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December 11 – 11 Things

What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011?  How will you go about eliminating them?  How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life? author Sam Davidson

 I glanced at Sam's book, click his name and you can view a few pages, too.  One sentence that struck me:  "What stands in the way of finding and living your passion are things:  Distractions, Diversions, and Disposable stuff." The premise of the book is getting rid of stuff, gives us more time, energy and money.  I bet this really does work, a good resolution for the New Year.  At first my list was get rid of guilt, a few pounds, regret, etc.
Then I looked  around, being injured has created a few piles to form. We use to move every 3yrs, so any chance of hoarding or having pack rat tendencies, went out the window. I would have to sort, sift and settle with my stuff. I haven't moved in 8 yrs; It is a miracle, in reality, but it has also allowed the sifting to be at random. I have started to collect a bit more, then just dust.  Here is my list:

1. Tins- I collect them, usually they are gifts or thrift shop finds; I have a designated spot for them.When I reach a limit I need to cut back or use them in other facets. Now that I think about it. There are a lot more floating around the house. I use them to put craft items in , buttons, hair clips, tea bags, etc.  I could part with a few, maybe...
2. Coffee cups-The Navy mug collection continues to grow, I need to weed out a few plain ones. I will gather up a few for the thrift shop. 

3. Notebooks-I like to journal and make lists. I have notebooks for random thoughts, notebooks for art projects, notebooks for exercise wkouts, etc.  I need one large one.  I do write my 3 morning pages online. Still, I bet I could narrow this habit, down.

4. Craft items-I need to go through my stash and next year, make some kits or sell some craft supplies, lighten my load. I could sell these on Etsy.

5. Magazines-I like the visual stimulation that magazines offer. I like to make memory, mood boards. Items that excite a theme, a mood or goal. ( I think this might be a unique way to develop a character, put items that they would like or dislike in columns or characteristics,clothing, etc.)
Here is one i have started, this one has some thought provoking pages, Rumi and Sark, some art work from artists. I'm still adding to it. I will add some magazine words and pics. It was a thrift shop item, in brown. I spray painted aqua. I am going to add some rope or twine to it to hang it. I usually have one going and change it. I have 3 right now. I change them when the mood strikes. It is kind of a cheap way to make art for your walls.

6.Pillow cases-I have too many. I have saved some that the kids had when they were little,of their favorite characters. I think I might cut them and make scrapbook covers for their art work at that age. A few others are vintage. I could sell these on etsy or use in my artwork. 

7. Exercise dvds-I have a few, that I either don't like, can't do or just aren't my cup of tea. When the calender turns to 2011, I need to sell them or trade them. I am thinking Ebay or VideoFitness.

8. Make up -I probably have some make up I could toss. I sometimes buy something that doesn't work. I tend to keep it. It is time to only have what I use in the draw.

9. Plastic lids-In my junk draw in the kitchen, I have a multi supply of plastic lids, think covers off raisins, dried bread crumbs, and hot chocolate. I love using these for school projects, for either paint or glue then toss. I bet I have too many stashed away.  This will also get me to clean out that junk draw.

10. Dog toys-Our beagle, Buster is fussy. He doesn't like the rubber ones; I use to send them to family members with dogs. Keep them in the family so to speak. 

11. Books-I tend to go every few months to the Recycled Reader and donate books. I sometimes get books that I think I want to read; Sometimes I am wrong.  I will also bring books home to family members and then notice, they aren't into them. It is time to sort through and take a stack. It will also enable me to redo the book shelves and straighten things up.  

How will this change my life? Vsually it will be neater, less clutter usually means less stress and confusion. I could make some extra money for what I do want, and it will free up my mind. I won't feel guilty over the dvds, I can't do or feel like I wasted money. I will have a more positive energy flow in my daily life.

Sounds like a win, win to me...  What could you eliminate in your stash?


I'm definitely not a hoarder :) so I don't have much to throw out of the house. I'm always well organised and too many things around me break my balance so I always go for minimalistic approach :)
I do love tea mugs and have dozens and dozens of them, but I do use them regularly :)
Ellen aka Ella said…
Dezz-I have tea cups, mainly old ones. I am not parting, with them. Actually, I was pretty controlled, til we bought our first home, eight yrs ago. We have an attic, didn't have one before!!! ;-D I know what you mean, the minimalist approach is refreshing to me. I don't have at that moment, but appreciate it~
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I sure relate to this one as I live in a tiny space and have too much stuff. Am constantly down sizing. But there are some thingsd with sentimental value I want to keep and have no room for. Therein lying the dilemma. Probably would be easier to do each other's than our own!!!!! Thought provoking post, good ideas!
Have fun chucking the plastic! We recently ditched all the old plastic containers and purchased new ones. When we went through the lid drawer, I was stunned to realize we had twice as many lids as old containers!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for your comment!

Theres definitely a lot of similar things I should go through myself! Mainly magazines for me, just something I can't seem to toss.
I will start going through them, and see things and remember why I kept it in the first place... then before you know it an hours gone just browsing them and nothings done! lol.

terrible right!
Ellen aka Ella said…
Annmaree-That is me; I get lost in a sea of pretty images, ideas and insight into myself. So many self-help articles or how to do this or that!
I have even gone so far, to rip out just the 5+ articles that lured me, into buying the issue. Now I have article to file in folders...augh!

Alex-This is what usually happens to us or a bunch of containers, don't seem to have any matching lids! It is a pain~ Next year I will face the music.

Sherry-I have been thinking, about this, too~
Perhaps, shadow boxes with some of the sentimental touches enclosed or find other uses for those items to justify keeping them. I am so good at cleaning other people's piles, but not my own. What is up with that?! I have to many memories attached or something~ Now, I need to take my own advice n' pretend my pile isn't mine and hang some of it on a wall, lol!
Anonymous said…
I declared war on clutter after we moved 6 times in 2 1/2 years. I just got so stinkin' tired of packing stuff, I was like "if I don't love it, it's gone!" I'm not as "throw away" crazy now as I was then but I still throw out stuff every week and take bags of stuff to donate monthly. I still collect paper but I use it up pretty fast, too. Sounds like you have some great ideas. Trust me, you won't miss any of it. :) I even sold my stack of Somerset mags a few weeks ago to a used book store, which was something I thought I would never do. They have great resale value, by the way. Now I have a nice roomy spot in my craft cabinet....for more magazines!haha!
Ellen aka Ella said…
Scarlett-I like the idea of declaring war. This is what I need to do, after the holidays! I was thinking about selling my Somerset mags on Etsy. I don't think the Recycled Reader bookstore would take them, though I do think they are book like~ Besides some issues, I have ripped the paper out! I will have to behave with my newer ones ;-D
I agree with the "love it" attitude. These are the only things we should have in our homes!