reverb: Action

 My amaryllis I planted after Thanksgiving; digging deep, things can bloom. We just have to remember to tend our souls, like we would our plants:  OFTEN!

Prompt: Action. When it comes to aspirations, its not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen. What's your next step?  author:  Scott Belsky

I glanced at Scott's book and he talks about 3 ways to bring action.  Being or becoming organized collaboration, and be the leader.  I can see how these can turn ideas into action.  

My next step, this is where we feel shy n' vulnerable.  Okay, my next step is to make items that apply the cohesion principle, in my Etsy shop.  I see more people notice your store if you make, buy, or sell a selective item.There has to be a united front. It is a marketing tool that gains you attention and gives you, your own creative edge.  I have some ideas in the works, but are aware that  (k-a=0)   I can't remember where I found this, but it is true. 


Ideas come and go,we have to be selective, pick one or two and try them out. See if we can't bring them into focus, as the momentum builds, allow the process to unfold. I know sometimes we have to scrap it and start again, but we learn as we go.  As we dig deep into our creative process, tweaking as we go, something unique can blossom.  I plan on digging deep and I know this begins with the Oh, word Organization.  I do well for awhile, then push comes to shove. My kids want friends over or some type party and I'm tucking items here and there. I lose my focus. I have learned to take photos and write down baby steps, so when I do have time, to dig it out, my method and motivation isnt' lost.   

What about you, what is your next step?


I love your new festive background, Ella :)
LTM said…
I love the new look, too! And look at your amarylis! It's gorgeous! My next step... revision! :D
Ellen aka Ella said…
Hi Dezz-Yeah, thought I would jazz it up a bit~Thanks! I love all the new movies, up n' coming! YOU are a wealth of info...Thank you!

Leigh-I bought one for Mom and me. I always give them for gifts and decided I really wanted one.
Thank you! Yes, this is fitting and part of the process, painful but necessary!
Wanda said…
I love that equation and it's so true. I've got to get into action ;)
Kimberly said…
"As we dig deep into our creative process, tweaking as we go, something unique can blossom."

...This is so true. I don't really consider myself a creative person but I've learned that sometimes it's the attempting and the failing that leads to something even better!

Yes,totally digging the holiday background too!
Ciss B said…
Your amaryllis is so beautiful!
Arlee Bird said…
I've got to keep the action going and finish what I've started and then go to the next step--polishing up what I've done.

Tossing It Out
Hart Johnson said…
Hadn't thought about that, but it makes total sense that Etsy would work best for specialized items. As for me? I AM EDITING. I am determined to make my Wip THE WIP...
Lisa said…
I always really enjoy your blog, Ella - and your pictures are always so beautiful :)

Think I needed to hear this bit about 'action' - thank you xx
Ellen aka Ella said…
Lisa-Thank you; Action can be tricky, it must be something we truly want, not what others want us to do. I say this because I hear a lot what I ought to do. I tried to be a Bus.Manager, it isn't me. I'm the creative type, not bossing people around. Not me...I just need to keep up the momentum! xXx

Hart-Good Luck, I know you can do it! Passion will pull you through~ Editing, Etsy, it is all about evolving, isn't it~

Lee-It is staging and taking steps forward,even if they are small. I am reading and doing some research, now. I know I will find more time when the New Year arrives! I know you can do it; Your story has a lot of potential! Good Luck!

Ciss B-Thank you; It is funny, you never know what you are going to get with these. Sometimes the red ones are pink or white with strips. I think it is always nice to have a surprise!

Kimberly-Thank you! I think everyone has the potential to be creative. Sometimes we just have to view it in different forms. Some people create kindness and organize big events or come up with a great business plan. Some create physical items, some create a better world!~ I bet you are creative, if you think about it!

Wanda-I am happy you like it! I will be by soon and check out your daily motivation! You always make me aware and sometimes see things in a new light, or gentle remind me of matters of the heart.
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