reverb: Lesson

Prompt: Lesson learned. What was the best thing you learned about yourself this past year? And how will you apply that lesson going forward?   author: Tara Weaver 

The best lesson I learned is listening to my heart, even when you hear that doubting voice or people think your ideas are odd or strange. My intuition can't shake the need to continue. I feel like I have to fight  many detours; It feels like a circus. Juggle this n' that, tame the Lion, let the clowns have their folly, walk a tight rope, and dare to master the flying trapeze. There have been a lot of sideshows, packing up and moving to the next town or city. (as a military spouse).

The Ring Master(Master Chef-my husband) promotes the next gig to us.“Oh, you like Florida, we can go to Disney, etc.”.  All is fine for awhile, then I want off the Merry go round. The ride soon will be over and there will be a new act. I can smell the sweetness of cotton candy, the magic of illusion, and the reflection of  my glass house dreams. There is one voice I constantly hear, "You can't quit now"  It is loud, so I continue, hoping my intuition doesn't misguide me. Is my heart guiding me to the right gig?  Time will tell, but I know my next performance has to work out, so my Ring Master can retire. I have a few more months to enjoy the illusion and walk the high wire, before I leap. I hope the safety net is in place.

When hubby takes a bow, and the light dims I know it will be my turn to perform, broken dreams or not.  Can one’s heart steer them wrong?  It is the greatest show on Earth, to invest in your dreams even if the act is small; It’s impact is life changing~


Wanda said…
One of the greatest feelings is to have walked the tight rope in spite of fear and come out on the other side without scar or scratch. It's such a confidence booster. I'm sure when the light is cast upon you, you'll be ready to perform!
The best lesson I've learned (after all these years) is how to say, "No."

I'm my own worst enemy, always taking on more than I can do and then wearing myself out. Now I'm getting to the point I can say, "I'm getting older, I'm getting tired, and I don't want to." Actually feels kind of good.
Kimberly said…
I agree; life can feel like a three ring circus soemtimes but when it's all said and done, it's your intuition that becomes your safety net. I'm trying more and more to listen to it!
kaykuala said…
Sometimes it is difficult to be nice. It is better to be safe than sorry as long as malice is out of the picture.

This is a wonderful change from the usual verse!
Ellen aka Ella said…
kaykuala-No malice, just trying to find my niche.
Thank you!

Kimberly-You are so right; Intuition has been rather loud, so I guess I need to listen. Thank Kim for the reminder; It is wise to listen to our souls.

Patricia-Great message and you are right, it is so easy to take on to much. I find when I do, the end results isn't as good. Thank you for this reminder; Yes we need to adjust our limits!
enJOY your time, it is only gracious when we do want to give it, when not, it is a chore!

Wanda-Thank you, not so sure, where to set up the tent. I am considering a few doors to walk through, then decide. Thanks for your input, you have great insight!