When it Rains it pours....

The swamp runneth over, into the neighbors cozy little nook.  This is at the top of the main road I live off of.
 I wanted to go get photos  in town,  but husband had the truck. I didn't think I could drive the Honda far and take photos or video, at the same time.

 Here is a little bit of what I dealt with last week, actually today was the first day, you could pass through the routes. High water signs were posted, this video, doesn't show how bad, it actually was.   Yes, I was affected by the crazy weather in NC, last week.  It flooded two major paths I travel.  One a detour ; it was decided to close a bridge and put a detour on a back road, which become so flooded the DOT reopened the bridge.  Good thing, not much work had been done on it.  One and 1/2 mls from my home, neighborhoods were flooded.  The National Guard came on Monday to pick children up for school, still surrounded by high water.   I watched a vehicle attempt one route. When I saw the water hit just below the bed of this truck with  a lift kit, I said No thanks. I was in a Honda at the time, did a U-turn and had to find another way out of Dodge.   I felt bad, for those whose homes are flooded.  I know 3 locations were affected.  No one thought it would get this bad.  Windsor, NC was hit the worst, from what I have seen via News.   I need to find out what I can do. 

School cancellations were just part of the fun; We also lost the power for awhile, just when everyone returned home.  Then the neighborhood kids decided to visit;  It was fine, we made the best of it.  

I bought this Halloween broom on Wednesday, it is made of cinnamon; It smells divine.   Something is really weird about this broom.  I bought in memory of my Grandmother.  She always had one hanging on a door of her root cellar. I was never allowed to go down there, the broom was crooked ;It looked like one a witch would own.   My broom, is smaller and not so threatening, so I thought til my eyes burned and my sinuses swelled up.   I am better, but lots of sneezing and head pain.  I am behind on commenting on your blogs; I hope to be able to get back to it!  I know I must of missed a lot.... xXx


a sojourner said…
guess you got weather! it's too bad that you also lose out because those allergies. i love the smell of cinnimon.

the turtles must be covering a lot ground now!
Ellie said…
Bud-I saved a turtle he was hydroplaning up to my doorstep. He was either going to bump concrete
or bricks near the walk way. I picked him up and put him on land. How was your trip? Do you want a cinnamon broom?!
The weather seems to be all over the olace everywhere, We at the moment have a wonderful sunny day, yet Monday was terrible..
Glad you were able so save a turtle.

Take care.
no worries.. with changes of seasons.. we need to set up a new routine.. for a new season.. and with floods... no one is expecting someone to put a blog first.. WE miss you.. but we understand... I am wrapped up in my own... stuff.. and have not commented..or blogged in a bit..we will get back
Jules said…
And don't get cinnamon oil on your hands, it burns! Hang in there I see you are due some days of sun, especially next weekend :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
KarenG said…
Flood pictures fascinate me. Just so crazy to see what water can do. And scary.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
HOL-EE COW!!!!! It must have been really difficult dealing with all that water. I am so glad you saved the turtle! Hope all humans were okay too:)I love the sound of the cinnamon broom - where can I get one??????? I am big on scents around my place - to counteract that Essence of Dog that permeates everything:) Glad you didnt get flooded out yourself, Ellie, whew!
Stephanie said…
What an adventure! So glad you're all right!
Hart Johnson said…
Nutso, Ellie! I'm glad it was only your route and not your house that flooded! We've had some pretty good rains, but nothing like that.

I sort of like those near miss disasters, as they are a good excuse to slow down and do things a little differently.
We got little flooding - you must live near the coast. Yeah, I heard Windsor's library was under five feet of water. Sad.
water can be so tricky sometimes!
Here in my country we are currently waiting for a huge wave of poisonous water from Hungary (they had an explosion in some plant) to come floating down the Danube all the way to Serbia :((((
Becky Shander said…
Hopefully the worst is over with the rain and floods, and I hope that you'll soon feel well again.
Jingle said…
wish you the best..
u deserve the best..
Jingle said…

welcome to Poets Rally week 30,
let me know if you have a poem ready,
do nothing otherwise.
Thanks for the support.
Jennifer said…
what a mess. so sorry to hear you were struggling with this. and your sinus to boot...how terrible. sending you a great big hug!