HeART work

I thought i would share some things I didn't submit to the magazine challenge. I decided to keep and give as heart felt gifts this year.  This is a pouch to put items in, I am including a few family favorite recipes and a gift card to a restaurant or bakery, or maybe both. I thought the personal touch would mean more. I also made a memo frame.

This is a frame with  removable corners, you could change the background if you wished. I added cloth covered elastics to hold memos, lists, and/or small notes. It will set up like a normal 8x10 photo.  

I enjoyed creating for the challenge, but with the holidays coming, I couldn't part with these. I hope I made the right decision.

  I listed some vintage finds in my ETSY store today. Another formula to figure out, what sells, how to brand one's self, etc.  I know it is hard work, but filled with heart!  I think you are fortunate, if you can do what you love and be successful, even if it is just a toe in the doorway of your dreams!  It is a soul filled gift~

Tomorrow, I will be passing on some Pick me Up's(awards I have hoarded and need to pass on)


Wanda said…
Very creative Ellie and I agree wholeheartedly with your statement...there's nothing better to do what you love.
Ciss B said…
I usually knit or crochet something for the grandkids (and Daughter-in-laws!) to go with the books which are my usual gift for the holidays, and birthdays.

I created the fuzzy boa type scarves for the little girls who really loved them. I've never been a fancy knitter or in my crocheting, but I make fun and also useful items that are as much fun for me as I hope it is for them to receive as well. In my opinion homemade means someone really cared!
Ellen aka Ella said…
Ciss B-I love these type of gifts! I bet the boas are a big hit~ Fun is always well received, at least in my opinion! I need to crochet again...

Wanda-It is true, but not always an easy path to follow. Or perhaps I should say it is easy to get sidetracked, sometimes~
Anonymous said…
Beautiful! I have to say too I was glad to see a bit of a recipe for piccalilli... we always ate on pinto beans growing up and I can't find it anywhere here! I was starting to wonder if I made it up. :)
Ellen aka Ella said…
Melody-It was my grandmother's recipe:

Fill a medium kettle 3/4 full of green tomatoes sliced,a small bag of onions,about 10 small in size, 1 cabbage, 6 green bell peppers and 2 red bell peppers. You will have to place all of this in large pot(recipe did say kettle).
Cut the green tomatoes in small 1 inch pieces, add pickling salt between the layers, there will be 4 layers(tomatoes, then salt, cabbage some more salt, peppers, salt and then onions salt) Cover let this set over night on a kitchen table(no heat). In the morning drain the excess liquid. Cover with 3-4 quarts of vinegar, 5 lbs of sugar, l tbsp of pickling spice. Bring to a boil and boil for 10 minutes. Then ladle into sterilized jars. When tepid, put in fridge.
Holly said…
I would not be able to part with such a beautiful treasure either. You did a really amazing job on this...just gorgeous and heartfelt.
Hart Johnson said…
Beautiful, Ellie! I'm sure the recipients will be thrilled!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
INCREDIBLY beautiful, Ellie, and a gift to treasure for some lucky person. In the photo, is that your grandma and your mom as a girl? So lovely. Just gorgeous. And so meaningful. You are talented!
Arlee Bird said…
You are so darn creative and industrious.

Tossing It Out
Vicki said…
Ellie - these are gorgeous! Sorry I didn't recognize you today when I responded to your comment on my blog. I was reading it on my phone - no pics! So you did not make anything else for the challenge? I can see why you could not part with this. It is so beautiful. Is that your Grandmom in the photo? So sweet. I love the layers in this. Thanks for sharing with us!
Ellen aka Ella said…
Hi Vicki-I did submit other items, but kept these.
No relation in these prior post was my Mom age 3.
I will have to go back and see what you said ;-D
How were your sales; Loved the friendship store idea!

Lee-Thank you; I'm excited about your story, how is it going?! I'll stop by soon~

Sherry-Thank you, no relation! Just photos I had that had the feel of what my cooking memories were. My Mom sharing the stirrings of her heart with me. I think they are sisters in the pic, not sure. You are kind~

Hart-Thank you; I will be by to visit you! I hope the writing is going well~ Can't wait til you are published! Re: Your comment, I hope so!

Holly-Thank you; The other items I sent were more what I thought they wanted. Time will tell... I will come visit you soon~
Candylei said…
This is wonderful. I love gifts that are one of a kind. (I'm trying to check out the recipe too.)
Lovely piece! Good luck on your submissions!