Trick or Treat

Beware of ghosts n' goblins, aliens and fairies as they arrive at your door tonight~
Leigh, of "That's Write"  has some great memories of Halloween. She helped me flash back to several memorable moments.

I grew up in Maine, where most of the time on Halloween it was cold. Sometimes snow would be on the ground.  I remember one year wanting to be the bride of Frankenstein, so cold had to wear my winter coat n' boots. My costume wouldn't be visible, so I wore my coat first, then put costume over it.   We had an interesting neighborhood.  I could walk about 1/4 ml to be in town  or an 1/4 of a mile in the other direction and be at the town wharf.   Stores uptown, use to give away treats, chips and/or candy bars.  We had one neighbor who gave  away dimes, every year.  There were always  a lot of apples, bags of popped corn with a few pieces of candy inside.  One time after we
had just Trick or Treated and we were walking to the next house. We all doing the Peanuts convo...what'd you get? One kids actually said, " I got a rock", we all laughed~(he didn't)  This boy, said this house had peanut butter cups.  We recognized his voice, it was Billy.
Billy told us he was only allowed to go on his street and the street I lived on. We noticed he had a pillow case full.  How did he get so much candy?   He told us, he would go back home and change his costume and go to the houses that had the candy he liked.  Smart kid, we tagged along with him for awhile.

My fav Halloweens were:

My Mom let me have a haunted house, it wasn't actually, but a haunted room.  She,her friend and son, the
teenager next door.  He  was to old to go Trick or Treating, but loved to scare people.  HE dressed up, goth like; One at a time we went into the lair(my back porch) to feel bowls of guts, eyeballs and witch's fingernails.  Then off to a dark black lit maze. We bobbed for apples, played games, and  my Mom had doughnuts hanging on strings dangling from the front porch. We had our hands tied behind us,  the first one to eat their doughnut received a prize. Tons of fun...Thanks Mom and neighbors~

When I was a teenager, a group of us would meet and go to Fort Knox.  We would play hide n' seek and share tales about the place being haunted.  Ghost Hunters, the TV show is looking at this place for a possible show. Tonight it is Fright at the Fort.  Wish they had done that when I was young~

My third was in college, I was dared to go to Stephen King's house at midnight on Halloween. Itwas a spooky, foggy night, which added to the mood.  A car load of us went, Truth or Dare style. The conditions were to go to the door. There was a  black wrought iron gate with spiderwebs and spiders. Bats at the very top, creepy, especially on a foggy night. Then someone said, I had to ring the doorbell.  I am a Stephen King fan; I don't want to make him mad!  I couldn't enter the gate to get near the door, if I wanted to.

What are your favorite memories and your favorite treat~

Here is your treat, I made this today it was delicious, Pumpkin Latte~(*Don't be fooled, by 2tbsp vanilla, it
works.  It makes up for the vanilla syrup, the cafe places use)


Jingle said…
lovely Halloween post.
Rayna M. Iyer said…
I just have to tell you that I adore how you rotate your templates and get the atmosphere just right every time you do.
Wanda said…
I'm with Rayna, you do a great job at keeping things festive around here. And I'll take all the treats I can.
Arlee Bird said…
Those are some great Halloween memories. Halloween was always one of my favorite days as a kid. This year I never got around to buying any candy so my wife and I just kept all of the lights off that are visible from the front of the house. I felt kind of guilty peeking out and seeing all of the costumed kids going past our house. But where did they all come from? Not from our neighborhood.

Tossing It Out
Jules said…
Sorry I was late. Not been sleeping well so when the treating was over I went to bed. :(
I'll try to email you later :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
those are some scary pics and some great memories :)
Anonymous said…
I loved a particular cookie my Mom would make. These were refigerated, not baked. Chocolate, oatmeal, and other delicious stuff. I need to get that recipe from her.
Hi thanks for your message it was and is a great comfort to me, my email address is:

Take care.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Cool post, Ellie. And for two years now I have been trying to find a good pumpkin spice latte have just made my day!!!!!
LTM said…
SUPERFUN memories! And Stephen King's house!!! I didn't even think of that. Wow. :D JRM would be so jealous. I love the idea of doughnuts on a strink and doing a haunted room... I actually decided that I'd like to start having a big Halloween party every year. Hmm... :D LOVE the blog look--the top part reminds me of voodoo. The bottom is more Poe~ ;o) <3
Ellen aka Ella said…
LTM-I think you should go for it! I am considering it, for next year, too~ Thank you; I wrapped candy in old photos and had it on my table one year, it was spooky~ Poe is always good! xXx

Sherry-I hope you like it! We did, just be sure to stir it before adding to coffee. The pureed pumpkin tends to settle to the bottom a bit. enJOY!xXx

Yvonne-I have an errand to run, but will email you later today! I am so sad, you must continue writing~xXx

Stephen-Sounds like No bake good!
I have that recipe, if Mom can't find it~ Or google it..I bet it is the same one. It is like fudge with oatmeal in it!

Dezz-Thank you; scary can be good~ ;-D

Jules-I hope you get some much needed rest~xXx

Lee-This now happens in my Mom's neighborhood. All the kids are grown up moved away and yet, people bring them in by the car load. Huh?!
I thought you are suppose to know the people you Trick or Treat~ :-( what is going on?!

Wanda-Thank you; Sorry it isn't Cherry coke xXx

Rayna-Thank you so much for saying that; I do have fun trying to get it to fit the mood~ xXx

Jingle-Thank you; I hope you n' yours had a wonderful holiday!!!
Anonymous said…
These were great memories! Loved the kid who went back for seconds - he's probably a successful man today! :)