Think Tank Thursday

Poets United prompt #19 is Color.  I love color, but found this hard, I didn't know where I was going, but it started dream like and ended up fighting for a cause.  Pick one there are many...

The quicksilver moon's luster shadowed me,
my breath crystallized , as I stood
frozen under the cosmic cobalt  sky,
Raw umber soil touched my feet as I ran,
the frost of twilight woke my senses,
as the timber wolf lunged for me, I awoke
into spring green lushness, a trail of crimson red
poppies, I follow them,  My blanket of wintergreen
dreams wrapped around me tight, a field of
 purple hearts and scarlet tulips stood proud,
 a reminder of those who had died for a cause.
Cause why...
A lemon canary singing startled my thoughts,
a song to remember,
I awoke  it was just a dream, my
burnished brown hair matted to my head,
The alarm clock rang louder
my headed pounded like a steel drum,
a single thread of alone
as I purged my pain of memories for lost
souls, mulberry tears for dandelions courage
to spread the word, remain peacock proud,
as the redwoods and pines grow new roots,
Stitched green with hope
the work to save continues.


Jingle said…
you are so fast, Ellie,
super beautiful color poem...

remain peacock proud,
get over the bad nightmare....
I loved the poem Ellie. very vibrant. pleasure to read.

Sherry Blue Sky said…
HOL-EE COW, Ellie, this one's a hummer! What an amazing dream, and you rendered it beautifully and most colorfully. Loved every single line....a visual feast for the imagination. Well done!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
p.s. I love the positive ending.......
Deborah Ann said…
Good use of imagery here! I was picturing each color as you named them. You are quite the talent, Ms. Ellie!
Lisa said…
I truly enjoyed that : )
Anonymous said…
Beautiful poem Ellie! I can imagine each thing you described.
This was quite a ride! Liked it.
Mary said…
Wonderful poem. Wonderful image. The ending is phenomenal: "the work to save continues." YES!
Wanda said…
Now that's a very colorful poem, Ellie. Great job!
Dasuntoucha said…
Nice use of colors! You definitely did a great job with the prompt. (^_^)
Rayna M. Iyer said…
I really love the ending of the poem- exceptional. And the photograph is gorgeous too- as are all yours. Make that your background image sometime, please?
chrissy said…
getting back into life sweet friend...LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!
Susannah said…
I really enjoyed this feast of colour and imagery. I especially loved the line...'as I stood frozen under the cosmic cobalt sky'. :-)
I look forward to think tank thursday.. I always love what you come up with.. I just photographed crayons yesterday... standing up.. I will post today... LOL
Carrie Burtt said…
Ellie this is so full of hope...just love the beauty of that last line...look forward to more!
Lisa said…
Lovely work, I really enjoyed this :)

umapoems said…
Loved how you played with words ...great work!
I love how you used colour in this, Ellen. :-)
Grammy said…
You have the soul of an artist, and it calls to mine. I love colors and you have woven them well with words. Ruby
Your descriptive use of color is awesome "Lemon Canary" "cosmic cobalt sky," just gorgeous writing!
Bing (PinkLady) said…
wow those are all luscious colors... i suddenly missed painting. this is a beautiful poem. it started on a nightmare and ended on a very positive note. thanks for spreading sunshine. :) and thanks for your nice comment on my blog.
Julie Musil said…
Oh my gosh, that was beautiful!
Olivia said…
so hopeful and colorful- I love the Blog template- very beautiful..xox
RaShelle said…
So beautiful Ellie!!! And I love your blog backround too. =D
flaubert said…
Ellie a fabulous poem!
Anonymous said…
Loved it, image after colorful image racing through my head as they do in dreams. Beautiful use of the prompt!
I enjoyed reading your words very much indeed. Not just for the colours within, but for the sincerity of your message.
Best Sunday wishes,
Hi, Ellie - thanks for visiting my blog - thought I'd return the call! Lovely poem - I love the last two lines. I'll be back! :)
Wonderfully written work! =)

Anonymous said…
Your heartfelt words came together beautifully, and I like how you so cleverly included the names of colors.
Ellie said…
Thank you everyone~ I wrote this fast, then went back and added names of colors. I thought visually it would have more impact, more meaning.

Thank you so much for your kind comments xXx
Wysteria said…
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Wysteria said…
Wonderful poem. I loved the vivid colors you chose, carefully worded. A painting, in words.

Jingle said…

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