reverb: Body Integration

Prompt: Body integration. This year, when did you feel the most integrated with your body? Did you have a moment where there wasn't mind and body, but simply a cohesive YOU, alive and present?    author:  Patrick Reynolds
 Patrick practices Yoga, you can download a few pages, if you click on his name.  I can understand the premise of yoga making a mind, body and spirit connection.  For me, body integration this year would be when I was crafting and deciding to submit some work to Stampington publications. There was this reconnect feeling for me. I just felt a flow, a united front of my mind's eye envisioning my creation; my soul open to allow the process to happen.  As I allowed it,  it developed a life of it's own. I mean there was a feeling of creating something unique, unusual, one of a kind. I had to run up n' down stairs to find my supplies, note books, as my ideas appeared, I felt a union of body n' soul.  I know my work may never grace the pages of these art filled magazines, but It was a gift to feel so connected to myself.  I was being guided  to continue, even though, time was running out.

I alter my plans for my family a lot, lately it has been due to some wonderful volunteer projects, but it seems just when I think I might have a routine in place, this many hours to craft. Something or someone arrives to change my plan. My husband will come home at noon, my daughter will need me to bring her something, my son won't have class. It seem like this has been going on since November. Unexpected events, sometimes the weather, no school. It saddens me that I find crafting difficult to do around them, but I do. My thoughts need to breath, I need quiet reflection. I find if I try to begin, someone starts to holler, where is this, where is that, I'm hungry, Let's go get this, do that.  I find it a struggle...
The noise would soon enter the room and the clock would chime, for dinner.  It would be time to cook, glance at homework, walk the dog,  and clean up the kitchen.  I pressed onward,  I ordered pizza and give my son cash to go get it.  I rarely give myself this type of gift, to just let loose and go with the creative energy. I usually stop and pick up my mess and tuck away my dreams, until I can find time to play again. My husband was out of town on business. My kids were thrilled with pizza for dinner. I finished my vision, dog was fed n' walked, and homework did get the glance over.  Sometimes, we have to put ourselves first. There is an expression, okay it is a book, "If Mama Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy". There is some truth in this statement.  I think of what we are told when we are  on a plane, about taking oxygen first so you can help your kids. I think of the times, I had to eat candy before dinner, because my blood sugar dropped to low. My kids asking me why did I get to eat candy and not them. Sometimes we just have to be first and allow the process to  happen.  Doesn't everybody deserve to be first once in awhile! 


lover the cherish.. is it a stamp.. on a cookie cutter is it an ornament.. I love it.. and the tree and wreath window.. template On the blog is great too.. I am working on your card's pouring rain.. and my son is suppose to carol tonight.. guess not... Talk to you soon
Ellen aka Ella said…
Hi Lisa-They are cookie cutters; They could be ornaments~ It is raining here, too. Suppose to have our kid's friends over to bake, party type.
Won't be making any fudge; It never comes out when it rains~ Thanks I found the template at They have a lot of pretty ones~
Hope it stops raining, so you n' your son can go!
Talli Roland said…
Wow, those are some giant photos there! It's probably my computer but I couldn't actally see what they were!

Hope you're having a great weekend.
Ellen aka Ella said…
Talli-I guess, I need to reset my camera. I had to change my pixels for photos in my store. Thanks for letting me know~ Hope you have a great weekend, too~
Wanda said…
Yes, everyone deserves to be first at some time. Love the header. It reminds me how I usually make Christmas cookies with my nieces and nephews.
Absolutely! It's harder to do when you have kids at home, but even a long soak in the tub is therapy for the soul as well as the body.
Amanda Trought said…
Ellie, know what you mean, I find the mornings when everyone has gone to bed my most creative time, or when the house is empty, though that has been rare. I have been trying to discipline myself to do it regardless if someone is there or not this has been very hard those around seem not interested in the process of creativity and learning a new skill but want to do what you are doing. They want 'microwave creativity'.... I wanna join the dots have have my efforts look like yours even though Im just doing it because Im bored, Im not interested in learning the just has to look like yours! I often find it quite difficult staying focussed and offering help when they clearly don't plan to use it again.

I agree with you we have to put ourselves first sometimes, on a regular basis, Im going to try and have a pampering session tonight with candles, fizz bombs and essential oils and I might even read a book.........
Ellen aka Ella said…
Amanda-It is like learning a new skill, too~ I like your term, I do understand. My daughter has a lot of friends. They swap gifts and I tried to involve her in making some items. She was excited about it, til I had items in hand. I usually can get her involved, these time a lot of distractions. I hope your pampered session, did just that, soothe your soul!

Pat-I agree, it is getting there, I find difficult. Someone always banging the door...augh~

Wanda-I bet you are a fun Aunt; I love baking, especially Christmas cookies, stirs up many memories! Thank you~
Hi ella!

So, how did the crafting go with your daughter's friends?

Mmmm delicious cookies... : )
Ellen aka Ella said…
Ginny-I mean Molly-Thank you, it was fun, a few couldn't make, but everyone enjoyed baking. It always seems to create lot of laughter and fun~
Thanks for asking!