Think Tank Thursday

The Fearings are a part of the history of Elizabeth City, NC.   There aren't many, who can say, they welcome fear and/or death~

Poets United  has lined their prompt up perfectly this week. Prompt #21 is FEAR~  An appropriate, word as we approach Halloween.

Taste fear, acid erodes the back of  my throat, chocked
bile remains. A loved one has passed.
Grief is served fresh, daily to someone.

Touch fear, when I say Good-bye to the cocoon of my loved one.
A shell of his being, painted alive and rigid.
Death doesn't discriminate, Causes ripples in the pond
No one is immune to it's lottery.

Hear fear in the repeated phone calls, loved ones
gasp. Weeping n' guttural moans, repeated chant of
Are you okay?  He was so young; He will be missed. 

See fear, as I enter this gated community,
Tarnished wrought iron soldiers protecting the
resting souls, in their final beds. Alabaster symbols
Last message from loved one, etched in pain.
Cold marble slabs chosen as their final markers
 Faded blooms, Once walked this earth, 
leaving behind, thorn stabbing pain.

Smell fear, when family tree gathers,
Strong perfume, booze and cigarettes mixed with
casseroles, blended with a side of nausea.

Feel numb, dressed in a slumber of despair,
roaming among the living. 
Daily grind clone, til grief performs her final dance.
Creeping moss grows, aged stones as deep memories fade.
Six feet under, another journey or not; the final frontier
of life remains in question...


Ellen aka Ella said…
So many directions to go in. I might try to do this again, a different slant~
Eric Alder said…
I liked how you took fear from different aspects. (Hey, what about 'feel' fear?)

Nice work, Ellen.
Jeffrey Beesler said…
This is a really great piece. All the visuals of the funeral came to me the way you had meant for them too. Well done.
Ellen aka Ella said…
Hi Eric,
I did feel, then said, that touch also covered it, as well. So, I changed it~

Jeffrey-Thank you;I tried to paint it that way~
Diane T said…
I know what the final frontier means. Within 2 years 3 people died between 88 - 92. That made the younger of us feel so strange. An endearing poem indeed!
Lynette Killam said…
This is a piece that calls on all the senses and turns fear into something palpable. In the end, so many of us might fear that great unknown. Wonderful poem!
Jules said…
I loved the line "Grief is served fresh." What a tone you set. Wow.

Elizabeth City, next time I will have to look up these "Fearings" :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Ellen aka Ella said…
Diane T-So sad for your sadness and pain. My father died and 2 months later, my grandfather, same funeral home, same people. I know what being a walking zombie feels like. Thank you~

Lynette-It is the ultimate fear; If we are lucky we get to live to ripe old age. Every year, I don't dread my age, perhaps the wrinkles, but I am happy to be here another year. Thank you~

Jules-Yes, I'll meet you half way ;-D
There is a Fearing Street, too. Next time I'm in the city and it isn't raining, I'll take a photo~ Thank you~
Wanda said…
Excellent job Ellie in describing fear from all five senses. I could really visualize the gathering of people mixed with their choice of slave to lighten the sting of death.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie! This is the best thing I have read today, what a poet you are! WONDERFULLY written, beautifully expressed. I am seriously wowed. And i love the look of your site..........very very cool! Artistic and striking and definitely sets the mood for the poem! Well done!
love the girl you made at the top with the GREEN eyes.. I want to take a pic.. of what you made me and post it.. I need to.. I love the new template for halloween... very cool.. Your writing is getting even better by the day.. if that is possible...
lori vliegen said…
perfect piece.....perfectly timed!! hope you have a fearless (or fearful, depending on how you look at it!!) halloween!!! :)))
ana said…
I also love the line "Grief is served fresh, daily to someone." Perfect image for this as well.
Dasuntoucha said…
You touch on a very REAL fear in this piece...felt.
Wanda said…
You've been tagged my friend.
Jingle said…
vivid description of fears.
Carrie Burtt said…
Ellen this is true to how it described it well....a beautiful and sad poem....well written for the prompt.
Your words are very realistic and appropriate for the prompt about fear.
I have had a personal loss during October this year and I am actually anticipating another.
Grief and fear together..

Ellen, Thank you for visiting my blog page too.
Also, your blog is looking very pretty and autumnal.
"til grief performs her final dance", lovely line.