reverb: Avoidance

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Beyond Avoidance What should you have done this year but didn’t because you were too scared, worried, unsure, busy or otherwise deterred from doing? (Bonus: Will you do it?)  Author:  Jake Nickell

Reverb is getting harder for me. I knew it would...

We have a room over the top of our garage, it is called a FROG: Furnished Room Over Garage. This frog has eluded me. I was going to use it as my craft room, space. It isn't a big room has a desk, long bench(for my art), but this room leads to the attic. Translation...lots of traffic. Everyone wants this room, hubby wants it for his guns, bow n' arrow, etc.  Our son wants to move up there, easy in and out from the garage, college aged, this would feel like an apartment. Our daughter thinks this should be a gathering place with her friends. The air hockey game and Wii should go up there, with an extra TV and huge bean bag.  Son was going to move out get an apartment with friends; I hesitated to clean Frog.  My husband thought this would work: okay, Angela, will get our son's room, you have her room, huge closet, for your art space;I will have frog. Okay, now wait....

Larry doesn't get apartment, friends that he thought would, change their minds. Then my Mom, in Maine has been wanting to move in with us, on and off through the years. Now, is seriously considering this offer. Okay, so now, I need to totally clean out this space, pack up and make it available for her. I begin, she changes her mind.

The frog with it's warts is now annoying me. There isn't any heat, it is warmer in the garage, where my husband does his hobbies. Everyone thinks I should be thrilled to go up there and sew, paint, and craft. Only if a space heater is involved. It is freezing up there. Hubby n' I agree, no heater til the space is clean. I fear to go in there and touch anything. I do have a survival coat from Alaska, yes, I do look like an Eskimo when I wear it. Perhaps I can face the frog~  North Carolina is cold, we are having a real winter this year.

 I will try to face my fear of the frog, next year. I wonder when I go up to touch the items, I had started to organize, and make plans again, will the frog give me warts.  I feel poisoned and tortured, by this room.I guess like the frog, I need to learn how to adapt and cope!  Guess what frogs can survive being frozen, I guess I'm in luck~


Just claim that frog now before someone else wants it!
Inspire Others said…
Hi Ellen,
How are you? and thanks for your visit ;-)))BTW, this frog have electricity? maybe you just need a portable header and use it when you visit the frog. My studio also is very cold, but I'm thankful to have a portable header by my me to keep me warmed while I'm creating. It sounds like a wonderful frog ;-)))don't let this cold weather come between you and your creativity make it yours and put an Alaska coat to that FROG! jejeje
Big Hugs,
RaShelle said…
Boy, that FROG sounds like a total pain in the . . .. All of the ideas sound amazing, though. I'm sure whatever you decide will be the right one because we mother's know best. :D
Hi Ella .. sounds a good space to me - BUT with a heater or two .. also cleaning and clearing is meant to be a spring thing .. I think FROG will wait for a while and then get to & name it ME & FROG's room .. spread yourself .. take it over - sounds like rather too many others after it ..

Happy Christmas whatever happens to frog for now .. Hilary
Ellen aka Ella said…
Hi Hilary-Thank you, yes, the Frog, wart's and all will be my battle next year.

RaShelle-It is; I started cleaning it and felt good, then all kinds of things started happening.
Kind of feels like the Princess n' the Frog fairytale.(cursed) I'm no princess, but it will take some work, to convert it back.

MoMeMa-Thank you; Yes it does feel like I'm in Alaska, when I go up to grab ribbon,etc. I will
make friends with the frog, lol! No heat,no AC, the garage below it is warmer! But it is a nook, that I can use! Thanks~xXx