Think Tank Thursday

*I want to thank, Janice at the "Flea Market Store" for being my hand model.  Thank you, She is a great sport!

 Poets United Prompt# 20 is  Ugly; Take something considered ugly, by some and make it beautiful~

Memories arrive like scattered love letters,
Lines of life as wrinkles of time appear,
Aged, liver spots darken the thin skin, that papers the river of our hearts,
Extending branches, hands shaken, caressing a soul, teaching joy,
The evolution of our work,
They teach, they reach, they preach
They touch, they hold they scold,
They love, plant and paint
They bake, hold and write
They reach, sew and fold
Tools of our souls holding onto dreams, praying,
A trace shares the ripples of past shadows,
Breathing light into dull, faded pearls,
An attic of memories tucked away, squeezed and pleased,
Faded skin like a fragile leaf, a branched out life,
Hardened blue veins, rivers that once rippled,
Underground thoughts surface with a touch,
Reaching the current of the soul,
Body language a gift, we can open doors to hearts,
Offer olive branches, pen letters of love and forgiveness,
A map of life's work shows the soul has lived,
As the river flows and the current grows weak,
Our hands extend the soul's beauty in how we speak.


Your poem is wonderfully written and for me personally it evokes memories of my dear mother.
She passed away fifteen years ago today and I can see her through your words. She worked so hard all her life. The hands in your image, might have been her hands too.
A beautiful response to the prompt Ella,
Thank you so much, Eileen
Jules said…
Wonderful poem Ella. I love anything that references out reached hands and yes it is an extension of our souls :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Wanda said…
Beautiful Ellie
touching... thanks for your thoughtfulness.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Beautifully written and rendered...made me think of grandparents, whose hands have done so much working and giving and soothing and caring through the years..........I love "Memories arrive like scattered love letters"........the entire poem flows so beautifully to the perfect ending. SO well done!
Becky Shander said…
The rhythm of your poem has a wonderful bounce. And the honest words make me think things...deep things, thank you.
Rashmi said…
Beautiful poem..Enjoyed very much..
You are a poet Ellie. :)
Candylei said…
Wow, your blog graphics are wild. Nice! You have such a wonderful way with words. I have to do all kinds of strenous exercises and it still doesn't flow forth like your lovely words.
Anonymous said…
I love this - hands speaking of soul's beauty. A wonderful poem, the first line especially fine. Thank you!
LTM said…
omg, Ellie! I absolutely love this:

As the river flows and the current grows weak,
Our hands extend the soul's beauty in how we speak.

you're brilliant!

And have I SAID how much I love your new main image of the book? beautiful~
Ellen aka Ella said…
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Ellen aka Ella said…
Leigh-Thank you for the kind words in regards to my book image! Thank you, so much~xXx

gospelwriter-Thank you so much; I will stop by and visit you, soon!

Candylei-You are so kind; I don't believe that...
I put the timer on and try to beat it. I grab random books and look through for a few words then go at it! Then it gets my mind ticking!
Try it; Let me know if it helps.

Alex-Thank you :-D

Jenny-You are kind xXx

Rashmi-Thank you; I will stop by and visit you!

Becky-Thank you for sharing; I am glad I made you think~

Sherry-Thank you; I too see my grandparents hands and think of all they indured~ xXx

Jul-Thank you for sharing yourself; Brave girl!

Wanda-Thank you; I'll be thinking of you, when I have that cherry coke, later ;-D

Jules-I know you use your hands a lot, homes, cook and write! Thank you, they are a gift, an expression of grace(most of the time). xXx

Eileen-Thank you; Our Mother's hands have so much quiet strength! I am happy it was a good reminder~xXx
Carrie Burtt said…
Ella i think our hearts were lingering in the same place for this prompt...i love this
Body language a gift, we can open doors to hearts, that is such a wonderful line...:-)
Jingle said…
anything is possible,
beautiful poem.
Deborah Ann said…
What beautiful hands, along with a beautiful poem to put them to flight....lovely!
Anonymous said…
That was touching. Thanks for posting. I like poetry. Wish I could write it. I do enjoy reading other bloggers poems.

Stephen Tremp
Mary said…
Ella, this poem has a beautiful message. Memories intertwined with hands. Aging hands that have accomplished so much. Wonderfully crafted.
JBeaudetStudios said…
What a beautiful poem Ella! Thank you for your sweet comments about my art! Jennifer:)
Chary Johnson said…
This was a wonderfully insightful poem into the human life experience. I loved it!
flaubert said…
I love the message in this poem.
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Beautiful Ellie
'skin, that papers the river of our hearts'... this line is perfect!!!!
they say the ring finger holds a chakra that runs straight to the heart.. or perhaps it was a vein.. either way... your words sound much more poetic!!!

Have a fabulous week.. xxx Julie
Arlee Bird said…
This poem speaks such a beautiful truth. You can tell so much about a person by looking at and feeling their hands.

Tossing It Out
Lisa said…
My favorite part is this:
"Tools of our souls holding onto dreams, praying,"
I love your message. Nice work :)

you are good.. and I love the new layout.. and I love the photo of the book with the pages like a heart.. I am doing a heart... post soon.. and I have a photo I took of a heart like that too.. you are really dong well with your poetry and writing....
Ellen aka Ella said…
Thank you everyone for your kind comments! They mean the world to me~xXx I will be visiting you soon~
Diane T said…
I cansay nothing besides the comments that have been made already, except....exemplary wor!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful poem, Ellie, beautifully illustrated by that tender photograph! Our hands do indeed "extend the soul's beauty"..simply put and simply remarkable...