reverb: Appreciate

Prompt: Appreciate. What's the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it?  author:  Victoria Klein

I appreciate my family, friends, followers, and blogging buddies. One thing I appreciate the most is finding a community online. Moving so much, as a Navy spouse, has limited my connections. I have them, but as time ticks away, the contacts fade. Life gets in the way and new friends are made and a shift of living happens. It happens to all of us, regardless of your lifestyle; Our jobs, our interests, our families lead us down different paths and in new directions. I don't know why, but for 22 yrs; I didn't know anyone who liked to craft. I use to decorate the Fitness board at work, I tried to make it like a magazine. One main message, with clusters of ways to approach it. Blogging is like this, we all have a main focus, sometimes our title's reveal this, sometimes not, but as we connect we see different ideas, exchange comments and it opens pathways to more inspiration. The camaraderie is amazing~

Gratitude, something I can do better, I try to constantly throw a net out, I mention different artist and bloggers to draw attention to them, I take online classes,comment on new blogs, or join in a project like reverb10.  I offer giveAways, but in reality I need to comment more. I did okay, til everyone else "Tis the season" has my mind scattered. Every day, my daughter comes home, stating," I need one more gift, so n' so gave me this". I'm running off in all directions, trying to get things done. The flu shot,  I had last week didn't help, haven't felt right since. I will try to make this part of my New Year's resolution to share and show more gratitude~ I wish for all of you more happiness in 2011; I am grateful, you share your world, with me~ And have reached out to me, when I needed feedback! Thank you so much for opening my eyes, to the way we should live everyday. Being open to everyone's ideas and sharing our souls~   What about you, what one thing do you appreciate most this past year?


Ciss B said…
Community is so important!

Friends and family are what I appreciate the most, they're the strength behind me and the love that surrounds me.
Ellen aka Ella said…
Ciss B-I love the way you expressed it~ Beautiful!
I think you said it best, Ella!
What I appreciate most is the support - of everyone.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love this, Ellie. I, too, so appreciate the friendships I have made online. I appreciate it even more today - the rains overnight seem to have disconnected my reception and I cant go online. Am borrowing my sister's computer right now but not being able to connect at home at will shows me how much this online world has come to mean to me. I love your always artistic and creative website, the cookie dough header is just amazing, and you always have something cool and creative on your are really an artist! Your background is awesome. I must e you privately and get a better source, as am not happy with mine. Thanks for the cool post, Ellie.......yes, more happiness and more gratitude in 2011.
Jules said…
Yes, gratitude and support. I'm grateful you realize I'm supporting you with my mind and heart. Doing my best to get here my friend. :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Wanda said…
You said it so well Ellie. One of things I'm appreciative of this year are the new people who've entered into my life. It's been a blessing getting to peek into your world. Blessings.
I so appreciate you and this blogging community Ellie. Personally this has been one of the hardest of my life. Making art and these blogging friendships has really helped me through.
Much Love to you,
Anonymous said…
Great post Ellie! I'm with Jenny - she said it perfectly!

And thank YOU so much for all your support!
I love the cookie header... I like to peek into peoples worlds.. and you have been someone I like peeking at..blogging friends.. are funny because we have never really seen or actually went somewhere with one another.. but we seem to know eachother.. just the same.
miss you
Ellen aka Ella said…
Lisa-Yes, this would be my cookie dough and the elves did help. lol I know it is like we get a chance to peer into each others homes, worlds, and thoughts~ Crafty people have similar genes, it bonds us together! Maybe we are related ;-D YOU still could be a party planner...Hope 2011 is a better year for you! xXx

Michele-I look forward to what else you come up with next year! It is fun to see your art and read your view of the world! xXx

Jenny-I am sad to hear that; Art does help release some of our emotional baggage.It allows us to be connected, with our inner selves and find joy or release frustration. I am happy I found you and you are making art part of your world! I hope 2011 is better~xXx

Wanda-It has been a blessing to peer into your life, your words inspire so many. You write from the heart, it is a gift~ I look forward to what you will do next~ xXx

Jules-I also support you with heart n' mind! It has been an unique year, for me.Somehow I think you might agree! Keep working at your craft; I love reading your blog!xXx
I'll be better about visiting more often~

Sherry-I still don't know where I found you, but I am so glad I did. You have such a generous spirt,so supportive n' kindhearted. One of your gifts is writing from the heart! I know when I visit you, I will be touched, I will smile, nod my head in sadness or cry. I look forward to getting to know you better! Please, work on your book, I love all the tales you told of your family history! You are a writer, a poet and an amazing soul! xXx

Alex-Thank you,coming from you that means a lot! xXx
Chris Phillips said…
I like your answer. Mine is def. my wife's support.
Anonymous said…
Great post!
I'm thankful for YOU! Really! Up until a couple of weeks ago, I've only had a couple people I don't know EVER comment on my blog. (and I've been bloggin over a year) I always read about how people make "artsy" friends blogging but I've never actually experienced it yet. I hope I can get to know you better as I read your blog and see what creative things you are up to this next year. You have already encouraged me so much and I've enjoyed hopping around your site and peeking at stuff. Thank you!
paperbird said…
sweet little post ella.

I am so thankful for my hubby- yesterday i thought to myself- I would be SOL without him. He is always so supportive of all I do
there is so much to be thankful for- my heart is full.

enjoy these beautiful days of december ella
RaShelle said…
Hi Ella - I have so much to be grateful for. One thing???? Always family.
Ellen aka Ella said…
RaShelle-Family is forever fateful in our hearts! I so agree! The season always reminds us of so much beauty~

Lorraine-I love how support, allows us to fill our heart with so much joy and then pass it on! I am so happy for you; enJOY this season!

Scarlett-I enjoy your photos; They stir one's memories. It is like when you look at a photo and a memory returns, like a long lost friend. You see the vision different, a grown up view. You turn a corner and see different facets~ I look forward to getting to know you; I am happy I found you during reverb. I chose a few blogs, to visit at random. You are so artsy;I am surprised! I look forward to getting to know you and being friends! Thank you, so much, You are encouraging me, too~

Chris-It is wonderful to have support and be understood! It means the world~