Giving Thanks

I thought I would share with all of you, a piece of pie~  It will fill you up,but you won't feel stuffed.

Today I am thankful for, my family, friends, and followers!  You are more real to me than some of my friends.
No one would understand that better then cyber friends, fellow bloggers. My family doesn't grasp this concept, but in reality, I share more of my authentic self with you, than I do with some of my friends. We are a unique group, who have built a bond, by sharing our voices, being glad and honored to be heard, and receive feedback, often!   Kind comments are the true awards of blogging, to me~

Thank you for sharing your ideas, input and self with me! xXx  (Pie is from SARK; Wish I was that clever)


Lisa said…
Happy Thanksgiving, Ellie!!!
Anonymous said…
Happy Thanksgiving!!! Loving the prayer pie!
Guinevere said…
Aw, thank you for your beautiful post! Have a happy Thanksgiving!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Thank you, Ellie, for all you bring to our lives. I so love the words on this prayer pie. Beautiful. We are getting fifteen cm of snow here today. It is beautiful out and since I dont drive in snow I can sit here and enjoy looking at it:) Have a wonderful thanksgiving with your family!
Rayna M. Iyer said…
Happy Thanksgiving, Ellen. And thank you for being you, and thank you for being a part of my life.
Happy Thanksgiving! I love the idea of a Prayer Pie.
Ciss B said…
I to love the prayer pie...much like a good meal it overs something to be grateful for everyday. Happy Thanksgiving!
Prayer pie...delicious idea...thank you so much for sharing it. Happy Thanksgiving!
kaykuala said…
Prayer pie is great. It'll make you spiritually full and contented. Happy Thanksgiving!
Anonymous said…
I love your pie! You always seem to inspire a new thought or outlook on something. Have a great weekend!

LTM said…
that is wonderful, and a beautiful way to express what it's like to have blogging friends! I couldn't agree more.

Happy thanksgiving, and I'm thankful for you~ :o)
Thanksgiving love to you Ellie! I know exactly how you feel. Thanks for your friendship!
Much Love,
Pixie said…
Happy Thanksgiving! I hope it was a wonderful day and that the feeling continues on.
Anonymous said…
We truly have much to be thankful for. Family, friends, blogging buddies. I'm thankful for all these people in my life. I trust you had a great Thanksgiving!
Ellen aka Ella said…
Stephen-Yes, I did; I hope you did as well~ Every time I see No bake cookies, I think of you. Did you get the recipe,from Mom yet?

Pixie-Hope yours was wonderful;Yes, what a gift to be thankful each day. I am thinking about doing something like that in December. I think we all need to find the good in each day~ ;-D

Jenny-Right back at you; I can see you in your art space now, such a happy feeling! Thanks for your friendship, someday I am coming your way ;-D xXx

Leigh-I am thankful for you, too~ I can't wait to read your work, someday! xXx

Abby-Thank you, that was sweet; I bet you set a beautiful table! I hope your day was wonderful~

kaykuala-Spiritual fullness is the best~ Thank you for your kind words n' view! :-) I hope you had a wonderful day~

Tracey-Thank you for visiting me; I love your book, by the way~ I love the idea of simple pleasures and using what we have! Hope your day was sweet~

Ciss B-Thank you; Yes, I think I need to eat this dessert more often, be happy with what I have and see the best in every day!

Patricia-Thank you; Hope you had a delightful day! I will stop by soon; Excited about your current news!

Rayna-Thank you for being my friend and allowing me to partake in a view or slice of your world. There is so much sentiment and grace in your writing, so authentic! xXx

Sherry-I hope you had a fun, filled family day!
Try to embrace the magic of the gentle snow and reflect on all the moments of Thanksgiving! xXx
I so want you to work on your book, I know it will be authentic and beautiful!
Ellen aka Ella said…
Guinevere-Thank you for your lovely words! I will be by soon to visit~

Michele from Pipi La La-I have a cousin in your country, I need to find out where she is. Wouldn't it be wild, if she was near you~ Thank you for your kinds words~

Lisa-I hope yours was Happy, too~ Enjoy your furry family and share more great pics! xXx
Ellen aka Ella said…
Hope everyone had a Wonderful Holiday and weekend~
a big hooray for all the bloggers! :) And for the love we share in our Blogosphere.
Ellen aka Ella said…
Thanks Dezz! ;-D What a unique group we are; We need a virtual party to celebrate~
Amanda Trought said…
Hey Ellie, you are a blessing, thank you for sharing and being so open, brave. Your a support and a tonic in times of need....the prayer pie was great. Put my name down for the virtual party!xx
Ellen aka Ella said…
Yes, Amanda you are invited! xXx