We headed into the city today; It will be crazy everywhere, from now til the 25th~  I listed more items in my
 Etsy shop, I was in the Everything else showcase today.  Had to stay with the E'  I will give away 2 pouches, one for you and one for you to give away.  I can make something more masculine, styled to your taste if you win or more current.  I will discuss details with the winner.I will throw in a few surprise items, as well~
Give away rules: You have to answer three questions; You can enter more than once. I will announce the winner on Dec 5th  You should be able to find these answers on my blog.

1. How many times have I moved, as a military spouse? If no one gets this, I will drop a hint.

2. What part of the country am I originally from?  Nah, no hint on this one, I mention it a lot...

3. In a  recent course I took I formulated a career path, I am researching now. What did I pick?

    A. Baker/Chef
    B. Candle stick maker
    C. Life Coach
    D. Dietician
    E. Physical Therapist

Bonus:   Who is one of my favorite poets?
For every correct answer, your name will go in the hat. Remember, you can keep guessing. I will provide some hints, throughout the week.

Good Luck~


LTM said…
ooo! Fun--1-ergh... five? 2-Maine; 3-A.

Yay! Hope your thanksgiving was divine~ :o) <3
Ellen aka Ella said…
Leigh-You are fun... Hint I think I mentioned it in April(H post, I believe). Five is a good guess, but not right! Maine is right. I will wait a little longer before I hint on #3. ;-D

Hope you had a wonderful day~ xXx
Those are some tough questions!
Ellen aka Ella said…
Alex-Okay, I will share some insight each day!
I could do a movie or book cover pouch if you win
Rayna M. Iyer said…
That pouch is a classic.
Let me guess - you've moved eight times, and would like to train to be a physical therapist.
Can I cheat and pick up Leigh's answer for the second question?

Incidentally, while I would love to enter, I am sure the postage will kill you, so would pass up the grand draw.
Wanda said…
Love the pouch, Ellie and what a cool giveaway idea. Let me give the questions a try. (1) I'm guessing 6 (2) Maine (3) A (bonus) I'm guessing Albert Einstein or Edgar Allan Poe. Have a marvelous Monday.
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1. I'm guessing about 5 times.

2. You are from North Carolina. *guessing*
Wait that's wrong, you're in North Carolina now. *clueless*

3. Guessing again- Baker/Chef.
Ellie! I'm doing a giveaway too, come on over! :)

1. I'll have to go back through your blog, I know it's a lot.
2. From beautiful Maine.
3. Baker/Chef

Have a great week Ellie, hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!
Inspire Others said…
Hi Ellen,
Just stop by to say Thank You for following me and for your beautiful toughts on my Art Saves story @ Crescendoh. Beautiful blog you got here!!! I'll try to participate on this giveaway need to surf your archives more ;-))) Have fun and stay well,
Keep on inspiring others!
Greeting from FL
moved 7 times
from maine
baker... hope thanksgiving was good hope your feeling good.
I have to visit your etsy store.. and I have a wreath making idea for you..
Culinary school sounds fine to me. After all, you can cook up quite a blog.
Myrna R. said…
Hi Ella. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I only know the answer to the last question because it's on your side bar. You want to be a chef, right? Good Luck. Nice giveaway.
Amanda Trought said…
Ellie, this sounds like a lovely giveaway, here goes with the answers:

You've moved around 17 times
Home is in New England
You've spoken about a toss up between Culinary school and coaching.....