reverb: Future Self

December 21 – Future Self. Imagine yourself five years from now. What advice would you give your current self for the year ahead? (Bonus: Write a note to yourself 10 years ago. What would you tell your younger self?)  author:  Jenny Blake 

Dear You,

     Listen to your intuition, it usually isn't wrong. I know you have felt lost at sea, being a military spouse. It has made having a career difficult. It is a fact, not an excuse. I moved one year 3x from Brunswick-Searsport, ME then to Honolulu, HI, then back to Searsport, Maine. My son started 6th grade in Maine, moved to Hawaii,came back and finished 6 grade with the same class. Crazy!  It has been an unique journey, but it time to open the window and allow your dream and desires to breath. Time to make more room for your passion. Passion is key to you succeeding, so is patience and perseverance. You need to find time to practice. Someone or something will always need your attention, but you need to remember this is not always going to be this way. A shift in your schedule can create moments of opportunity, but you will have to make sacrifices, less Tv, less computer time, etc. It will be a juggling act, but you are worth it. People around you feel this shift and it won't be easy, as you lean more towards your goals.  Maybe you will only have 20 minutes a day to make, write or do something. You owe it to yourself, to respond to the whispers of your heART. You have had an artistic eye, you didn't allow it time to focus. Your family came first, but there is time for both, if you adjust your view. It won't be easy, but what is?! YOU have heard since a young age, "I would of never thought of that" and you are still hearing it.  Listen to your soul, it whispers everyday, the time is now!  Wake up and pay attention to what your eye is drawn to. What causes you to linger, what colors, images or words attract your muse.

  When we listen, we save ourselves, art saves us, it allows us a voice, a vision, a way out, a way in, a chance to be seen. It allows your soul to find it's way from dark, dirty window to sparkling clean, gleaming with filtered sunshine. A kaleidoscope of color; you hold the lantern of change. Light has to enter to see the way, to uncover what to spend time on, what to weed, grow and pick.  Be open to the possibility of you! Try new things, take classes, submit art, find groups to join that have a common passion. You have to be courageous and put yourself out there to be seen, it is difficult, but necessary. Kindred spirits need feedback from each other, need encouragement and sometimes critiques. A creative personality needs to be nurtured, like forcing bulbs to grow. Take the time to plant seeds of kindness, find time to breath and feed your soul, so that when you bloom you are ready. Yes, you could be transplanted again, but you will know how to be repotted and grow. Within your heart lies the secret garden to your soul, time is your only enemy!  Make time now~


 A book with this theme, "Dear Future Me" 
Write your future self, tuck it away, see what happens!


yep, there's something wrong with your post, there are at least ten mega-huge identical photos in the post.

Love your text today, Ella ;) You truly are in the festive spirit!
Ellen aka Ella said…
Dezz-Thank you, so I am in bug!
I tried to fix it, nada...maybe a different pic~

Thank you, you are sweet and thanks for letting me know about the image!
I do not need to write a letter, yours fits me perfectly . But thanks to both Hubby and you ( as his wife ) for serving our country. Your sacrifices mean a great deal to me and to us all . Hugs julie
That was a touching letter. If we only knew...
Ellen aka Ella said…
Alex-If only; Thank you~

Julie-You make me want to cry; Thank you for your kind thoughts~xXx