Pick Me Up

What picks you up, when you are feeling off or down, or just in need of time out.Nature always elevates my mood, unless my sinuses are compromised, I am always in awe of it's beauty. Taking photos inspires me, picks me up, coffee or tea, hugs and kind gestures, seeing my dog greet me, even if I only went out to get the mail and return, a card of thanks or kind note, etc.

Here are a few photos of my weekend Pick me up's:

                              My daughter doing somersaults on our trampoline in our back yard.

A necklace I found at the local Thrift Shop; I haven't decided if I am keeping it on putting it in my Etsy store.

The last rose of Fall; My Mother's Day rose, bloomed and it is the largest rose, I have ever seen in my yard.
Gorgeous bloom in November?!  It is unusual...

 A surprise in my container pot; My bell pepper plant broke mid summer. I was stunned to see this green globe growing.  

              Gorgeous fall foliage; finally the colors are starting to peek.  It is late this season!~

A monarch enJOYing the surprise of a warm November

Lacey leave patterns on our shed; Hope you make time for pick me ups~


Better your daughter bouncing than me!
Ellen aka Ella said…
Alex-I agree; I so wanted to, but worried I might
not recover~
LTM said…
gorgeous pix! Love the necklace and the butterfly~ :o) <3
Sherry Blue Sky said…
BEAUTIFUL images - just stunning. Amazing perseverance of the little green pepper, hey? Thanks for an uplifting start to my day - it was a real pick-me-up:)
KarenG said…
Our fall came late this year too. But now it's gorgeous. And I'm with you on being outdoors-- I love it. I'm actually excited to go outside and rake leaves.
Lorena G. Sims said…
Lovely pictures, love the colors and the necklace. Nice capture of your daughter bouncing!
Judy said…
Beautiful photography, thanks so much for sharing. I love the outdoors too and love looking at nature photos.
Wanda said…
Ellie, beholding the beauty of nature has a way of clearing my head too. I took extra long walk around the neighborhood just reflecting and enjoying the myriad of colors Saturday. Can't tell you just how much that picked me up and settled my mind. The necklace is beautiful. Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos.
Anonymous said…
Loverly photos! I want a trampoline now and I am also craving autumn!
Ellen aka Ella said…
Michele-Hi, I know trampolines are like an invitation to jump for joy~ Is it spring in your area?

Wanda-I am glad you went out and enjoyed the beauty! Walks are so insightful; I like walking with people, but I also enjoy my solo walks. I get a lot of issues resolved and usually find something inspiring along the way! Thanks for all you share~

Judy-Nature just has a way to calm us and allow us to hesitate and see it's beauty. Thanks for visiting me! I am glad you enjoy nature~

Lorena-Thank you; It was that rare day when the sun is just right, the sky brilliant blue and the mood to be outdoors! I had fun trying to get a good pic of her upside down!

Karen G-I am glad you were outside enjoying the
gorgeous day! It says a lot when we are excited to do yard chores~ ;-D

Sherry-Glad to help you; Your words have helped me~ I was stunned to see the pepper; nice surprise from Mother Nature~

Leigh-Thank you; Nature really knows how to nurture~
I love the mix of amber colour and turquoise!