Veteran's Day

When I think of this day, I think of the behind the scenes, the military families, the ceremonies and sacrifice that no one sees. It is about the men and women who chose to rise to the occasion, some died for their country, some are still rising. Heroic, noble moments that are never mentioned in the news, but exist. I'll share some moments: I remember riding a military bus, we only had one vehicle and I lived in Anchorage, Alaska. I was getting cabin fever pretty bad. My son was 3 at the time; We decided to ride the base bus to the library and NEX(Navy Exchange).  The radio was on and we heard the Gulf War had broke out. I was sitting with mainly active duty young men and women, who were shocked by the news. "I am going to go" convo was all over the bus. One man, tried to distract my son(and himself) and started talking to us, about normal things in life. When our bus stop came, I told him to take care and he said, he was going to go. I felt scared for those that would go to battle. I remember before I had children, my husband had duty in Adak, Alaska; I was to fly out in 3 months after him.  I remember flying from Maine to Anchorage and then Adak.  When I was getting off the plane, I saw a grown man in uniform, crying. I found out later he was getting off at Shima, supposedly this island was called the end of the earth. When we were in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii,  we were invited to a party on the "Mighty Mo" this is the USS Missouri, a battle ship involved battle during, Pearl Harbor. It really opens your eyes, when you see pieces of history.  I have seen many marriages not survive the separation.  I have seen injured people come back. Honor and pride in an extended family; blood doesn't bond, but shared experiences do.  Active duty, retired and deceased are honored today in  parades, discounts at stores and perhaps a meal or a mention on the TV.

My husband n' I last month went to the Khaki Ball. It is a night to honor the men and women, who have advanced to Chief. They have an exam to pass,  a review board(must be selected),  training for months and then an initiation ceremony(think of the show Survivor). This night is to recognize them and celebrate crossing over. It isn't a formal gown event, but all Chiefs in their Khaki's, oldest and youngest in the room being honored, as well as everyone else.

  It is appropriate, Veteran's Day is in November, the month of Thanksgiving!  The gift of Freedom, can't be measured, but it can be felt!  When you see someone in uniform, thank them for their service.  As we were arriving to the Ball, A woman in the elevator thanked my husband!  It was an act of kindness,that really speaks volumes~


Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh I loved this, Ellie. So wonderful to hear about these moments. And yes, thank you to your husband and to you, for the service you give. You support him in his duty, you keep the home fires burning and bear the separation, no small task. I loved hearing about all of these special times. Thanks to people like you and your husband, who serve. By the way the leaf photo up top is STUNNING!!!!! Beautiful!
thanks for sharing more intimate things about the behind the scenes we don't usually know about
Anonymous said…
I cannot imagine what it would like, to be a military couple. I only know about it from Army Wives! I am guessing that it's not the same!! NZ has an army, but it is such a small thing here and not part of everyday life. I think you must have to be so brave to live a military life.
Ellen aka Ella said…
Hi Michele-I didn't realize what I was getting into, when I married a sailor. No one does~ I did know, he would be able to go to only certain areas, due to his field. It isn't for everyone; I am alone a lot,you have to adjust to being a single parent. When he returns more adjustment. It isn't dull~ I don't feel brave, but I have sacrifices. I don't deserve Thanks; It was just a fun moment! People, who give up their freedom for ours, deserve the praise n'Thanks!
Ellen aka Ella said…
Lisa-Thanks for stopping by; I know you are busy~
Isn't that true with all professions. I mean behind the scenes of any job; No one can see what truly goes on.

Sherry-Thank you Sherry; Photo of a tree in my back yard, finally getting to see the beauty of Fall. Thanks Sherry, I will tell my husband!
Hi Ellen, thank you for stopping by. What a rich blog, full of memories and life! I guess I need a cup of tea before sitting down to taste your stories... Have a great life!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful post, Ellie...brought tears to my eyes. We owe so much to the men and women who help protect our freedom, and the brave families like yours who support them in that difficult duty. Thanks to all of you...this is a wonderful story for Armistice Day...