similar. Where is common courtsey?
Beautifully written, as always.
Pixie said…
Oh so true. I'm all about manners, what my momma tought me, respect for people. You should see the strange looks I get when I say "thank you" to the cashier at the grocery store or some such.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Ah yes, manners make the difference. Good response to the prompt.
paperbird said…
Very good Ella- you have a great gift and I LOVE your banner- so very sweet!
Carrie Burtt said…
Wonderful have a beautiful your lovely take on the prompt!
koralee said…
I love it over here...your poem is amazing! xoxo
Totally and absolutely.
Where have all the good manners gone?

Arlee Bird said…
That's a good message for any of us to heed, and contained in a fine poem as well.

Tossing It Out
Anonymous said…
This is a great write. The last line is perfect. PERFECT! Love and Light, Sender
signed...bkm said…
Great it ..bkm
Olivia said…
Brilliantly done Ellie- what a way to complain.. xox
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"Blueprints of generations" is absolutely right.