Think Tank Thursday

Today at Poets United,  prompt #24  is Wings~  I won this wing from Colette, a few months ago!

I think of words as wings, they lift us up, give us hope, inspire us, can change our world, and allow our dreams to  take flight~

From your parents you learn love and laughter and how to put one foot before the other. But when books are opened you discover that you have wings. ~Helen Hayes; actress

Hands wrapped around spine,
Hinged head and tail, 
Signatures stitched with ideas
waiting for take off,
Leaf turns to page,
Stitched dreams invade you,
Escape in the journey,
Travel forward or back,
Words paint a new world
Inspiration like clouds lifts you
Reality grounds you,
Wear someone Else's shoes
Wings level off,
My mind leaps,
Feelings arrive
at the corners,
Edges of fringe,
gather momentum, 
Altitude is reached,
Shadow of descent appears,
Bones formed on pages
Sinew wrapped in tiny fragments
around the soul,
Gray matter is stretched,
Birth appears,
The journey lingers
Travel again soon, 
Among the pages of promise.

I didn't forget about the Hoarding Award post; Life seemed to get in my way; I will post this on Friday~



A lovely, flighty piece of writing. You have captured the idea of flight and wings so well.

A delight to read..

Hope you will have a great weekend,
Best wishes, Eileen :)
Wishing you many gentle flights...

kaykuala said…
Life goes on amidst and despite trying times ahead. You captured the episodes well, it turned
out nicely. Great!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, this is wondrous........such a flow of words and ideas down the page. Really inspired.I so love "travel again soon through the pages of promise". Just beautiful. Well done!
G.K. Asante said…
I really enjoyed the way your piece took off, glid and coasted through. Well done indeed!
wish I had some wings ...
Another lovely poem from a lovely lady. :)
Happy Friday Ellie!
♥ to you,
Anonymous said…
A beautiful story and always a pleasure to read. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Oh..just lovely, Ellie! I too am a book lover, and I agree that "words paint a new world"...wonderful way to describe the pleasure of reading. I enjoyed this very much...:)

Jingle said…
agree, words have wings..
powerfully put.
love your imaginations!
Anonymous said…
This poem was truly beautiful... with our winged friends (aka words), we an sail/fly/soar as much as we like.. and they will never complain.. and isn't that lovely!??! :)
I really liked your sweet ode to words (and wings)..
It's great to get to know you this way (btw, I am in the same group as you, at Poets United) :)

Hope to read more from you...
Best Regards,